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Best looking NPC overhaul

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Does anyone know how to convert this Khajiit replacer to be standalone so that it wouldn't mess with Khajiit npcs added by other mods? 

I tried editing the esp using SSEdit and changing the directories of the textures and then changing the directories of the BSShaderTextureSet for the facegens. All the Khajiits ended up naked and ears are not showing textures properly even though ear mesh shows fine. I'm using SSE btw.

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5 hours ago, KillerJohnson1 said:

can anyone translate this kmatu credit version to english only one i can find https://tes-game.ru/load/skyrim/gmods/kmatu_credit_replejser_583_npc/53-1-0-23764

Give this a try, you need the main mod itself, install that then download and install this patch it should overwrite the esp for the mod.  There are four npc's, three of them are followers who's names I basically made up, all the rest are re-placers for vanilla npc's so I just copied there names across into the esp.


Kmatu Credit.7z

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On 1/22/2015 at 8:10 PM, Killing Joke said:

This reminds me, in case you didn't browse much the blog there are also other female overhauls by the same author (therefore with the same issues :lol: )

Female Bandits




And for a mod called Populated Skyrim Civil War http://blog.naver.com/sidearmf93/90189411188

All of this combined with Feminized Level Lists make Skyrim a better place to be, definitely.

Hi there! I've been trying to download those but the first one I tried (Dawnguard) requires a hair pack (SGHAIR 268) and that is for SSE as far as i've been searching. Does anyone has that mode for LE? Otherwise tell me if it can be installed without it, or just someone give me the download link for LE :D

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Hello stopping back in after a very long absence. Is there any anime/asian style overhaul mods for SSE yet? And if so, what do group of mods to people suggest to get the most full coverage in an Anime/Asian style? Some of the Chinese mods looked really good but they seemed to both have no way to download as well only looked like they worked on legendary edition. JH and KZ also looked good but reading through this thread it seems they are only Legendary Edition right now.

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On 7/8/2020 at 5:02 AM, NationX said:

I can't believe there still isn't a JH or KZ equivalent for SSE yet. 

KZ SE was posted on nexus but then removed. Here I use the Botox for Skyrim as base and then the Bijin, Pandorable, Kalilies and Metalsaber Orcs to change the females. Botox is good because it has a patcher so you can change the females of mods that adds npcs.


For argonians and khajiits I use the Fluffs Hybrid mods linked with botox head parts because was the only way that I found to have cute beasts females with the option to make patchs for the other mods that adds npcs.


Here a example on how one Khajiit looks:



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If you are interested there is a mod called Brixels HDT Overhaul that changes many aspects of NPCs.


He changes the body of the NPCs' Races, uses HDT on breasts, butt and uses SOS for males.


The mod also inserts HDT Hair for both NPCs and Players.


In addition he also inserts HDT Outfits, Capes and Cloaks.


But the mod is for Skyrim LE and not for Special Edition.


Check out the full playlist on Brixels Magazine Online about games: 


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15 hours ago, leyre said:

Karas (the guy who made KZ) hasnt appeared on 9damao since march

Pretty much when things went bleh world wide.  Depending on where he is based and what he does in rl, he could well be just damn busy, especially if he is a doctor or nurse or some such, there are other worse options that could have happened to him, but hopefully rl is just getting in the way of things.

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Soooo I scoured the thread but there's an awful lot of confusion still. I play SSE and keep hearing conflicting reports about all the mods mentioned (KZ, Kmatu, jh, SGOS).  Are these properly ported to SE yet? If they are can anyone please direct me to the links (or just page numbers) since I couldn't tell which were LE and which were SE. Their english translation and/or Merged pack links would also be appreciated. Thank you. 

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