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Does anyone actually browse this at work?

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Usually I'm to busy with paperwork to play around on the internet, besides that, to many customers to just stop and look at titties on the screen. (ads, not demonizing the site by saying it's all tits and ass... but I think it might just be) ;)

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I'm a teacher. So. Yeah. 

Funny story tho, once I checked some sex screenshots in the school's library, like completely out of boredom. Spent no more than 10 minutes and of course the IT guy must've seen the screen on the central computer, so the website got blocked. Pretty sure he wanted to see which kid was watching 3d girls being boned by chaurus, so I stood up immediately and ran to the other side of the library to advise some dude who was looking for a book. A mere 30 seconds later, the IT guy comes a' running and sees a single kid using one of the computers. He looked at him with an absolutely disgusted expression and told him "I know it's you, aren't you ashamed ???".  I left immediately, just in case the kid saw me leave the computers room... Hope he is okay tho  :s

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At work, very often I have to get a 6AM call from east Europe, then some activity with clients in EDT between 10AM and 12PP, and maybe nothing to do 'till 6PM to call the PST area. During the day I have just to wait.

So probably I am at work a good 12 or 14 hours a day, but working no more than 10 hours.


There is a super strong control on web sites at work. Also sport sites are banned. But this one was open (under my explicit request.)


Long story short: I use the site at work, I also do modding, during the "dead time". But I have my own office and nobody can go behind me. (And I have no mirrors on my back :D )

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Yes I'm browsing at work right now and there's a female colleague sit next to my desk......playing soda crush  :dodgy:

I only download at home, it probably took me 1 decade to download sexlab framework with office's line  :blush:


AAAArrrrgggghhhh!!! Soda Crush!!!!

Please convert your colleague to a real gaming experience!


:lol:  :D  :lol:  :D  :lol:


(I hate this game, it is the game (sort of) were my wife spends hours on it.)

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If your connected to the Offices/University's wi-fi, the IT specialist who monitors it may find and see it, and report you to principle or staff. Probably not such a good idea. Using your own internet should be fine, like those portable wi-fi routers

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