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Dangerous Game: Hunting Ground

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Dangerous Game: Hunting Ground


Based on NateNexus'

'Forbidden Luxury'



Have you ever eyed a Khajiit trader and wondered just how soft their fur really is?


This is your chance to find out.


You've all heard the bandits yell 'You'll make a fine rug, cat!'; well, this is a chance to do just that.  Equipped with a skinning tool and a rather morbid education in biology, the Dovakiin may now embrace their status as 'apex predator' and collect grisly trophies from that most dangerous game of all...


Just don't let anyone see you doing it.



'Hunting Ground' is an continuation/expansion of NateNexus' 'Forbidden Luxury'.  That mod is not required for Hunting Ground to function.


Welcome to Hunting Ground v. 0.9a!  Patch notes are below. 


Since the mod is much 'cleaner' from a design perspective, I've decided to remove the previous version from the download list.


This mod requires Campfire!  There are no Frostfall hooks yet.


Hunting Ground is not currently Realistic Needs and Diseases ready. Look for RND hooks in a future update.


Thank you for putting up with my terrible delays and restarts; Hunting Ground is my first large-scale Skyrim project, and I'm glad to finally get it (mostly) done.






Hunting Ground 0.9a Patch Notes:

Version 0.9a is a reduced 'test' version, because I did a fairly significant script rework and a lot of changes internally.

Note: For testing, the player has been provided with the 'Fur Trader's Tool' and a copy of 'Confessions of a Khajiit Fur Trader'.  Open the book to obtain the 'Skinning' perk, then equip the tool and 'activate' an Imperial, Breton or Redguard corpse.

Testing focus:

⦁    Food items and ingredient requirements
⦁    Merchant value of food items
⦁    General mod functionality.

Known Issues:

⦁    For testing reasons, this release is limited to three races: Redguards, Bretons and Imperials.
⦁    Hides may not drop in some circumstances.  This is a design issue and will be corrected in the next update.
⦁    Texture colors on the 'harvested' bodies may be mismatched.
⦁    Bodies may still wear hats despite being headless.  W/A: count to five before skinning.
⦁    Bodies may not switch to 'harvested' outfit on every occasion.
⦁    Physics may 'fling' items if they get stuck under the NPC's body.
⦁    All harvested food items create the same 'cooked' foods; this is intentional, and will be expanded on in a later update.
⦁    While Campfire is a required master file, there is no Frostfall functionality yet.
⦁    Food items can be sold to merchants with no issue; the 'keyword' support from previous releases has not yet been reinstated.
⦁    'Cannibal' animation will not always play.  As it's an issue internal to Skyrim itself, there's little I can do.

New Features:

⦁    Skinned bodies will now switch to a 'harvested' body upon skinning.
⦁    Bodies will now drop items instead of placing them directly in the player's inventory.
⦁    Skinning script now takes the NPC's weight into account when determining which parts to drop.
⦁    Skinning a body in view of another NPC will cause them to become hostile.
⦁    Food items can now be cooked at a 'Campfire'...er, campfire.

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Wow, that is really cool.  Similar to the cannibalism mod.  Thanks for working on this.  Nothing like hunting cats and




Thank you very much!  I'm excited that I'm finally managing more than just simple script edits XD.


I've just uploaded the latest revisions; at present, all I've done is change out the two-piece Khajiit Fur armor for the standard one-piece mesh, and removed the pouch as a separate object (it was clipping really awkwardly with the robes).  I've also added the first stage of the Khajiit-head mount, though it's currently inaccessible (I'm not awake enough to finish the job tonight).


I'm also considering removing the Argonian Cuirass (not the robes, but the armor), because it's far too powerful and looks a bit too 'cartoon-y' for my tastes.  Opinions: should it stay or go?




On the topic of suggestions, I figured I should create a list of things I've already considered and discarded (at least for the present):


-- Turning the Skinning perk into a lesser power: adds an unnecessary 'extra step' to the skinning process; lots of work for minimal benefit, as the current system works fine as-is.


-- Skimpy armor: honestly, do we really need another stripperific outfit mod? XD


-- Changing the texture of the skinned target: I have no idea if on-the-fly texture swapping is even possible in Skyrim's engine, and I don't want to over-complicate things by shuffling models around.


-- Skinning giants/trolls/mudcrabs/very small rocks: Maybe, in a future update.  For now, though, I'm having enough trouble finding things to do with the current skinnable races! XD


Other than those, suggest away!  I'll take any idea on-board, though I make no promises that I'll provide any given suggested feature.

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SO not what the name made me think. I referenced Most Dangerous Game - where the hero is the game hunted by bored rich hunter type(s).

This looks cool, but that would be a fun quest mod not that you've got me thinking about it.



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Quick update:


I've figured out a way to create trophies for Hearthfire homes, and I've already added one (a khajiit statue) to the newest build.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the various unused item drops, and if I can't figure anything out in the next day or so, I'm just going to disable them until I have a better idea.

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Hello, all!  I figured it was time for a progress report.


After a few months away from Skyrim (getting a new home settled and overcoming gaming burnout), I've returned to work on DG: Hunting Ground.


Since my first attempt was decidedly unpolished, I've started from scratch with a new set of priorities.  I'll be updating the mod sometime in the next few days.


This one will require Hearthfires; I've finally figured out how to add trophies to the trophy list.  I'm also giving each race a 'unique' option that the others don't have, so there's something new to discover as time goes on.


Anyhow, that's about it.  I'll keep working and release the new version when it's ready.





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Finally got my modding mojo back!  Sorry it took so long.


This is a ground-up rework of Dangerous Game; we're firmly in 'alpha' status now, folks!

I've included notes in the upload, to get you started and give you a general overview of what's changed, and I've updated the main download page to reflect the new changes.

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This is really exciting.  I have been waiting for your release.  Thank you!


Thank you for checking out the mod!


As I write this, I'm trying to figure out how to solve the 'sell Redguard hides to everyone in Skyrim' problem; I can't quite figure out the merchant factions (that is, I can't yet prevent a merchant from selling something with both 'VendorItemFood' and 'VendorItemDG' keywords -- one seems to override the other).


That being said, I'm working on another approach, so...we'll see.


I've finally figured out a workaround; I've created a new keyword for Dangerous Game-related items, assigned it to a modified 'vendoritemsDangerousGameinnkeeper' form-list, and swapped out Vekel's innkeeper list with the new one.  Vekel should now buy and sell contraband through the Ragged Flagon like a good little thief.


Once I've done this newest round of testing, I'll start looking for additional 'shady' merchants. 


I won't give an exact time-frame for an updated release, because I'm terrible with sticking to deadlines.  In the words of Douglas Adams, 'I especially love the 'whooshing' sound they make as they go by'.


Back to modding!  Thanks again!

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v0.3 is up!  The details, as usual, are in the .rtf file.  That said, here's a brief summary of the latest changes:


-- Mod-specific Items now have distinct keywords; pelts, meat, etc, can be sold only to specific people.  The only exception is the skinning knife, which could reasonably be used anywhere and isn't illegal.

-- A new armor set has appeared on the tanning rack; this will replace the previous forge-crafted set (it was simply too skimpy to be convincing armor).  However, there's still a shield available at the forge.


-- Belethor and Elrindir both now sell skinning knives (but Belethor is still the only person that sells the book).

-- Hunters should now accept pelts, hides and food (they're poachers, so they probably don't ask a lot of questions).  Vekel, in the Ragged Flagon, will accept meat products.  Reputable businesses (innkeepers and the like) shouldn't be able to buy your illicit goods; if they do, please consider it a 'bug' and let me know here.

Several items coming in the next update: a place/person to buy your illicit armor, more craftables, and a more complete 'skinnable' list.

Have fun depopulating Skyrim!

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Update time again!

Details, as usual, are in the readme.

Not a lot of huge changes; just a small bugfix and some new skinnable races.

Hunters will now buy your armor; there are a lot of new food items (I looked at ESO's crafting lists for inspiration) and several new Hearthfire trophies.

I'm checking for a potential programmer error (I may have mistakenly overwritten some script fragments).  If I find anything broken, expect a hotfix in the near future!

A broken script fragment was preventing the altmer skinning code from executing properly; download the hotfix to resolve the issue.  You do not need the previous 0.4 upload to repair the file.

UPDATE: For some reason, my Dangerous Game saves seem to be corrupting.  I'm (relatively) sure that's just because of programmer-side script changes, but if the issue occurs player-side, please let me know and I'll see if I can squash the problem.

That's all for now!  Enjoy!



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Thanks for upgrading this mod.  I am going to put this into my game today, so looking forward to playing Skyrim and specifically enjoying the upgrades. 


Thank you for downloading it!  I've ironed out most of the mod-breaking bugs; much of what comes next will be a balance pass and expansion of existing functionality.  I do plan, at some point, to go over the mod's items and figure out how to get more out of them.  If I can find the time, I'll also work on some Frostfall/Campfire hooks.


I'm also in the process of testing my mod against a simultaneous load of about forty others, to see how it handles load-order and scripting stresses.


Definitely let me know if there are any bugs.  I haven't managed to reproduce the save-corruption issue, so I'm tentatively listing it as 'resolved' pending further information.  Back up your saves, just in case!


Thanks again!



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New update coming Soon!

I've completed load-order testing; I can't see any obvious script incompatibilities or issues with other mods.

Update Preview:

-- Skinning Knives are now available from hunters, as well as merchants in several major cities (Whiterun, Windhelm, Solitude).


-- The 'skinnable races' list is nearly complete (two more races to go).  Nords are now ready; Orsimer and dunmer are unfinished.

-- Rewrote leather armor recipe to require more than one leather type.


Compatibility notes:

As far as I can determine, the armor pieces are compatible with both CBBE and UNP bodies.  They are not, as far as I know, rigged for jiggle physics.  I don't know if Dangerous Game works with Realistic Needs and Diseases; that's on the 'testing' list.  Ditto with the redguard-hide armor and Frostfall.

Important Question:

For obvious reasons, Skryim's child NPCs are currently excluded from the mod's scripts.  Because such things tend to be controversial (and because it might limit where I can upload Dangerous Game), I'm soliciting opinions on whether I should put them on the skinnable list.  Leave your notes here and I'll take my cue from your responses.

Anyhow, back to modding!

Thanks again!


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Quick update: I'm still  here, still modding.  I've started on the final stretch; after the next major update, the mod will be largely feature-complete.

I'm currently investigating armor mannequins, and what I can do to integrate custom mannequins into the mod, as well as some other smaller features.  There's no estimated time for release; as usual, I'd rather give it to you 'when it's done' instead of missing a promised release date.

:EDIT:  The armor mannequins are a no-go, at least for what I intended.  I'd need new NIFs (rather than already-existing models), and I'm not that skilled XD.  The other, smaller features may still be workable, though, so I'm not giving up yet!

Please send any feature requests to my mailbox; I can't promise your ideas will make it in, but I'll read as many as I can!


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The last major update has arrived! 


Hunting Ground is now feature-complete.  It's been a long haul, and sometimes it was frustrating, but I'm finally ready to call this a mod!

Changes in this version:

  • The Hearthfire house trophies have been removed (for now).  They looked nice, but they weren't quite what I wanted.
  • ~25 new food items have been created, using vanilla assets where possible (so there shouldn't be any texture mismatches).  They cover all of the playable races.  Some will require a bit of hunting and/or shopping!
  • Skinning Knives and Confessions of a Khajiit Fur Trader have been distributed among various merchants across Skyrim.
  • Hunting Ground items now rely on Keywords, instead of reworked Vendor form-lists, making the mod much easier to maintain.
  • Two armor sets (redguard and khajitt) are now available at the Forge; they were moved from the Tanning Rack to maintain consistency with vanilla armor sets.  There's a Dunmer set present in the mod, but it's not ready and thus has no recipe.

UPDATE: 07/02/2017:

(NOTE: Most of these items have been completed, but they will not be delivered until the next update.  Consider this a 'sneak preview' of upcoming additions).

  • Hunting Ground's armor sets are now Frostfall-aware!  I've added the Frostfall keywords to the Khajiit and Redguard armor sets; I've only had time for a brief test, but they both seem to be working.
  • You can no longer just skin-and-go -- you now have to visit the Tanning Rack to create proper leather and pelts from the hides you collect.  Also, I made some minor tweaks to the item names and internal data.
  • Campfire will be hooked into Hunting Ground in a future update.  I'm still working my way through the tutorials, so I don't have an estimated delivery time at the moment.

As usual, thank you for downloading Hunting Ground.  I hope you enjoy my work.  Keep an eye out for updates and repairs in the future.

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After a fight with my computer, I have rolled Hunting Ground back to an earlier development state; the current version will still work, but I'm re-updating for the newest version.  I've started work on an RND-compatible patch, as well, but it's taking a bit longer than I expected to convert HG's food items.

​Expect an upload sometime tonight or tomorrow, but -- as always -- no promises!

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Okay -- after taking yet another break, I got back to working on the mod.  I've discovered an issue with RND compatibility, so the mod may not have that!  The rest of it is all good, though.  I'll work some more on it and see about uploading the new version soon.

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On 3/5/2019 at 12:25 PM, spoonsinger said:

Umm, the "DangerousGame 0.9" download contains 'DangerousGame.esp' and a bsa called 'HuntingGround.bsa'. Not entirely sure that's right.

No, it's correct -- it's just an inconsistency left over from when I was still trying to decide what to call the mod.  You're entirely safe; be assured that I will never intentionally include anything in any of my mods that will cause damage.

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So unless I'm missing something, (which I often do) I cant find an actual explanation of what this does. I NEED MY FRONT PAGE FUNCTIONALITY ADVERTISMENT DAMMIT. Just kidding. Still gonna try. Just throwing this out there.

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On 5/9/2019 at 9:53 AM, ScarletGhost said:

So unless I'm missing something, (which I often do) I cant find an actual explanation of what this does. I NEED MY FRONT PAGE FUNCTIONALITY ADVERTISMENT DAMMIT. Just kidding. Still gonna try. Just throwing this out there.

Whew!  Been quite a few twists and turns in my life of late.  Time for a huge update (and I'll see about changing the front page, as well).

The new release is a reduced 'test' version, because I did a fairly significant script rework and made a lot of changes internally.  Details are in the download, and also (now) up on the front page.

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