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ToLoveRU is one of my favourite Animes so I decided to re-create the female summer and winter
uniforms, looking around the internet i found different mods and ideas and so this is my result.
actualy this was one of my first edits way many moons ago.. and It wasnt really finished, but a user
here asked for it and he/she got it and so because of this I decided to finish it and share it so here it is,
Thanks for the push blu377 :D


Where do I find it?


Craft in any forge under leather. (can be upgradable)


Body type is UNP


* Sorry no CBBE version :(


Legal Shit..


This mod is Exclusive to LoversLab only.




If there is any problems please let me know..


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This looks awesome. Is there anyway you could make the tail too?


Also, obligatory mention of how Momo is best girl.

Im trying to do that atm


Can you provide some in-game screenshots please?


in-game screenshots are on the front page of this mod... I'll add more

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