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[Sims 3] Make Out Point (Lot)

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Lot Name: Make Out Point

Lot Type: Visitors Allowed (Cannot buy through real estate)

Lot Size: ?

Lot Price: Cannot buy through real estate

Purpose: A place where people can go to....well you know.

Offering: 4 parking spots for cars and 2 bike spots, trees and fencing to give privacy and safety around cliffs


Recommend: Kinky World and Amra72's new animations exclusive to it as this was designed for that use.


Reason For Mod: So Sims can go to a cliff spot where they can park their cars and enjoy sexual experiences with each other thanks to Kinky World and the animators for it. After seeing Arma72's car BJ animation I had the idea of a location like this. It's a small place that will most likely be empty and perfect for you and your partner to go have fun at. Alone this mod doesn't do anything really, it's meant to be used with Kinky World. I built it on a edge within Sims 3 Pets Expansion's world. Best for any place where its looking over the neighborhood/city.



Download: TS3-Make Out Point.zip


Screenshots: post-245711-0-87841000-1432034255_thumb.jpgpost-245711-0-28877100-1432034257_thumb.jpgpost-245711-0-43917100-1432034258_thumb.jpgpost-245711-0-42286800-1432034259_thumb.jpg



Also it was kind of inspired by this:




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Hah! Yes! Once Amra72 does more vehicle stuff, we can really use it. Just don't go during winter, I found the windows....fog up. ;)


Looooolz. :lol:


After a hard days orgying at my seedy motel sims can now go dogging at make out point.

Thank you.

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