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Xarathos' Armor Workshop - Mass Effect Cosplay for UUNP Bodyslide

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Uhmm, hey Xar, can i make a request?


How about the BU equipment "Brainsperm" whip out?


Link - Scroll down for downloads


3 more BU Vanilla Clothing 


If you cant download the files since he used a asian uploader, ill send you the files just contact or quote me. 


Thank you very much


Better Link for all the existing BU armors please UNPBO or 7bo :)


Thank you again

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Hey Xarathos, I was really happy to see you pick up this project and I think you've done an awesome job. When you have a moment I'd love to request two 7BO conversions from you.



Black Widow



Aradia Lingerie Dress




I tried to convert them my self and it turned into a bit of a train wreck :s.

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Lingerie Dress + Black Widow are possibilities. Craftable panties+stockings gets a 'we'll see' for now but I'll think on it.


Sorry for absence - been distracted by actually PLAYING Skyrim + job hunting. Have a few more old conversions I want to redo and put up here as well. Actually been working on a different Aradia conversion today because I want to use it in my current playthrough: the rogue armor. Going to try and do both the normal and the devious versions, and if possible, change the shoes into HDT high heels.

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So here's a preview:




I need to fix a minor weighting issue and... see if I can figure out why my game keeps trying to let me disenchant the HDT effect off of my high heels. :/ It's never done this to me before and I don't like it.

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Got annoyed with quality control issues, so tracked down Aradia's original post and remaking the conversion from source. Too many artifacts from previous conversions + the weighting issues that were bugging me... bad combo. Always work from the source if you can, ladies and gents.


Upshot, when finished, HOPEFULLY, this will be the best sevenbase version of the snake rogue armor available. Fingers crossed.


I MAY even be able to correct a few minor organizational issues that have been bugging me about it (like is there a reason the caps and plugs are separate meshes when they're UV mapped to the same textures, orrrrrrrrrr...)


So far so good.

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Hi, im using your conversion of Hmm what to wear with an UNPO HDT physics, but  breast is clipping with armor when my character is walking and boobs are bouncing, how could i fix it? Thanks.


Can't guarantee success with UNPO as this is a 7BO convert and everything was weighted to that. They're made to bounce.


You need latest XPMSE skeleton if you don't have it already, and I'd suggest trying:


1. open, then export each of your body meshes from the latest version of Outfit Studio - this can sometimes resolve skeleton issues without needing to do anything else

2. if that doesn't solve the problem, try using outfit studio's weight copy function to redo the weights on chest pieces


Can't make promises there but I hope you can find a workaround

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ALMOST finished. Couple of minor nitpicks to work out and then the Aradia Rogue conversion will be ready for release... after which I'll probably go ahead and fix up the Devious Devices integrated version as well.


For now, have some more preview shots, modeled by Anna:



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Aradia Snake Rogue conversion: 




Added temper recipes (they were missing from my ESP for some reason), breakdown recipes at the tanning rack IIRC, and CCO keywords so you can control the recipes visibility (light armor, 'non lore friendly' toggles, etc)



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Temper recipes for the rogue armor SHOULD be working regardless of whether CCO is installed. I'll check the ESP when I get a chance again. Should only need the materials and the workbench.


Sorry for extended absence; job hunt has taken a lot out of me without success, and a certain recent game release has proven... very distracting.


Hopefully sometime next week or so I'll be able to block out some time to work on a few things. Been itching to get back to it.


It also looks like the main UNPBO/7BO thread has been updated with some new conversions by Refat since I last checked so I'll have to have a look through those, too - been ages since I had the chance to enjoy someone else's work for this bodytype!

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Thanks for the work and good luck finding a job, that will pay good and also satisfy you.


When you are back sometime next week or so, could you have a look over the Devious Devices Expansion, since they are on 1.1.5 already by now? Also the milking harnesses/armors ( this and this ) would be nice, if it would be available for the body.

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Xarathos Hope all is going well haven't heard much from you! Must be superbusy with RL. 


When you get sometime this looks super awesome: 


Just found this on Nexus would be grateful for a 7BO Conversion:


HDT Nightingale Bikini 




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File Name: Xarathos' Armor Workshop for 7Base (O)ppai 2.2 - Aradia Snake Rogue Conversion

File Submitter: xarathos

File Submitted: 05 Sep 2014

File Category: Armor & Clothing

Requires: HDT HighHeels System, 7Base Oppai 2.2 or other 7Base body, XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended, HDT Physics Extension (Latest v14.28 Recommended), Dawnguard, Dye Manager (Recommended)


1. Catwoman (Updated: 10-03-2014)












What's he chance on an all in one file.? Lady Death from marvel comics would be awesome ! See oblivion mods and forum for screenshots.







Original armor located here: Thanks to R0R0N0


Conversion done in 3DS Max 2014 + some minor finishing in Bodyslide and NifSkope.


Changes made:

  • Original mod featured boots + catsuit as part of a single mesh. Split them into separate Nifs and added "Catwoman Boots" as a separate craftable item.
  • Converted armor (boots, gloves, suit) to 7Base Oppai bodytype. Added weightslider support. Yes, that's right: weightslider support.
  • Adjusted the boot mesh somewhat and added HDT HighHeel effect.
  • Breakdown recipes for everything are included, all items are craftable + temperable ... with the exception of the transparent version, which is not craftable.
  • Oh, right. Added a transparent version of the body armor for maximum sexiness.
  • Reduced the slots used by as many of the items as possible to increase compatability with other mods.
  • All recipes include globals used by Complete Crafting Overhaul - Remade. CCO is not a requirement, but you'll probably want it anyway.
  • Remade the gloves using a combination of the original cuffs and the Dawnguard vampire glove. Custom texture is included.
  • As of the 2.1 update, now includes ground meshes for all items. Yay!
  • 2.2 update: fixed neck seams using my edited version of the 7BO2.2 body. Should be better than ever
  • 10-03-2014: tweaked esp. Torso items will now hide slot 52 without unequipping it. This allows them to be worn with the bottoms from my bikini-trouble conversion without clipping.
Thanks again to R0R0N0 for the original armor, and to remymartin1986 for the 7Base (O)ppai body.





2. Dragon Age Cosplay: (Updated 10-22-2014)












Morrigan CBBE by XiNAVRO

Original game: Dragon Age: Origins

Credit: BioWare


Changes Made - Version 1.0:

  • Converted to 7BOppai 2.2 - gloves and boots included
  • split nif into multiple NiTriShapes for potential use in mashups
  • moved the jewelry items into their own, separate objects. Created new ground meshes for each. Added a chain to the necklace so it can work passably well on its own.
  • Added CCO crafting globals and breakdown recipes. All included items are craftable. Choker uses slot 45 (Mod_Neck) which means you can wear it with an amulet, but not with a Devious Devices collar... which, you know. Makes sense.
  • 10-03-2014: reuploaded with fixed body meshes. Neck should now be completely seamless at all weights and poses. With any luck, anyhow.

Isabela Outfit for CBBE V3

Original Author: TOXA01

  • Converted to 7B(O)
  • Added CCO crafting keywords



3. Hentai Mixed Armor













## Original Mod: ##


CBBE (Original mod): Mr.Mak

Sevenbase Bombshell: Crazy1918


## Changes Made - Version 1: ##


- Converted to 7B(O)ppai 2.2

- Fixed weightslider support

- Added breakdown recipes for all items

- Added support for Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade


## Requirements: ##


7BO and all requirements, (though any 7Base or UNP texture'd body will probably work if you don't mind the change of shape) latest patch for Skyrim. Standard stuff for conversions to a specific body. CCO Remade is helpful, but not required. XPMSE.


## Acknowledgements: ##


Hentai for original pieces. Mr. Mak + Crazy1918 for skyrim port and conversion to 7BBombshell. Remymartin1986 for 7B(O)ppai body type. Gerra6 for mesh rigger. Thank you all.





4. Ves Whore Outfit











## Original Mod: ##


The Witcher Experience


Made self contained by MonaBabii

New textures by MonaBabii

New normal map baked by Xarathos

Mesh edits by Xarathos


## Changes Made: ##


- Converted to 7BOppai 2.2

- Added weightslider support

- removed the collar to allow for better accessorizing

- no shorts version as well

- breakdown recipes for both versions

- CCO support

- fixed ground meshes to match outfits~


## Requirements: ##


7BO and all requirements, (though any 7Base or UNP texture'd body will probably work if you don't mind the change of shape) latest patch for Skyrim. Standard stuff for conversions to a specific body. CCO Remade is helpful, but not required. A sense of fun is mandatory.


## Acknowledgements ##


I consider this project a collaboration with MonaBabii; without their request for help, this project wouldn't have happened.


Also, obviously, thanks to CD Projekt RED for being just super cool about the whole 'using their assets' thing.





5. Vanilla Clothing and Armors (Last Updated: 10-30-2014)











This will eventually be a complete conversion of as many vanilla outfits as I can do properly.



  • Ancient Nord Armor
  • Common Tunic (Farmclothes01) - ILoveCleavage version used as a base.
  • Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Armor (added 10-30-2014)
  • Forsworn Armor
  • mage robe (apprentice) - dye manager support for female version
  • Nightingale Armor
  • tavern wench outfit
  • Monk Robes
  • Warlock Robes
  • Necromancer Robes
  • Vaermina's Robes
  • Moth Priest Robe (Dawnguard)
  • Steel Armor (realistic MtF conversion)
More to come.


Dawnguard (UPDATED 10-08-14):



So far, contains:

  • Royal Vampire Robe/Armor (Yay, Serena will thank you~) - updated 10-07 with support for Dye Manager. 10-08: improved tintmask, included a copy of the vanilla male mesh with dye manager support.
6. Swimwear Line


6.1. Bikini Trouble - Updated 10-03-2014! (Redownload recommended)


















  • Converted everything to 7B(O).
  • Moved the bottom to slot 52 for improved compliance with bodyslot standards.
  • Added CCO compatibility and breakdown recipes at the tanning rack.
  • 10-02-2014: uploaded new version of the files incorporating my own fixes to the 7BO body mesh. Better vertex welding and fixed neck seam.
  • 10-03-2014: redid weighting in 3DSMax, removed BsDismemberment partitions for easier mashup making, added slot 52 to armor addon of the 'full' bikinis. Bottoms don't seem to unequip when other slot52 items are equipped now, but they do hide, which makes for some intriguing possibilities. In any case, they hide when a 'full' bikini set is equipped. I'll be checking this again later to make sure I'm as close as possible to SOS's methods.



6.2: Armored Bikinis - UPDATED 10-03-2014










  • Converted to 7B(O)
  • Weightslider ready
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul + Breakdown recipes
  • seam fixes, changed slot assignments to match most recent edition of BikiniTrouble. Full bikini uses slot 32 and should hide 52.



7. Devious Devices



pics (VERY nsfw obviously)






Both the Assets and the Expansion meshes converted. Word of caution: if you experience an issue with the piercings not lining up, the solution is pretty simple.

  • Get Outfit Studio and install it.
  • Move your installed skeletonfemale.nif (PREFERABLY the latest version of XPMSE available on this site) to your Bodyslide's /res folder. Rename it to anything you want (ex: xpmseskeletonfemale.nif)
  • Open bodyslide config.xml, edit the Animation line that points to skeleton to the path of your new skeleton.
  • Load outfit studio. Open femalebody_0.nif as an outfit, then export it again. Repeat with femalebody_1. You don't need to change anything - just opening and exporting again with the new skeleton referenced should be enough to fix the problem.
  • Launch skyrim and confirm that the piercings line up with the body.




8. Hmm What To Wear - 7B(O)ppai 2.2









Converted both the main file and the dawnguard pieces. To install, download the original mod here - both the main and dawnguard files. You just need the textures. Delete the meshes folder and both ESMs, then replace them with my esp/bsa combo. My esp is a merged file that combines both the original esms without changing the numbering of any of the entries, so any file that uses the originals as a master file can be changed to point to HmmWhatToWear.esp instead - at least in theory.


I may switch to loose files again later if there are enough changes needed. Some of the skirts may need to be adjusted in future, etc. But it's pretty playable for the moment so have at it.



9. Huntress "Armor" (Updated: 10-30-2014 - redownload recommended)




The first of my conversions to support Dye Manager. As such it requires (I presume) the Dye Manager mod and all requirements of that, in addition to the usual 7BO requirements. The upshot? If you don't like the color, you can change it at any alchemy station in a semi-immersive way, no massive list of duplicate items or cluttered crafting menus needed. How sweet is that? "Very sweet," I hear you all saying. Ahhh, yes. Yes it is. Check out the screens for the results.


UPDATE 10-30-2014: made some fixes to the mesh to resolve a clipping issue. Restored desaturated textures after discovering that they work much better with the dye framework. Originals still included in the BSA (they're used by the ground mesh) so you can restore them if for some reason you prefer not to use the dye framework. However, if you DO wish to use it, this version will be better - the default color has been set as close to the original as I could make it. This is probably the last change I'll be making to this particular file.


10. Fitted Bosmer Armor (Added: 10-09-2014)







Requires either Immersive Armors or the Bosmer Armor pack. Fitted the meshes to the female form a bit better and added support for dye manager. But, bonus: dye manager xml should work even if you opt to use a different set of meshes. Gloves, hoods, and cuirass' are all dye manager ready. I haven't tested the dye with the male versions but they should all work - please let me know!



11. I Love Cleavage + Misc Skimpy Vanilla Armors





This is where I'll be keeping the skimpier variations of armors I choose to convert, mostly light armor + clothing. But anything that's a replacer and more revealing + etc than the vanilla versions will go here.


In some cases this is probably going to boil down to 'the skirt is shorter,' but meh.


Currently consists of:

  • Bandit 3 (I Love Cleavage)

12. Crimson Twilight Armor for 7B(O)ppai







Original Mod: Crimson Twilight by BloodFree on the Nexus.

Download + Endorse, then replace the original meshes. Everything was converted - coat, curaiss, boots and gauntlets. You'll need his ground meshes and textures - I have changed nothing there.


You'll also want one of the ESPs I attached, because I made the boots HDT heels, and added Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade support. Both the Light and Heavy armor versions have been fixed, so choose whichever version of the ESP you prefer.


HDT heels is the only new requirement.





13. Seraphine Armor for 7B(O)ppai




Original Mod via Nexus


Download either the UNP version or a 7B variant to get the boots right, then replace the torso and glove meshes with mine.


14. Tembtra Armor (11-7-2014)


Requested by Redking52




Download (and endorse if possible!) the original UNP version, then overwrite the meshes and ESP.


Everything has been converted to 7BO, and I added CCO support and a chest containing all the armor items you can spawn via the console. You still need the crafting manual in your inventory to craft the items.


15. Aradia Armors (Uploaded: 11-17-2014)


Snake Rogue Armor:




Good grief, Aradia does gorgeous work.


Credit to Aradia for original meshes, etc. Loverslab exclusive. Converted to 7BO, added temper recipes, breakdown recipes, HDT high heels.

HDT heels + latest skyrim patch are the only new requirements. CCO Remade is recommended (because it's awesome) but not required.





Click here to download this file



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So, I'm around. Somewhat. Evidently much of my game's dependent mods have updated, so I have to start the process of getting Skyrim playable again... and, bonus, updating a few conversions. Hopefully I can actually manage that.


I think I'll be reconverting the Devious Devices set from scratch at some point assuming my motivation holds since that updated recently. Will take some time but I'll do what I can. Aaaand I still have to finish the Hmm What To Wear remake...


I currently make no promises about release. But I'll update again as soon as I have some progress to show you.

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NSFW teaser of the devious remake. And also, my new ENB setup for screenshots and so on:






I'm going to work my way through everything included in 2.8.3 of the assets and update when finished. Want to remake my conversions in 3DS to resolve any lingering quality issues left over from my outfit studio days.


Then I have to do the expansion and also content from Captured Dreams. Because of course I do.

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Devious Devices Assets officially updated to 2.8.3, reconverted from scratch. Lingering issues from Outfit Studio seem to have been sorted.


Expansion will be coming... sometime after I start working on it, ha. But sooner or later.


Have another VERY nsfw pic of Anna showing the new version off:






she really likes it shhhh


Haven't changed any of the collar or blindfold or gag meshes or the plugs or anything like that because they shouldn't need it; everything here seems to be working, though, including the Koffii items that I'm told will be textured in the next version or so. So woo, with any luck I'll be set for the next version as well!


EDIT: AAaaaaaaaaaaaaand here are some safer for work screens:



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Thank you.


You are very welcome. :D


EDIT: new project. Found the original after heading back to the Nexus for the first time in ... awhile. Couldn't resist. Nearly done; will upload in the next day or so after I make sure there aren't any issues and make some tweaks to the ESP/etc.


Meanwhile, enjoy~



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Katarina Armor conversion (pictured above) has uploaded. Requires the original mod.


I made some changes to the ESP to improve compatibility with CCO and PerMa (since I'm using both of them now), hopefully they work out. May need to do some more tweaks for the second one re: the pauldrons and game balance, but for the moment it works in that the patcher correctly recognizes it all as a leather armor.


For everyone who DOESN'T use PerMa... the compatibility change there consists entirely of adding " - Leather" to the end of the item names. Shouldn't be a big deal for the rest of you. And for those who ARE using it, well, I guess I saved you a step hopefully?? IDK.

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