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DOAHDM Beach Paradise 6.30 9/6/20 (Harry Palmer, Osiri, Drifter, Fallingcat)

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On 3/13/2020 at 4:56 AM, Perverockstar said:

I get the message "Failed to recognize game. exe.(mod loader disabled)".

How can I fix it? I have the FitGirl Repack game.

It looks like the mod still not supported for Fitgirl Repack version...

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I have a similar problem. Some keys are not recognized by the game when I press them in order to view the animations (any one that requires B, R, S and X). I assigned those to other letters, but is there anything I can do to make the original letters work?


Also, how is BP 6.0 progressing so far?

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On 3/10/2020 at 10:03 AM, mai2019 said:
I have a question
How to insert 2 players Private Paradise  



Hey there: I'm the one who took the Ayane / Mila shot.

This is unfortunately just a fight viewer.

I dont think there is, as yet, a way to host two girls in a single private paradise scene.


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19 hours ago, SevenQuarters said:

مرحبًا: أنا الشخص الذي أخذ لقطة عين / ميلا.

هذا للأسف مجرد عارض قتال.

لا أعتقد أن هناك حتى الآن طريقة لاستضافة فتاتين في مشهد جنة خاص واحد.



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On 11‏/4‏/2020 at 07:41, SevenQuarters said:

مرحبًا: أنا الشخص الذي أخذ لقطة عين / ميلا.

هذا للأسف مجرد عارض قتال.

لا أعتقد أن هناك حتى الآن طريقة لاستضافة فتاتين في مشهد جنة خاص واحد.



But I found two  DANCE


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1 hour ago, EssexLovers said:

All the girls in bikinis and naked. Except Phase 4?
Maybe add)))?

Previous versions had Phase 4 included, but not recently, since Phase 4 is LITERALLY a physical clone of Kasumi. What you can do is drop the files of Kasumi into Phase 4's folder; just pick a number referring to the costume in-game to name the folder and drop them in there, and you'll have Phase 4 with Kasumi's BP body.

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14.05.2020 в 03: 10 Никхед сказал::

В предыдущие версии была включена Фаза 4, но не в последнее время, так как Фаза 4 является буквально физическим клоном Касуми. То, что вы можете сделать, это поместить файлы Касуми в папку Фазы 4; Просто выберите число, относящееся к костюму в игре, чтобы назвать папку и бросить их туда, и у вас будет фаза 4 с телом BP Касуми.

Большое вам спасибо!

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Is there an easier way to add these to the autolink folder for each character and then manually renaming the tan face to match all the swimsuit names? If i dont do this, the faces don't tan with the body when selecting the amount of sweat.

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I'm going to cover the recurring problems I've seen in this thread the last 10+ pages that no one(including the author's OP post nor the original documentation correctly answers).


My game says "Failed to recognize game executable: (mod loader disabled)"

Your game is not on the *exact* version specified in the readme. The FAQs incorrectly states you need to "update to the newest version". That's completely wrong now. You need the exact same version that it supported at launch. If Beach Paradise 5.7 is made for 1.14q then 1.14r and 1.15z will NOT work.

5.5 for instance works *only* with 1.09b or 1.10b. The current 1.10c is not compatible. You can however, downgrade version 1.10c to 1.10b easily. Just get update 26 v1.10B and copy all of the files over(I would make a copy of your original first especially if it's a legit Steam copy; I've never played the 3DM copy out of my steam folder and think it sounds like a bad idea). 


Where is it! I don't see it!

Beach Paradise is located in Extras>Movies>Private Paradise


My Characters just have default clothing!

They will for the first few slots. Check with Mai for an easy time. The 3rd slot should be nude. You may have to go into Versus once and load up a character on the nude slot first. That's costume 11 for Kasumi and usually sooner for most other characters.


How do I use other mods inside of BP?

You're going to need to make new folders inside of the autolink directory. Make a directory named as a number. If you make a folder named 2 and a folder named 3 in Tina's directory, then mods you place in directory 2 will appear as a variation of her 2nd outfit(beanie and jeans). Mods placed in folder 3 will appear as a variation of her third outfit(Red wrestling top). Say we place the Secret Agent mod in folder 2.
BP will use whatever is associated with that slot inside of BP. If you don't do anything other than add Secret Agent to folder 2, then in BP Tina will appear in her standard jeans and yellow top with a beanie. In order to default to one of your mods, you have to go to the versus screen and select the Secret Agent mod. Do that for each costume slot. Once you're done press either Ctrl+0 or Ctrl+1-8 to save the default costume selection for each slot. Ctrl+9 will reset all of the defaults.
When you go to BP, and select the yellow top and jeans(slot 2), Tina will instead appear in the Secret Agent outfit.


After you've closed the game, if you didn't save things with Ctrl+0/1-8, then when you select slot 2 for Tina, she would appear in her original outfit. But you can restore your defaults without having to go into the Versus menu again by pressing 0 or 1-8(whichever you used). Then when you select the 2nd slot item, instead of Tina appearing in her bernie and jeans, she will appear in your mod costume!


And to be clear, I'm using the Secret Agent mod as an example. This should work for any mod.


How to select motions

Before you select a movie:

Select the motion by pressing F9+key (The guide has a full list, F9+S for instance is a floor dance)


Attached are all hotkeys for v 5.0 (I don't think anyone made a refreshed list for 5.5)


General Autolink Hotkeys not always specific to Beach Paradise:

ctrl 0
Save all current defaults so they are the default when the game restarts
ctrl #
Save all current defaults in set # where # is 1 to 8
Load set # to be the defaults for costumes
Reset all the costume defaults for this play session
Slow the game down. Press again to restore normal speed. (Note this messes up replays)
F1 #
1 sets speed to 1/128th and that increases with every digit to 9, which is double speed. 0 stops time.
Undo any F1 settings
F1 -
Half game speed
F1 +
Double game speed
F1 M
Make the fight time limit counter go FAST
F1 N
Make the fight time limit timer go slow
Everything turns sideways! F2 and F3 rotate when this is active.
Make the HUD go away. Press again to bring it back.
F5 1
Fighters are invisible! (use the Force to fight!)
F5 2
Special effects vanish
F5 3
Stage is not drawn
F5 5

Beach Paradise Hotkeys1.jpg

Beach Paradise Hotkeys2.jpg

Beach Paradise Hotkeys3.jpg

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What do I need to do to install everything correctly?


I have the game version 1.09b and all the DLCs.
The download link for the mod, there is only version 5.5.7, but version 5.5 is not. It is the same?

I copy files from the 5.5.7 folder as instructed, but the game crashes when I try to enter Versus mode.

Also, when the game starts, I get out the window "Failed to recognize game executable: (mod loader disabled)"

What version of the game do I need for mod 5.5.7 to work?




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