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On 27/06/2015 at 8:12 PM, User09 said:

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Warning: This mods contains bestiality and non-consensual sex acts
Note: This mod does not promote bestiality, rape or any other non-consensual or illegal sexual acts.


So I have been using Sexout Tryout for a few months now and I really liked the kennel but it only allowed intercourse (no oral) and it was only in the legion camp so I thought a standalone kennel mod with more options was a good idea. Cate's Kennel can be found near Yangtze Memorial.


Feel free to give suggestions for this mod :classic_smile:


What this mod does:

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This mod adds a Kennel near Yangtze called "Cate's Kennel" with consensual and non-consensual sex.




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-Cate (Owner of the Kennel)
-Abby (Researcher and doctor, has no purpose atm)
-Caitlyn (Dog trainer)
-Winston (Repairman)
-Ron (Guard)
-Kyle (Guard
-Michael (Guard)
-Liz (Prisoner)
-Lucy (Prisoner)


Lone Ivan
Lots of unnamed mongrels




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-Vault related to the backstory




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Simply drag the .esm into the "data" folder in your game folder






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Use09 (obviously xD )
pepertje (Helped out with fixing quite a few bugs and issues)




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Q: What body are you using?
A: T3M + BnB



Full changelog (change logs that aren't the newest version):

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Initial release


-Fixed Vinci not having an oral option
-Added Winston


-Added two guards (Kyle and Ron, they do nothing right now).
-Added a non-consensual act with Tok.
-Added a new building which will lead to a vault which will be added in a future version.
-Added a new cage.
-Moved the outdoor toilet (not that anyone cares xD).
-Moved radscorpion spawners further away from kennel.
-Fixed Kennel fencing and added more fencing.


-Reduced file size heavily
-Added platform near outside cages
-Added dogs to Cell B (they do nothing as of now)
-Added vault (not accessible yet because it's not finished yet)
-Fixed a collision issue with Tok
-Made the vault accessible (still serves no purpose)


-Fixed a collision issue with Tok
-Made the vault accessible (still serves no purpose)


-Added companion interaction for Tok (Supports: Veronica, Cass, Sunny Smiles(requires a companion enabler), Sarah (from Vault 21, requires a companion enabler) and Joana (requires a companion enabler)
-Added Doctor Abby
-Added Michael the Guard
-Added more rooms to the vault
-Made all human NPCs essential




-Guards are now equipped with stronger weapons and better armour
-Guards now have patrol routes (thanks to pepertje)
-Navmesh fixed (thanks to pepertje)
-Cate is now essential
-Added more fencing




-Added lights to the Kennel
-Added Mongrel forced acts (In Cell B, they can also fuck Veronica, Cass and Sunny)
-Added two slaves: Lucy and Liz (Serves no purpose yet)
-Rape acts are now set to rape via the scripts
-Further progress on the vault
And other minor changes and additions


-If Sunny, Veronica or Cass are following you can have various threesomes with them and Winston


-Added a goodbye option to Cate, Caitlyn's and Winston's dialogue
-Further progress on the vault and the enslavement part


-Potentially fixed a bug that prevented you from speaking to human NPCs
-Further progress on the vault
-Cleaned up .esp with FNVedit


-Added sandbox point for Caitlyn and Tok
-Further progress on the vault
-Removed the prison cell in the medical bay (parts of it including it's NPCs will be recycled for other things)


-Added sandbox points for all NPCs and dogs


-Fixed some fencing issues
-Gave Caitlyn .308 ammo and a hunting rifle


-Added all the dogs to the Sexout dog faction
-Fixed an animation bug with some of the dogs
-Updated Navmesh for interiors


-Minor script improvements (more to come)
-Set priority values for dialogue (thanks pepertje for reminding me, I had completely forgot)
-Changed guards armor
-Fixed a bug with one of Winston's dialogue options not showing up
-Updated the navmesh for the medical bay
-Updated Cate's sandbox AI package
-Stopped bed from floating inside of the medical bay


-Some bug fixes for Caitlyn
(and other minor changes I forgot most of it :classic_tongue:)


-All NPCs that can use reference IDs for sex acts now do (should result in better stability)


-Validated to work with Sexout Kennel Show




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    SexoutNG 2.10.94 and SexoutCommonResources.esm


Can't find the Sexout Slavery mod or i don't know which mod it is can you help me out please. Since i can't use your mod at all?

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2 hours ago, LadyKadeemia said:

Can't find the Sexout Slavery mod or i don't know which mod it is can you help me out please. Since i can't use your mod at all?

i'm fairly certain the slavery mod was integrated into sexout, so you should have it.

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Any chance to allow other followers (like Willow, Vanessa, Delilah or others) to get breeded too?

Also, what's the purpose of the office located in the higher place on the hill? 

Plus, why don't use some skin for the dogs instead of the "basic" one? It would be a better looking thing, in my opinion 😉

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