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HS Dominatrix set


This mod is just my little take on a dominatrix outfit. It was mentioned sometime ago with my friend Kosukosu1, and he showed me a few outfits that got me wanting to create my own. So here it is. Please note that this set has armor properties thanks to xRevanchrists request. I think it is a good idea and I will stick with it going forward.
About the mod:


Basically it adds 1 outfit to in 2 colors into Tamriel. No weapons this time around sorry.
To Install:


Drag and drop your data folder and yay!! Enjoy The mod is also located in IC Market District by the statue in a modern looking dresser (Sorry for it being so big).


What was done:


I made this mod from always wanting to add more corsets into the game. It's not the best one to date but it looks smoother than my last.


What will be done:


I am really going more in a new direction with future mods. I've always had an emphasis on feedback and still do. More requests gives me more to do and make future releases better. Keep practicing and maybe mod for Skyrim :).




In experimenting with different techniques in modding, I've ran into a few bumps along the way. For example, because of my double layered mesh, you might have a slight light patch on some parts. I touched up the boots to fix it.


The gloves might clip a bit during death and on some clothing mods.




Free to use for all. All I ask is that I am credited and you respect the hours I put into it. IE: Never insult the original modder if you improve their work.




Speedbuster for all her great works and getting me into modding with her amazing works.


Malimamea for allowing me to use the butt weights when I first started modding.


Coronerra for BBB in general


Kosukosu1 for always chatting with me and getting the idea wheels turning in this old brain that and requesting theme of this outfit,


xRevanchrist for requesting the release first day of the posting. It keeps my work from just being a tease.























Lovers Lab:




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Thanks for releasing this. Is the original mod from Edhildil or was itself a DMRA conversion?


Oh no. This is not a conversion. 100% original work. I seldom do conversions publically. I prefer to create. Though I do recall aa very nicely mode DMRA set. Sometime ago but this is not that :).

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Sorry, I was misled by the identical name. In fact, they are completely different.  :s  



Ninja'ed. It appears that the topic title has been changed. ;)


Ah it happens xD. I renamed topic. On release I've debated on either dominatrix or dom girl. (Had some issues with the ESP and the high heel system) This is my first mod that requires it.

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Hey guys there were some fixes posted to the mod. If you had trouble before, please download te stable version of the mod. These fixes were made by xRevanchist and chist was kind enough to remake the ESP.  I warn, the new ESP dows not have the VIPcjx high heel system.

I also remapped the mixing textures that xRevanchist has identified.


Please dowload it here:



(Sorry don't have chance to repost again :()


Thank you xRevanchist

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Hey HappySparkles, do you by any chance know where exactly that I can get the VipCxj_HighHeels.esm file that is required to run this mod? I've been trying Loverslab as well as the Nexus, but to no avail thus far. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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VipCxj_HighHeels ESM?    It should be a esp, never saw a HighHeels  esm.


And the fixed version does not need VipCxj_HighHeels  ( esp or esm ).  I tried to load the original HighHeels version in TES4Edit ( with a VipCxj_HighHeels esp changed to esm ) but it's not possible, the esp is corrupted.

So download the fixed fixed version from Nexus.

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