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DOA5LR Screenshots

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Ok. Thank you Lola! :D


I have another question:

Why the necklace is up in the air, after i used TMC Bone Tool? How can i fix that?


attachicon.gifbandicam 2016-04-14 21-28-48-467.jpg attachicon.gifbandicam 2016-04-14 21-29-42-091.jpgattachicon.gifbandicam 2016-04-14 21-30-18-103.jpg

If you use my transformer, try unchecking "automatic collision transfer" but leave "automatic bone transfer" checked and that should do it. 


I have documented similar issues in my transformed tutorial.  Give it a read :D

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Rofl Tom, I wish I could have this Penetrator in real life SBPR hahaha :D




What a dirty girl.... :P



(I hope you understand what I mean, I do not know if using this proverb also by you... I don't want to offend anyone :ph34r: )

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Sure, here!  

Credit goes to:


Team Ninja for DOA

Harry for the body (and for the foundation of DOA modding)

sddklex for the texture

bbb for the glasses mesh (found on Zetaboards)

TimmyC for the amazing converter tool

Immi for Lnk Reshuffle

Lola, Saaf, Holden, Nite, and all of the modders at LL who provide advice and inspiration

All the modders at 3dmbbs and pinkcafe 


These guys do the real work so we can have nice toys! (If I missed anyone I apologize!)  


This is my first posted mod, so any feedback is very welcome.  There is some minor dress clipping during fights, but overall it's pretty clean.






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