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Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Classic Outfit

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Too be honest, I am not that familiar with Vacloid, but I like animes. Just wanted to give you some feedback and I accept your opinion. That's why I said it's well done ;)



Thanks for the feedback :D

This is actualy one of a few of my favourite mods.

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Is it possible to get an alternative, less shiny texture without latex? Skyrim uses many dull and naturalistic colors and this shining texture doesn't fit in. I tried your UNP version and it's a wonderfull armor.


Umm.. yeah it's added to the downloads section called "Hatsune Miku's Outfit Cloth - UNP"

It's only the classic version and no glow stick of death also only available in UNP and Heavy armor.

and it's in 5 pieces..


How to get it.. can be crafted in any forge under Hide also upgradable


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thanks for unp :P


is it working ok, it's just that I use CBBE so i cant test UNP properly



actually when i tryed to use UNP today the normal hatsune miku all glitched out all over the screen


but the summer outfit worked fine ...


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Yoh, to who ever is intrested in bodyslide...

Ayrx has made one for this mod you can find it in the download selection

its called Muzik Classic Fix + Summer Outfit - CBBE HDT

there is a way to remove the hair to use another one? i tried to remove it with Nifskope and repack it, but just show shaved hair =P


I'll do one without hair asap

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Hello, you have added bodyslide and fix, what file is that fix for?


some clipping n stuff, just bits n pieces that Ayrx found and fixed maybe to do with the body slide..


there is a way to remove the hair to use another one? i tried to remove it with Nifskope and repack it, but just show shaved hair =P

Im doing one now, It should be up soon..


will there be one for chsbhc 


No, sorry just CBBE and UNP ( i dont even use unp :huh: )..

unless someone wants to make a CHSBHC version thats fine as long as they mention me in their version..

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So, I've installed HDT Physics Extensions, HDT HighHeels System and HDT Breast and Butt Physics, but i just get CTD every startup :/

Any known incompatabilities?

sorry for late reply pc problems, first psu then mb.. :(

does it work if you uninstall body slide?


pls someone help me, i don't know how to instal,can someone show me te step?



silly question but have you installed HDT?

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I am also experiencing issues with the UNP armor (summer is ok)

no issue with cbbe. great mod! would love to see the hair as a standalone mod :3

edit: accidentally hit post without finishing xP 

the original outfit seems to be having hdt-related bugs (no ctd but getting the wibbly-wobbly bug) 

also the unp cloth original outfit seems to have nipple clipping (might be my game file tho)

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This is alot to ask, and I don't at all expect this to happen, but I really love this outfit and have a few suggestions to make it a bit better.


Something I've noticed while wearing this, is that it doensn't really match the bodyshape. (This is for the bodyslide version) You can see by looking under the bottom of the shirt that the shirt doesn't fit the bodyshape, it's loose fitting. If this can be adjusted, that'd be great.


Another suggestion is to split the bodyslide version into pieces like with the UNP cloth version, as I like mixing pieces of outfits.


One last thing, is that it would be really cool if the skirt was HDT enabled, like http://www.loverslab.com/topic/70512-amiella-skirt-cbbe-hdt-bodyslide-full-physics/ and http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/508-hdt-test-skirts/


Like I said at the beginning, I don't really expect this to happen, but it'd make this so much better if this could happen ;)

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Thank you for making an awesome Miku outfit! 😊


I ended up splitting the meshes into a body, arm, and leg separately and also modified the bodyslide mesh a bit to fit my own tastes. I'll be keeping the changes private since it seems you don't want others to post edits which is understandable. 


Really wanted to put HDT physics on her tie but it seems beyond my ability for now.

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