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OBLIVION: install game,tools,bodies,BBB, Load order sorting, esp/esm cleaning, CS-CSE, Body stretching

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ahh, so it was the skeletons.nif that were making the animations not to be AP, thanks fejeena! I will leave it here with I did to fix the incompatibility between LAPF and lovers creatures [note: after finishing this post I will go see if there was anything talking about these two ;)]

open lapf archive
goto meshes-characters
copy the two folders
goto "your game folder" -meshes-characters
and Ctrl-v / paste in the current folder
if it appears to replace go accepting
and KABUM the ap animations will work

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3 hours ago, rossimi said:

i have a problem, it seem that pluggy cause me frequent crash.. it's necessary for play lapf mod? can be a possible substitute to this plugin? ty for your answer

Pluggy is not needed for the LAPF.

The mods that require pluggy clearly tell you that they do.  

If pluggy is causing crashes, then it would be best to fix that instead of just ditching it.  My guess is you are missing something, you have an old version or something else entirely is causing the crash.  


Either way, if you want help, read the opening post of this thread and then open a new topic with the stuff it asks for (namely load order and version of pluggy) and folks will try to help you:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/


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Yes, there is a plugin that requires you to do this.  Here is another thread talking about it:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/36945-pluggy-installation-not-found/



Looks like it is loversbackup2 that is the one that needs pluggy.  Loversbackup2 is only useful if you make a bunch of adjustments to positions and want to save them from your old game to your new game.  Otherwise it is not a necessary plugin.

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