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The Sims 4-Post Your Adult Goodies (Screens, vids, etc.)

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1. The Jack-House 2:


In the first romp, Becky and Roland bring their roommate (and boyfriend) Johnny to "play" with them. They also attract the attention of Bieta, another of Roland's crushes. Firstly, she gets to share Roland's love with Becky, and Roland lets Johnny use her.





2: The Jack-House 3:


In the next romp, Becky attracts her other boyfriends (and their girls) to join in the fun. She also lets the other girls smother her body before the other guys join in. Johnny also gets a new partner for his next swinging, the blue-haired girlfriend of an eccentric.





3: The Jack-House 4:


While Roland gets preoccupied with his peeping-tom girlfriend, Becky tries to spend some quality time with her other boyfriend, Arupo. Instead, one of the blonde guys from the clone house barges in and rams into her.


While Johnny is supposed to have a picture of Becky's dudes, he instead joins in their party. Roland then convinces Arupo and Johnny to form a "love train" while the new guy tries Becky. Roland and Johnny go into the peeping tom (who moves in as a fourth member of the Jack-House), while the new guy forms his own "love train" with Arupo and Becky. It all ends in a bath of sweat, musk, and cum everywhere.





A. Some snapshots by Johnny, who is a keen photographer:





10-23-20_2-46-16 AM.png

10-23-20_3-26-14 AM.png

10-23-20_4-00-01 AM.png

10-23-20_4-03-21 AM.png

10-23-20_5-22-15 AM.png

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I haven't played the sims for a couple of months, but then I felt the urge again... 


So yeah, this here is Dominick (created by mrrakkon, actually, almost all the sims that will appear are, although I've left my own mark on them so they won't all look like they do here if you download them).




You know the type. Basically he is the "Chad" meme personified. He starts off as a new-ish porn actor, a bit of fame, but not much money. 



Dominick's first conquest were to be the girl next door. Although she ain't your typical "girl next door"... Linnie is fresh out of prison (it was this whole thing... I actually sent her to "prison", check out my earlier posts in this thread for the full story), and lives with her sister just down the street. Her sister being a co-worker of Dominick's.




Just because you've been incarserated doesn't mean you don't have standards...




Cara also wanted to get in on the fun...




All-in-all it was a pretty good New Years Eve for Dominick!




Screwing your dealer, good or bad? I guess time will tell...




Next aquientence to come by (I tend to leave my sims unplayed for a long time, so they pick up some friends just from being in the background when I play other households) is none other than my god-damned favourite sim ever... Fatima... It's really fitting that he happens to know her too, since in my storyline she is the communications agent for AEP, the company Dominick works for!




Eh... Don't mind the dick being out... She is a proper celebrity and I got bored waiting for "Attempt introduction" getting availible again after the first one failed.


But she didn't seem to mind...




So Fatima is a sim with a lot of backstory. She spent more time with a dick in one or more of her orifices in college than in front of her books, and she was high on something or other for most of that time as well. She is literarly the only sim I've ever put through college that didn't graduate with honours. Then there was this whole storyline where the head of the AEP got turned into an vampire and killed his wife by accident and getting all depressed about it, and Fatima making a PR-stunt with some of her friends to get him back on his feet by fucking him and posting the photos all over the internet, and then her boyfriend found out and beat her (which is why she ain't as pretty as she used to be and are missing her front teeth), which lead to Linnie killing said boyfriend (which is why she was in jail) and then there was this whole bit where she blackmailed a couple of rich guys after secretly recording them all in bed, and then she got pregnant and I didn't notice when I forgot to use a condom in an orgy which she participated in as an NPC...


It was this whole thing.


I've probably played this crazy bitch over 100 sim-days, which is a lot for me, so I'm fond of her, bear with me...




Fatima became Dominick's sugarmommy. After the whole blackmail thing she is kinda rich.




Flirting with your dealer-lover, who is also a convicted murderer, while your sugarmommy is showering inside. Oh yeah, that sugarmommy is also the best friend of the murderer in front of you... Dominick is playing a dangerous game.




So the next time Fatima came over she was being kind of a bitch, which is, granted, totally in character for her.




So after Dominick got mad from the aggravating conversation I had him hate-fuck her...




She didn't really mind.


This climax-animation is called "spite - bukkake" or something similar, I think it is meant to represent recording in order to send to an ex or cheating husband or something, but for Fatima it was just on-brand for the way I played her. She got her first fame-star from selling topless photos of herself back in college. 




Damn I love this sim...




So at this point I kind of have to introduce the club "San Myoshino Swingers".




The woman to the right is Lana, leader of the club. And also another co-worker and porn superstar in my save. So I play a lot of pornstars, sue me. 

Just as Dominick reached past level 2 in his sexpertise she just came knocking on the door. And level 2 sexpertise was the last requirement he had to pass to join the club. So he did.


I mean, obviously...


It's a swingers club, so you know, what followed was kind of obvious.




But back to Dominick and Fatima...




So I brought her to a bar, but Dominick had the whim to have sex with her. At this point I should admit I only played Dominick to test out that all the mods work as they should since there has been a couple of updates since I last played. He was, lets put it bluntly, expendable, if something went wrong with the save. Reason is that he is a pretty boring character. Like I said, he's just a "Chad". But as he took her behind some bushes I realised I had grown fond of him. He'll not just be an one-off character and then end up in the background forever more.


Also, they looked damned fine togheter...





Alright... So at this exact moment I decided that this was going to be a thing. They are moving in togheter. And it is going to be Fatima that pulls the trigger. She will be the one in control.




Is this a good decision? Spoiler warning, Fatima hasn't made a single good decision in her entire life...




So when I switch household to Fatima I realise she isn't ONLY high on weed, but molly as well. Oh well, atleast this horrible decision will make sense in hindsight...




Dominick's new pad...




And here we have Fatima expressing her love of swallowing. I do love the adult socials mod...




Speaking of swallowing...




Her babies are crying upstairs. I don't think Fatima is going to be a great mother...








She did get around to feeding them in the end though!




New neighbor seems cranky...




OMFG I'm addicted to sims drama all over again...




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So, since Fatima got knocked up last time I felt obligated to keep playing her atleast until the baby was born. I was pissed I missed the last one. So yeah, quick tip... While two NPC's can't get eachother pregnant using WW animations there is an exception: if your played sim, even if it is a female sim, participates in a group-sex act any other female sims who also participates in the same animation can end up pregnant.


Practice safe sim-sex, just because your sim is on the pill doesn't mean you shouldn't bring enough condoms for everyone when you go to an orgy!





I mean, I said I was pissed about missing the pregnancy. Mostly because I missed out on the pregnancy sex!


So Dominick came home horny after a long and hard (pun intended) day at the porn-factory, as you do, to find his naked and very very pregnant... I mean, technically they aren't togheter... I guess the game classify them as "roommates" but let's just say baby mama, and not stand on formalities, and one thing led to another.




So seven minutes later it was go-time...




The twins grew up into toddlers. I might do a damned redemption arc for Fatima and make her super-mom. Years of playing video games have conditioned me to always follow any list of tasks that award points, and the family ambition is just that...




Dominick is the kind of guy who needs a good wank before he can go to work. Even when his job is fucking all day.




And then Fatima bought a stripclub...




Alright, so last time I played stripclubs were patreon only, and I'm too cheap for that, so I needed someone to run one. Mainly because I want to play as the strippers... But then it turned out to actually be kind of fun, and probably the only ownable venue for sims 4 that is actually profitable! 


Fatima brought her boss, Mr. Rockwell and another pornstar/independent porn producer by the name of Desmond too shoot a commercial for the place (stripclub is Vanilla unicorn, by mrrakkon).




The eagle-eyed might have noticed that her body have changed a little. She has had 3 kids in quick succesion, so I though some stretchmarks would be fair. Unfortunatly those

occupied the same tattoo slot as her original nipples, so those were changed as well. I guess all the breastfeeding made them darker... I don't mind the new look.




"Come on over to the Vanilla Unicorn opening night, I'll be there, will you?"


I literarly have named this household the "All PR is good PR"-household in my game...


Anyway, the boys had to be paid for their help... They got a bit rough with her due to her mismanaging her job a bit that day... (vanilla chance-card, demotion for fame when you spill some secrets about famous clients... I like to imagine she spilled the beans on which pornstars have fake tits or something)




And then the club was open for business!




I hired a bunch of new-ish mrrakkon sims that I haven't gotten around to playing yet, plus one of my own... Pink, formely known as... I actually can't remember... Fyres something, she's a vanilla sim that starts as a teen in Windenburg. She had a baby with Geoffrey Landgraab after his divorce and then killed Tom Peeping in a bowling alley and went underground and became a hooker. Geez, that was a wild ride. I do have the lot trait set to that parts of her earnings when prostituting herself (yay autonomous prostitution is enabled in Nisa's Wicked Perversions!) is supposted to go to the lot owner but I didn't pay enough attention to confirm that it actually works when the prostitute is an NPC.




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My obligatory Halloween post.


Victoria, stressed due to her demanding job as a Doctor, takes up an offer to attend a Spooky Day costume party hosted by a friend of a friend who knows a guy. She goes all out with her sexy nurse costume, but the party is lame and she's only staying for the free beer. She then finds someone who is as drunk and bored as she is and they end up upstairs having their own party. 





A few weeks later, she is at work when she puts 2 and 2 together.





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2 hours ago, Kashked said:

So yeah, quick tip... While two NPC's can't get eachother pregnant using WW animations

Oh yes they can, and do.

About Fatima's appearance- if you have money, you get stuff like teeth and facial scars fixed.


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17 minutes ago, snowdog04 said:

Oh yes they can, and do.

About Fatima's appearance- if you have money, you get stuff like teeth and facial scars fixed.



Is there a setting to allow for that? Because I am sure they don't in my game. 1000 hours in the same savegame and with MCCC set to notify me of every birth no matter what or who is giving birth and I have only had two accidental pregnancies, and both included a played sim. Meanwhile there has been a whole lot of autonomy going on in the background... I'm 99% sure I either disabled it in some way or it can't happen, or it would have happened atleast once by now and I would be annoyed as fuck because I run my world with an iron fist, no mayor events allowed without my intervention. And I have my "NPC uses protection" set to off so I can arrange "accidental" pregnancies when I think they fits, so the NPC:s aren't using protection when they are boning eachother either I presume. 


Quick edit: When my female sim participated in the same group sex as Fatima (and others) I got the "Fatima might now be pregnant" warning, which I don't get normally for NPC sims. 


And I'm keeping the scars. It gives her character. ;) 

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@Kashked  I'm not sure, but if there is you must have already changed it yourself.  I know I haven't changed anything like that, and have seen pregnancies result from NPC's doing it autonomously.  It was easier to spot before, when they would instantly gag and think about baby stuff as soon as sex ended.  Now there's a delay built in.


I'm kind of the opposite, I've got MCCC set to allow marriage for Young Adult and Adult, and pregnancy for Teen through Adult, and I like browsing through the world maps seeing what crazy stuff has resulted.  This latest save I started, there's pregnancies EVERYWHERE.

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1 minute ago, snowdog04 said:

@Kashked  I'm not sure, but if there is you must have already changed it yourself.  I know I haven't changed anything like that, and have seen pregnancies result from NPC's doing it autonomously.  It was easier to spot before, when they would instantly gag and think about baby stuff as soon as sex ended.  Now there's a delay built in.


I mean, it's POSSIBLE, I set the settings to my liking over a year ago and if I spotted something that could result in NPC-on-NPC pregnancy I would have turned it off for sure, even if I don't remember having done it. You sure it's not just your MCCC setting getting them knocked up? I have a vague memory of asking in the main WW thread back when I wanted to turn off the ability of the NPC's to use protection if this could cause NPC pregnancies, and someone assured me that it was okay since they never can get pregnant without a controlled sim involved anyway.

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i didn't think i would post anything here (because i mostly play with my self sim; i'm fine with sharing screenshots of her but was wary about posting them super publicly?) but a friend talked me into it. so to introduce her to the forums, i made a video 😜 it's Regan's first time going public but it's my first time making a video for the sims, so without further ado


Regan's Amateur Porno! 💚


(edit: feel free to add me on discord; ReganBlair#5962 for screenshots. i'm also 100% down with dropping your sims self/characters into my world and letting them have her way with Regan!)

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