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This is a race i am working on for the upcoming Beastess rebuild,


This is just a test ATM to get feedback and ensure the bodyslide functions are working correctly.



This body come with own textures and skeleton and everything needed it supports HDT and is based around the



ATM this is only female mod, there is male option usable but just looks like standard nord..





Skyrim ( LOL )


Race compatability,


Bodyslide if you wish to customise the body,

HDT if you use it,


Should be able to become vamp no problems ( Not fully tested )


as i said this is to test the bodyslide more than anything race is not modified yet besides its own textures, and they are nothing unique ( YET )


Any and all feedback would be much appreciated

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Looks Good sofar But hope there will be a UNP-UNPB Body Ver to! Allso like to see them have a Spell like "Wolf shapeshifter" or a bult in "Mating Call" Spell wold be good to!

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