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[WIP] Another Kick in the Head - TTW Extension (Currently Broke)

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WIP - Another Kick in the Head - TTW


NOTE: I just got back to FONV and I've found several big issues with this that need to be addressed. So for the time being I'm pulling this as it wasn't working anyway. It seems I've got some scripts that need updating. Not sure when I'll get to it however. So sorry for the time being!
An extension of the wonderful AKiTH that extends support for TTW.


Like the original AKiTH, this also has a series of dreams and multiple different heroes. Because the DC Wasteland is a lot nastier than the Mojave, chances are more likely you won't end up being saved by a hero. Any lost gear can be found scattered across either the DC wasteland or various DLCs.


DLCs Currently Supported

  • Point Lookout
  • The Pitt (Steelyard and Entrance)


What is Functional?

  • The main point of the mod is completed. Namely: dying and getting saved by heroes or waking up in various areas with lost gear.
  • Only 4 dreams are in a mostly functional state at the moment. Cloud Nine being the one with the most options. I have many other dreams in a partial state of completion.

What needs testing?

  • I haven't tested every single location. So please pay attention to where you are and if you run into issues, post them here! The more info I have, the easier it will be to fix.
  • I'd appreciate players taking a look at The Factory. In the console type "COC RobarTTWPittTrogFactoryMain". (Or it's in the Steelyard if you're in the neighborhood.) I'm particularly interested in input from players with slower computers. Is the area too choppy for you?
  • Hero dialog: typos? A hero doesn't show up or talk? Let me know about it.
  • There is one dream quest that is finished. Be nice to an NPC named Hsui-Ying. (And don't be communist!) Eventually you'll get the sequence started.
  • Are there any giant exclamation points in dreams? (This means I forgot to add something to the data download!)


  • Hey I lost my super important item! Where is it!?
    That was stupid! However, there's a loot location map in the support thread that might help. Whatever the case, keep an eye out for Lead-Lined Metal Boxes, clay pots, and the occasional wall safe. Most loot locations are around Raiders. Also check out vendors like Moira, Seagrave, or Panada in Point Lookout. Also might want to have some decent lock-picking skills or a companion that can manage it.
  • Why are you uploading this now!? It's not done!
    I need to be sure I've got the simple stuff working before I release some complex stuff. SO, beta release it is!
  • What's this optional Cloud Nine Band stupidity!?
    That's if players want to hear the band actually play music as was originally intended. I'm probably going to be getting rid of the band entirely when this leaves WIP status however.
  • Why is Sexout required!?
    Currently there is some sexout content. (But not much!) You'll run into most of it by using the Dreaming Door. So beware! Eventually I'll make it so it's entirely optional or put in an MCM toggle perhaps.

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  • Requires
    SexoutNG, Another Kick in the Head, TTW


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Loot Issues


For players that have lost The Greatest Items Ever....

  • The DC area loot map is here:


  • If you're in Point Lookout, check out Panada or ... the Lighthouse... or... the Cathedral... or...  a few other places I forgot. :lol:
  • If you're in the Pitt....  I have no idea, I have to look at the scripts again. :lol: :lol:
  • In any situation, look for Lead-Lined Cases, Wall Safes, and Clay Pots. That's usually where the thieves stash your loot. (You know, so you can find it later. They're considerate thieves!)


Other Stuff

  • OK, where the heck are the fabled Bad Ends!?
    Umm.. yeah. About those... They are present but currently turned off by script because I keep running into crazy crashing/companion issues. Once I manage to solve those FOR GOOD, I'll start opening up Bad Ends.
  • Hey, I've never heard of the Bad Ends, what are they?
    Instead of being rescued by a hero or waking up alone somewhere, you get captured. Currently: Point Lookout (complete but pending animations), gypsy ghouls (complete except needs a minor rewrite and bug fix), and ??? (mostly complete but waiting for some new content).


What to Watch For


General Stuff

  • Do you ever wake up and mysteriously can't draw your weapon or use the pipboy? If so, first enter "enableplayercontrols" in the console, then tell me what dream you woke up from!

Dreaming Door Stuff

  • If you go through the door and end up falling towards Rivet City.....  do you die? Or do you wake up first? :lol: I may have to do some more scripting here to ensure the player doesn't actually die.
  • If you're in the Alien Lab and it's the player's turn for "study", is there any crashing during the sexout animation sequence?
  • In the Eternal Hallway (you'll know it when you see it), any hiccuping while running towards... well... nowhere? :lol:
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** More Riservity Reserved **


Ack... forgot credits. This goes on the main page next update!


:heart: Credits


Scripting Help/Nif Help

AJ - THANK YOU! <-- Responsible for gorgeous "Radscorpion Hole" scripting among other things! :shy:




Everyone in the scripting help thread!



Quetzlsacatanango - Neon Signage

Speedy - More Neon Signage

Me - New Dog Textures, Roboyote, Robongrel, brainy dog meshes, Factory Graffitii, Crazy TV's, floating barge, and other stuff I forgot. :lol:


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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 months later...

This is pretty rad!  Can't wait for more content!  Also the cloud nine band seems to be missing a texture or mesh (big red ! ). Other than that, and the father not talking at the muddy rudder (though that could be intentional.  I don't really mind it) it's running good.  The dreams are interesting, all of them, and all I can say us god speed!

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Huh, I guess I never subscribed to my own thread.


Dad says something but you have to have subtitles turned on. I think on my next revision I'm just going to give him actual voiced dialog (as well as Bittercup and Amata).


I'm still at a loss over the missing mesh on Cloud Nine. There isn't supposed to be anything there in the first place. I've been busy with other mods lately but there's a bunch of half finished dream sequences that I'll get back around to messing with eventually. :blush:

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  • 7 months later...

OK... so I decided it was time to get back into FONV in a big way. Loaded up all the latest stuff and.... my updated version doesn't work at all!  :lol:  So then I thought: "Well I broke something!" Turns out I didn't as the older version doesn't work either. Oops!


So I've pulled it until I can get it functioning again. I did upload the latest Data part at least. Hopefully I'll solve everything and get the new one up but the way my schedule has been lately, no promises! :angel:

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Oh, so it actually was broken? Gee, all this time I thought I'd done something that had messed it up. I think I was seeing console errors about it not being able to figure out what worldspace the player was in. (Think I was seeing the same with stalkers in Sexout Sex Assault, too.)


My TTW installation is a bit more than my current rig can handle, so I had to remove this (and a lot of other mods) to get things playable again. I'll certainly be looking to put this one back in whenever I get around to upgrading my system.

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There is a glitch that I've been noticing, but nothing game-breaking. When you enter a dream, there's missing meshes and textures everywhere. Though simply saving and reloading fixes that. There's probably something in a script in your mod that tries to change file paths on 'first load' which would explain why the errors don't keep showing up after reloading a save.

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