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The AKM rifle of Soviet fame.  It's a lightened AK-47, (by slightly under 1 lb), has a few production speed and field reliability improvements over the original, and  with over 10.2 million produced, is the most ubiquitous of the series.  I prefer the original, though.

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Mine is from some random game i googled and this dude appeared and i liked it :D Joking :P

Squall Leonhart, main character of Final Fantasy VIII, in a time when Square-Enix was Squaresoft, a time when they made good RPG's .

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You mean the old style machined actions? They were more accurate by a noticeable margin but i actually like the stamped receiver models myself, a slight trade-off of accuracy for a noticeable decrease in weight. 



Yes.  It seems to me that "made from solid block of steel" vs "made from sheet steel", I'll take solid, any day, despite the end result being roughly the same.  Still, the other improvements are of serious note, and the thing was never designed to be super accurate anyway.  I've not used either type, never mind having to carry it around a battlefield for months on end, so no personal experience, just lots and lots of research.

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simply since Minou means Kitty in french . basically my name means Kittymimi , since obviously Nekomimi and Kitsumimi is always taken everywhere


And my picture is a Chibi Taokaka Since she is included in my nekomimi Project

and in BlazBlue anime she is one of the Most MOE MOE character you got...

Americans destroyed her image with console gaming by Dubbing her voice and changing her attitude...


But shes still My taoooooNyaaNya

 i am simply obsessed to no end With any Kind of Kimera

Any Mimi will work, Ears and tails is Art !!! Kimera is Art !!! Moeee Desuuu

And im a sucker for any Kawaii stuff pretty much


i also sometimes used a ahri picture since i now have a kitsumimi Project expansion

and i always loved 3-7 or 9 tails mimi's









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Since I just taunted Monsto with a horrible rendition of Gollum over in another thread I figured I better come post here to make up for it.   :D


I'll not bother with an expanded version of the avatar pic, since it's perfectly viewable and recognizable as Harley Quinn.  And yes, I'm one of those hopeless fanboys.  Sue me.  However, unlike most of them, I don't want her to be sweet and innocent and "oh so perfect and misunderstood".  She's a psychopath; twisted, dark, psychotic, and perfectly willing to kill you if you get in-between her and what she wants.  "That's" what makes her interesting.  The fact that she's hot and cute is just bonus.


Hence, I'm perfectly willing to accept all the costume changes over the years and have no problem with the New 52 "super hooker" version of her in the suicide squad.


As for the name/handle, been using it for almost 20 years on every forum that will take one and isn't professional/job related.  Comes from my college days as the longest running D&D character I ever played.  


On an ending note, since I didn't attach a larger avatar image, I better include something Harley related.  So I'll include a couple of images of how I think she sees herself.  










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Mine is a cropped image scarmiglione on hentai foundry did. I take no credit for it at all.  But I love Morgana (From League of Legends) and this one she is lactating. @_@  I have it because I think it is hawt.






This one is on his blog I think.

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My avatar is Spongebob while shown in an Episode where they searched for a new motto for the fast food etablissement he works in. I find this picture is well-made and very creative in its design.

In fact, if you ever wanted to explain a kid what it feels to work in a job you don't like, but you need to work it anyway, I recommend you to show that kid some episodes about Squidward - the early episodes show many good ideas.

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My avatar is pretty straightfoward.  A random anime Samurai I found online that I liked.  Long hair, confident look, totally able to handle a sword and own anyone that would try to stop him.  The opposite of me really.  :P 


True reason I chose a samurai though was their sense of honor and commitment; something I really admire and try to keep and do in my own life.  Far from perfect on that but I try my best to keep that in all aspects of life.  Probably a bit deeper reasoning then most have behind their avatar but meh.  Just answering the question! 

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Guest Omega1084

This new one is just a kitty I found while browsing around for cute neko stuff.


She's facking adorable :3


Also since some people have explained their username I guess I'll explain mine.

Omega is my favorite Greek letter, my favorite Megaman character, what I always qualify as in a wolf pack.

It also has a cool Mathematical value(0.5671432904097838729999686622...).

1084 is my lucky number. 1234 is the number I dislike the most.

I like Math. :'3

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My Avatar is a close up of my Favorite MTG card, really irritating when used right.


That's this inquisitor, right? 2 white mana, 2/2, first strike and protection from vampires; do I remember that right?

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Always wanted an excuse to use this Ascendancy avatar but even though it remotely looks like a cartoonish naked alien woman if you have a dirty mind people most forums I visit have quick eyes, dirty minds, and strict rules. So I change it. Here, not so.

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Always wanted an excuse to use this Ascendancy avatar but even though it remotely looks like a cartoonish naked alien woman if you have a dirty mind people most forums I visit have quick eyes, dirty minds, and strict rules. So I change it. Here, not so.


full size pic?

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