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Deviously Enslaved v1.04 (1/7/15)

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Hey, this looks great but I have a little question. So among other things, this does allow for a chance of an npc putting additional devices on you. I wonder if it also does allow npcs to put a device on you when you're not having any devices on you yet? That would be very nice as I really like the whole chance based concept of the sex/additional devices/enslavement.

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My PC was strolling through town, stopped by a man on the street and was enslaved because he didn't believe she had a master.  Another instance; gang raped by bandits thanks to deviously helpless, then the bandits decided to keep her as a slave, SD+ took over.

The mods works great.  Hope to see more content.

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this mod is golden, it forces to be on private to get naked, to not have sex on sighit, to fight back or a rape from Defeat will lead to SD, to not loot on the go on ruins an make expeditions to a dungeon already cleared because a devious cursed loot will lead u to be hunted on cities or towns only as toy or get enslaved helpless because as young eager voice coment says "is hard to be a woman in skyrim" finally, that witnout mention the unwanted pregnancy that can be caused because just wearing an unwanted device because u had just bad luck, gold gold gold, pure gold! thnx so much!

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Does this mod use NPC morality at all to determine how easily someone will try to enslave/rape your character, vs just putting stuff on you?


Can't wait for the next version, current version can make Defeat rather awkward and broken.


You use the zad_DeviousCollar keyword to tell if an item in slot 45 is a collar, right? Or do you ignore it and just use zbfWornCollar?

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Hey guys, just wanted to say that I haven't disappeared. I'm still working on it on and off. Next version should have better Defeat/Helpless integration, not be quite as CPU intensive, have more MCM settings to play with, and a few more kinds of dialogue.


Great news, i absolutely love this mod and it's integration with slavery mods, but it is quite rough on my cpu, looking forward to the next less CPU intensive version :shy: Thank you for sharing this!

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The enslavement dialogue worked for me, i did need to turn all the percentages up though as its like 2% by default


I'm using the prison overhaul mod and i think this one was causing a problem when i have the jailer parade event as i kept getting NPC's attacking my PC, other than going into the MCM and turning the mod off before getting arrested is their a way to make it ignore the PC while under AI control/arrested?

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Suggestion. Have character in a bunch of locations approach players master and offer to pay master to show up at location so that masters slave can perform multiple functions at the request of guests.There can be a slutty reward in the end for player. Or even temporary usage by bandits, necromancers, vampires, thieves guild, etc....Or even an auction for players services.


I like this mod as "glue" between various events and enslavement, so I think these are out of this mod's scope. Maria Eden is planning to implement these I believe.


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What kind of fool gave this 1 star? This mod is an almost necessary addition to my load order, and once some of the repeating papyrus spam is sorted, i'll using it for my next complete playthrough.


I'm getting an instant CTD as I load it up. are there any mods that this is not compatible with that anyone can point out for me? I'd love to give this mod a shot, or any other enslavement mod for that matter.


There's only a list of mods that it is compatible so far. Post your load order and someone might be able to spot the issue? CTD at start is usually missing masters but you might have already ruled that out. If you're looking for other enslavment mods, I would recommend Sanguines Debauchery+, not just because it great but because the author attempts to make it compatible with almost everything. It's currently pretty stable, but some elements of the slavery process are unfinished due to a minor overhaul of the slavery mechanics.

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Hi Chase,


Thanks for this mod, I think it's an extremely ambitious and clever idea.


I think this is exactly the type of integration mod that many people are looking for, which is why I find myself puzzled that this mod doesn't yet seem to be getting the attention I think it deserves.


After thinking about it, I blame the name ...


I think Deviously Enslaved is misleading and doesn't do your mod justice.  IMO some people aren't looking for a mod that adds more bondage gear to the game, which is what many of the 'Devious' titles seek to do.  AND I think your mod is being lost amoung those titles.  Yet in terms of supporting character narrative, this mod is already so much more than adding additonal gear.


I'd be delighted if you'd continue developing this mod.  If you see my point in the previous paragraph, I'd like to invite you to consider renaming your mod to something that more faithfully chacterizes it's scope.  As an example, what comes to mind for me in "Sexlab Integration" (see the clever link back to the DD titles ;-)).


Thank you for your time and all your work.


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Finally tried the mod too. It is awesome, now the cities are finally dangerous also. Plays really well together with cursed loot. Now it is a really tough choice what to do when you have devices equipped. Hope to find keys in the wilderness without running into too tough bandits or try to find them in the towns while hopefully avoiding getting too many additional devices equipped by the npcs or even enslaved.


P.S.: If you continue working on the mod what about copying Versh's great detection system from more devious quests? So that if you only wear devices which can be hidden (like chastity belt under clothes) npcs don't recognize you as slave as easily?

There could still be a chance though and if they approach you then they might try to strip you first to see if their guess was right that you hide devices :)

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I've been having some problems in that demands for sex come way too frequently. In fact, I just had a case in which immediately after a "Slut, service me!" ended, the very same person again did an "On your knees, dog!" It might be worthwhile to allow more flexibility for the time span between event initiations.


Another problem is that some devices slapped on by one or the other passerby simply won't go anymore. Even when people say they take it off and I get the message "You have been released from your chains", it will in fact stay locked. 

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Nothing isn't really happening for me.


I'm running around naked with a collar and an armbinder, and every hour or so when talking to an npc they'll comment on it, then it gives a ... option and they just say Uhmmm ... so what can I do for you? and you get the regular speech options for that npc

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Normally the NPCs should approach you on their own and initiate dialogue.


Do you have too many script heavy mods maybe? There is a mcm setting where you can chose a 1-10 second time setting, i think this means the mod does make a scan that often for potential nearby NPCs then to molest the player.

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Nothing isn't really happening for me.


I'm running around naked with a collar and an armbinder, and every hour or so when talking to an npc they'll comment on it, then it gives a ... option and they just say Uhmmm ... so what can I do for you? and you get the regular speech options for that npc

You have SD+ or some other slavery mod installed and fully updated right?

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