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29 minutes ago, Neutron_rus said:

you missing the required assets, so you need to find what mod adds this npc and get the required assets, as i'm sure that this npc was not added by this mod (but i can't say for sure as i'm not familiar with fertile breeder at all)

Suppose I'll wait what someone else has to say for it, mod works 'fine' apart from that, really. Modding for new vegas really is a chore.

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So my computer fucked up my mod organizer and I lost all the mods I had on it I can get the other ones from nexus fine and dandy but these ones were a bit more difficult for me to track down and since I have to fix my ttw anyways now I was wondering if someone could provide links or zip files to the mods that are required to run Fertile breeder please and thank you 

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So when i go to the bighorn farmer and go through all the dialogue to get the job and then talk to the bighorn itself sexout doesn't initiate a sex scene and after the text disappear's nothing happens, ive screwed with load order and nothing worked so i  honestly don't know what to do now.  (edit after screwing a bit with mcm i got the first scene to properly trigger but after the first sex scene coming back to buck with both dialogue options neither initiate sexout...



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