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The Sims 4-Post Your Adult Goodies (Screens, vids, etc.)

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4 hours ago, Kashked said:

Continuation on Owen's story.




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So, having turned Owen studies what this will mean for him...




He calls over Lilith to teach him the basic, and ascends quickly to "Minor vampire".




Then the thirst hits him... But who to eat... well, the one who is closest of course.


Now, context, I have immersive vampires installed. A deep drink can kill. This was a deliberatly risky decision. It just felt like what HAD to happen the first time Owen, as an unexperienced vampire, needed to feed. The narrative demanded that I take the risk.





Also context... I kinda love Jenny. I'd say she is probably the hottest sim in my entire game. She has been through college, fulfilled some pretty tough ambitions, she's a big-time celebrity... Basically I do not want to lost her.


So this hurt me... But sometimes you gotta put down your babies for the greater narrative...




A paparazzi walked in to witness the death, and Owen, despite being confident, failed in his plea.




I mean.... this is kind of a "no witnesses"-situation...




Well, that completed I had another task. You see, I make sure that Owen had photos of every (female) pornstar posted in his office. He is the boss after all, but a bug recently destroyed every single photo I had taken in the game for the last, oh, 1000 hours or so of gameplay. Imagine my dismay. So I had to redo it all. It took a good 2 simdays due to simspeed issues. I think this save is starting to creak under it's own weight honestly. 


So Owen starts working through the girls...




And also, y'know, working the girls...




When it's all done I haven't only restored Owen's hall of fame, but I have in fact, improved it significantly by doing better and more varied photos. Blessings in disguise and all that.


In descending order of fame (not how far they have reached in the career) we have:

Alba Noguera - The Ultimate MILF

Tracy Muller - The Dark Beauty

Katarina Lothario - Hot Mama

Cara Stovacovic - Bad Bitch

Lana Zsoldos - The Perky Girl Next Door

Alexis Winter - Manic pixie Wet-Dreamgirl

And last, and absolutely least since she is actually not even a pornstar, just a camgirl with no famelevel, but I included her anyway... eh... that redheaded chick with big tits. I THINK she is called Veronica Clemage, she is originally a mrrakkon sim but I changed around her name.




So, that being done, and me being tired of vampires for the moment, I decided to do something completely different.



So, first of all, big shoutout to @Val2020 who designed Liberty Avenue, without which this next section wouldn't have been half as fun!

It's a complete rework of the Crawdad Quarter in Willow Creek! Get it. Seriously, you need this in your game...



Also a shoutout to mrrakkon (although that kind of almost goes without saying as this point since most of my sims are designed by him...) for uploading Mazuiko Jackson, or as I have dubbed her: "The Queen of the Crawdad Quarter"




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So let's first give an overview of the setting...




That there is the domains of Mazuiko. It is the Liberty Avenue resturant, an experimental resturant, and the Liberty Bar and Apartments. Mazuiko owns it all. She is 18, and I imagine she had to take it over from her parents who used to manage it before growing sick, being unable to take care of business for an extended period of time means that Mazuiko starts off with almost no funds, even though her possesions means she is technically really well off.

But I have SNB Bills installed. Every 4 weeks she need to come up with about 25 000 simoleons due to taxes. mrrakons version of Mazuiko had ADHD (the single most annoying trait availible in the game, please kill me now), erratic and selfabsorbed. I just switched out erratic for restless, meaning Mazuiko will grow bored if at any time her fun-need isn't topped off.

So, resturants doesn't really make a lot of money, honestly, but she has two more aces up her sleeve. First of, she has 6 aparments, one for herself, and 5 for roommates, that nets her 5000 simoleons per week in rent from her "roommates" (wish I could call them "tenants" in-game, but littlemisssam's mod for being a landlord requires that you maintain a separate residence for your household, and I wanted her to live here herself).

She also has the bar, which is a live-in bar that is open 24/7. I use automatic employee's, even though it feels mildy cheaty, but if you pay to have one come in they will just wander off after a while and I didn't feel like micromanaging it. The bar nets her maybe 300-1000 on a good day, more like 250 usually I'd guesstimate.


Now sidenote... All of this REALLY put a strain on the game. We are talking having 5 roommates, a vendor, a DJ, a bartender and bar guest present at the lot at all times. Time crawls at speed 3, and simspeed is really bad in this lot, so it's kind of a pain, but so so worth it. I've wanted to do an "urban decay" story for so long and this lot was made for Mazuiko. For those that don't know she is based on a sim from an old handheld game I think, The Urbz, and she managed a resturant there as well.


So basically she is kind of a slumlord, in a bad part of town.


Here is Liberty Avanue in it's entirety, the last house there I made the possesion of another sim and set up as rentable apartments with littlemisssam's mod. It's the better part of the bad part of town.




So, random snapshots of Mazuiko's life for the first couple of days to set the mood...




So, how am I playing her? Basically I am giving in to every impulse decision I can think of. Her whims, my whims, good idea, bad idea, doesn't matter. JUST DO IT!


Yeah, this isn't going to end well. I honestly don't think I could pay her taxes even if I tried, atleast not without selling all the shit in her roommates apartments, so at some point she is going to have to get money through other means. She's already met Frankie Fusili when he came through the resturant, and I figure I'll have her take a loan from the mob. Just tab over to one of them and transfer over money to her account (SNB Bank mod), and then register her with a debt. 


So at this point I had her join the partygirls club.




And well, one thing led to another...




So yeah, Mazuiko swings both ways, but favours women over men, although this was her first lesbian experience, having been shot down by two of her kinda-cute lady tenants.




"But what if one of the other girls walks in on us?"


"Let 'em..."




"Fatima! We came here to party and here you are fingering the new girl!"




"And you didn't even invite me..."




I honestly can't remember if the other partygirls actually are bi or if the "Have sex (swinging) with Everyone" activity of the club is just overriding their sexual preferences.


In either case Mazuiko is in heaven...




I mean... I kinda knew this would happen when I killed him. Still, it's good to know he's still around.




More randomness... Honestly, the way I play her doesn't make for a good linear story... I always tend to take these random screenshots as I play, but the way I present my other sims stories is much more structured and linear, and most of the times these just aren't relevant to the story I'm telling and end up unused.




So to pull in some extra cash she has a channel on Adultworld, where she does camshows. Someone in the biz noticed her and she got invited to do a photoshoot. At this point I should mention that I did a bit of a redesign of her body a couple of days into the game. The reason was twofold. The first is... I mean, she has great tits. They look awesome in her tight revealing clothing, but they don't look very natural when she is naked. So I decided that she had done a boobjob. And since I play her from one bad decision to the next, I decided that she had a botched back-alley boobjob. I also gave her some pores, so she isn't as pretty as she was uploaded. She's living a rough life, so it felt fitting.

The nipples not matching up to the skin is a visual glitch due to mismatching in some of her skin-details, but actually helped in making it look worse, which was what I was going for.





So I have a custom holiday, called "Sportsball Finals" at the end of summer. The traditions are to drink, BBQ, invite over friends, and watch sports on TV. So she had the girls over of course.




The rest had to leave, and Mazuiko ended up alone with Cara, the one she hadn't gotten to know very well yet.


She was about to get to know her real well...




Cara holding on to the glass during the scene is a glitch, but it kinda worked out anyway...





More random shit...






So a critic came by the resturant. This animation is called "Raise my grade", but for our purposes it's "Raise my review".



1773263584_07-08-20_5-41-06PM.png.d8021ca726b6d3a33ff9e7a0fb86711c.png941445439_07-08-20_5-41-26PM.png.5299cfac8436e1bb598b71dc3c02c91d.png103502712_07-08-20_5-41-30PM.png.6a552cf49adb714665c5e488adec92a9.png07-08-20_5-41-13 PM.png716835806_07-08-20_5-41-46PM.png.dafbe1ab28dbb1e7ee3efcf06f1126c3.png123370952_07-08-20_5-42-04PM.png.5afce048d3e1065e849bf29229b37cac.png82127923_07-08-20_5-42-35PM.png.e8a86dc8f48c020e01db1fe9cbbc5fb7.png865868136_07-08-20_5-42-55PM.png.21d029748d3128ff1036f3d219b8971d.png881424525_07-08-20_5-44-11PM.png.2902710f5f203ca98d7197c85787e91b.png1239358558_07-08-20_5-45-28PM.png.c39268320aa398a9a08cddb95938dffa.png764033055_07-08-20_5-45-50PM.png.1ae7c8997ad3dd0b98736698ec3b08c1.png2087967112_07-08-20_5-46-03PM.png.2fe05de2082c1fb2752f2f2cad56b2ec.png1597092924_07-08-20_5-46-53PM.png.5b2698f6331cefc8c04283223206b143.png961255982_07-08-20_5-47-01PM.png.850c5643a908503c5d7c8ed859b84c21.png669671158_07-08-20_5-47-25PM.png.bbfc2717c51447851b6a797cfd1c5fac.png


Afterwards his "Latest thought" (makes sense if you have played with resturants in Dine Out, basically it's to give you hints about what to do better in your resturant) was:

"I'm happy because I recieved good attention from the owner."


You sure did, bud, you sure did. Made my frickin' day that.




You're a real artist, man. Your stories are entertaining as hell and the lengths you go to for detail and realism are damn impressive

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12 hours ago, FortunatePierre said:

You're a real artist, man. Your stories are entertaining as hell and the lengths you go to for detail and realism are damn impressive


Thanks! It's nice to know someone is actually reading them! Although to be honest I'd probably make them anyway, at this point I am having as much fun putting these post togheter as I have actually playing the game. 😛 



So time to say hello to Fatima!




Fatima is another "old" sim in my world, one of the very first I played in this save. I put her through university, that's where the above screenshot is from, from 8 months ago, IRL.

I think she is the only sim I have ever played through university that didn't graduate with honours. And the reason for that is because her university experience was kind of a drug-fueled orgy... But nevermind that, we are concerned with the present...



So these days Fatima is the community manager for Adultworld and AEP in general. Basically she is the public face of porn. She manages Mr. Rockwell's image, and the company's as well. If anyone is aware of the reddit account "KatiePornHub" (probably also twitter etc.), think something like that.


She spends most of her worktime blogging, maintaining connections with journalists, you know, PR stuff.




She also does streams on adultworld. Nothing nude, she keeps her bra on, but it's good to maintain links with the community you know. The fans get to write questions in the chat, and get the PR-answers you can expect from the drone of a faceless corporation. 

Aside from that she also has a personal presence on the web as a bit of an influencer, she mainly does beauty reviews and fashion vlogs.




Fatima has many lovers... Not least of which is the ultra-rich Diego Lobo.




So, being the PR-person for AEP Fatima obviously knows about the passing of Mr. Rockwell's wife. And there are rumours that a significant amount of money also dissapeared around the same time. The tabloids are having a fieldday so Fatima hatches a scheme only Fatima would think of to manage the PR... She brings her friends from the Partygirls over to Mr. Rockwells place.




Linnie is stoned...*sigh*... what else is new?




So she explains her scheme to maintain his reputation...




Yup... This is Fatima's idea of PR... You know, there is a reason she ended up working for a porn-company and not an oil-company.




So think of it like this... Owen Rockwell is pretty much the Hugh Hefner of my little universe. He has a reputation to maintain. This is how Fatima figures he'll maintain it. Also it's kind of fun.




Ladies and gentlemen.... I bring you, the Partygirls club in their natural state! Except only one is stoned and one is drunk, but this was kinda impromptu so they didn't have time to party properly before.




So now for the actual PR-part of the whole scheme... The pictures. The girls pose and the pictures are uploaded to Simstagram and sold to publications. Ohh... Did... Did Fatima actually check with the other girls if they are OK with that? I don't believe she did... Although they ARE all exhibitionist, it's a requirement to be in the club, that is still a bitch move. So remember, yeah, Fatima is a bit of a bitch. That will be important later...




So as the rest leave Fatima does have ONE more scheme. No wife means there is an position open in the mansion... Let's say someone got pregnant...




Of course she doesn't know that Owen is a vampire, and thus, in accordance with my own rules, set to be infertile. So that won't work out for her. But it does say something about her that she'd try it.


So Fatima is bi, and one day as she was skinnydipping with her BFF, as you do, she got a bit turned on. Things got flirty...




A little too Flirty for Candy's taste....




Yikes... We can still be friends right?




I've mentioned that Fatima has many lovers. She also has a boyfriend. One "J" somethingorother" the Third. And he lives just next door, and Fatima is still horny... So well... Bootycall time.




It wasn't until the scene was already underway I noticed his beard didn't match his hair... But I fixed it afterwards.




It was at this point I realised something... Fatima got a little TOO proud of her work at the mansion, and put a picture of the wall... In her living room. Where her boyfriend currently was. So I switch over to his household to take control of him and up the drama...


"Fatima... Come over here...


What the FUCK IS THAT!?"




Cue; Fightscene




Cue; Breakup




Cue; He tries to punch her!?




Cue: Rape... Yup, it's going to be one of those stories...




So... Yeah. J is a "Bro". I associate that trait with basically being a macho jerk, so while he isn't evil, his male ego was bruised. He also has "connections", so I let him get away with it. Kinda... You see, Fatima does a video about how she was raped and beaten, and how the perp got away with it due to his connections. I cheat J's reputation to "Bad" to account for the content. Fatima levels up to a level 3 celebrity at it's release and is nominated for the Starlight Accolades. 

Yup, we're doing a #Metoo story.




Now this is when shit actually hit's the fan... Linnie has a key to Fatima's house, and just randomly stops by. Linnie isn't known for her even temper.




So I switch over to Linnie...


"Now here is what we're going to do, I got this, check me out!"




Yeeeeaaahhh... #JusticeForFatima! Linnie-style!




"It had to be done my girl! You're my best friend, I'll take the hit, don't worry!"




To be continued...



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So where was I... Oh yeah... The murder-part...




Someone calls the cops...




Linnie doesn't even TRY to be subtle...




And is promptly arrested (actually it took way to long, I had her flirt with the cop until the game caught up with what was supposted to happen).




I have this whole scheme of how I'm going to simulate Linnie's prisontime, but that'll have to wait. Now I switch back to Fatima.


So, a small makeover is in order... Fatima gets a couple of scars and loses her distinctive front teeth.




Fatima holds a meet'n'greet (at a pool for some reason... Don't ask me why I choose that). She is now an icon for womens rights.




Next up is a charity gala for the cause. Fatima collects 10 000 simoleons towards a charity to help women in abusive relationships and survivors of rape.




Damn it Fatima... You know that Victor Feng is evil. You also know he is a vampire! Why did you even invite him!? He isn't the charity type...




She goes to studio BPB to celebrate her recent succeses with Diego.




She has the whim "to meet someone new". She spots Thorne Baily.



She has the whim to "Have sex with someone".... oh boy, here we go again...


So as I prepare to travel with her home Diego is already marked as coming with. I say, "No stupid game, I'm taking home Thorne not Die... oooohhhh..."


Yup. This is a thing that is going to happen.




It's at this exact moment my imagination started working overdrive... and I do want to point out that what is about to happen to these very fictional characters is in no way meant to be a comment on the real-world #Metoo-movement. 

But Fatima has an nasty little plan...




So let's get this party started...




A few lines here and there, that sounds OK in the heat of the moment, but that would sound very very rapey if played in a court of law. Or you know, for one of these guys wives...


434445098_07-09-20_11-58-53AM.png.5eb9c4556564af49ffe798af1ec4ab65.png1628236090_07-09-20_11-59-13AM.png.3c2a59bafe5ae12e53b911728622cf81.png1786651826_07-09-20_12-01-32PM.png.313166c444f6131ffe2469aec24372e4.png78845404_07-09-20_12-02-56PM.png.f671c17d48fe5bd61d297177a92cffa5.png1549432796_07-09-20_12-03-11PM.png.6f676e9263738667f189c9a2bdd2d45b.png535379126_07-09-20_12-04-49PM.png.498e047d01b8cf34ef4391fe46d93cdb.png684555482_07-09-20_12-05-54PM.png.bd94d1bd3d603bd22e6af5e096c8baec.png07-09-20_12-07-35 PM.png939104344_07-09-20_12-06-03PM.png.e64373aa6c74ab6293868338b0b64d87.png97015139_07-09-20_12-08-21PM.png.924de2c156c95de8039c7d10115c9b83.png1642918198_07-09-20_12-08-45PM.png.2a5378f63671d30f42d3df0da339cb51.png


"Surprise guys, you're on candid camera!"





"So this is what is going to happen..."





Yeah. Blackmail. I switch over to each of the guys household just for a minute and make the transfers with SNB Bank mod. 250 000 from Diego (a quarter of his funds) and 25 000 from the considerably poorer Thorne (half of his funds). I set their friendship with Fatima at -100, but leave the romance untouched. They still think she is kinda hot...




So, yeah, new house-time...


From this...




...to that!




I did say she was kind of a bitch. And an ambitious bitch at that...




Now, I have to play for atleast one more day, to see if she won the Accolade or not. So I have a think about what I want to do with the day. No work, no skills that need working on...

Then I remember I did set up a swingers-club when I was playing Lana Zsoldos. It only has two members so far. So after breakfast Fatima inquires about joining. She is told to meet up with them at pornstar Desmond Boyce's penthouse.


The San Myoshino Swingers Club is very... interested... in her, and she is accepted.



So I'll let you have three guesses what the activities of the San Myoshino Swingers club is. Go on, guess.



Obviously it is Baking!



Anyway... not to drag this out, they bang. Lana sits this one out. She just felt like watching today.




So the Accolades happen. Fatima didn't win. 


But Desmond got an award for looking good in tight pants.




Candy just for in general giving 110%...




And Victor Feng, arguably the single most evil sim in my game (where to start? He keeps a slave in the basement, has murdered several people, revealed to his son that he was a vampire by attacking and drinking the blood of father winter on Winterfest, oh, by the way, the son came to be because he raped his wife who refused to have unprotected sex with him because she hates children) wins an accolade for just generally being a nice guy...




Next up I'm going to do Linnie's prison stint. I haven't worked out all the detail of how I'll make it work, but she's gonna do prison time, trust me.


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On 7/8/2020 at 9:23 PM, Kashked said:

So to pull in some extra cash she has a channel on Adultworld, where she does camshows. Someone in the biz noticed her and she got invited to do a photoshoot. At this point I should mention that I did a bit of a redesign of her body a couple of days into the game. The reason was twofold. The first is... I mean, she has great tits. They look awesome in her tight revealing clothing, but they don't look very natural when she is naked. So I decided that she had done a boobjob.

Well, that was kind of what I was going for with her actually ;) She's supposed to look like she has fake tits. 

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1 hour ago, mrrakkonn said:

Well, that was kind of what I was going for with her actually ;) She's supposed to look like she has fake tits. 


I kind of figured that was intentional. I only made the change to make it a BAD fake tits. 🤣

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And another video. This time it's kind of meant to be an intro or trailer for a porn scene, which I'll probably try to make as well, and I'm probably gonna try avoid having a music track playing the whole time and instead try to do game audio in some way in conjunction with editing the thing with different angles, animations and the like. Might be tricky. 





UPDATE EDIT: I actually I actually went ahead and finished up that video that the one above was supposed to be an intro to. Game sounds aren't the best and are a bit inconsistent (and I basically gave up trying to match lip movements, especially when most animations did as well...), and I'm again limited by my editing software, but I think the practice is useful at least ;)



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So, this is kind of made by special request... You might have seen the thread where one of our dear fellow perv... members... uploaded a household consisting of his own simself and that of his wife, and requested some virtual wifeswapping. Maybe you downloaded the household and had a go at it, I don't know, I'm not your mother.


Well, he kinda sent me a message and asked me if I would integrate their sims in my world and do a story for them. Which sounded like, you know, kinda fun. Now mind, I don't know any more than you about the dynamics of their marriage or anything. I just had the sims and some very general hints of what kind of jobs and hobbies might be appropriate for them, and asked to make it a cuck-fantasy thing, so any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental, and that includes the backstories I made for them.


So introducing... "The Smiths"... Yeah, I don't think it's their real names either. Might just be my prejudices but I don't believe there actually are any people in the world named "Smith" for real.




Now... The uploaded household consisted of two immortal and superhuman spellcasters, so I just created two stand-in and pasted the appearance of the couple unto them, gave them what I felt was appropriate skills, educations and jobs for where I imagined they are in life.



So lets start of with Colleen...




Coleen is a former model who switched careers in her 30's when she met Jeremy. She worked as a nutritionist and a personal trainer for 10 years until the couple found an old warehouse for sale on the cheap which was big enough that Colleen could fulfill her dream of running her own gym.

Now, Colleen has always had a, let's say, "high libido", but as she turns 40 (the sims start off at day one of the adult lifestage, which I reckon is 40) that has gone into overdrive. The couple have always been into kinky stuff, but so far she knows nothing about her husbands cuck-fantasies...




Jeremy has worked as an computer engineer, he has a CS degree from Foxbury, and also had a brief stint as a IT startup owner. Selling his business is what allowed the couple to buy the old warehouse. Brindelton Bay, not exactly being a tech-Mecca, however holds no opportunities for him, but to allow Colleen to live her dream he has taken a job as a technology-teacher at a local community college. Pay isn't too good, but they hope the gym will keep them afloat anyway.




Both are nerds, and Jeremy's particular passion is photo and audio equipment. Well, it's good he has a wife with an exhibitionist streak who likes having her picture taken...




Jeremy also has a small tech-channel where he reviews gadgets, mostly cameras.




So... My concept for the gym kind of crashed and burned a bit due to technical difficulties. I just couldn't get the "Work as a yoga-teacher"-part of littlemisssams Live In Businesses mod to function. The lot is nudist, and Colleen's small gym is the only "Clothing optional"-gym around. My idea is that she would hold naked Yoga-classes but that never became a thing... Meh. Well, the rest of it worked anyway, so they make decent money off the entrance fees. For some reason almost only celebrities keep spawning as guest so I imagine it as a pretty exclusive gym.




So, as a couple Colleen are outwardly perfectly conventional. A guest in their house might notice the occasional kinky sextoy lying about, and of course the nude portraits of Colleen that adorn the walls, but other than that they seem like a perfectly normal upper-middle class couple.




Now, I've mentioned both Colleen libido, her exhibiotionism and that they indulge in the occassional kink. After 10 years married they still maintain a lot of "spice" in their sex-life. 




As a general rule Colleen take charge when they play, but they switch roles freely as the mood takes them...




Of course, being a couple of nerds they wouldn't miss geekcon...




They even cosplayed. And when they got home, they decided to keep the theme going...




I did say Jeremy is really into cameras...




So Winterfest comes around... Their "sleepwear" is naked, which is why you'll see them randomly nude a lot...




Now, Jeremy has been harbouring cuck fantasies for years... 




In my world fucking Father Winter on the night of Winterfest is kind of a "thing". Think of it as one of those stupid instagram or TikTok challanges, something people do just to say they've done it and get likes. So Jeremy suggest Colleen give it a go this year...




She kind of takes it as a joke but he insists...




In the end he actually talks her into it...




Now, until this point she has been faithful to Jeremy. He isn't actually poly, just a cuck, but I cheated him poly just for this one scene so she could seduce santa in front of him...




Eh... that wasn't what I had in mind when I choose that animation, but I'll roll with it...








Ever the avid photographer...




This isn't a screenshot, it's an actual ingame photography. You'll see it on the wall later...




Now... I've mentioned this in other posts, but the thing about fucking santa, well, he's fucking fat and has a supernaturally large dong which don't work with a lot of animations...


But I managed to find a couple of angles that worked...




Here's your present bud. I'm sure santa will be back for more next year...




So the day after Winterfest Colleen opens the gym.




A certain someone, a someone who spreads her pollen around making everyone flirty is one of her repeat customers...




One of the few things I learned about the real Colleen who this sim is based on is that she likes wearing Yoga-pants.




I kind of also like it when she wears Yoga-pants...




Fangirling your patrons...




Very unproffesional...




So, Jeremy was exhausted from work and went to bed early. Meanwhile, the ever-energized Colleen stayed up to set up some social media prescense for her concept of "Clothing optional" yoga. The first comment was from a local health-fanatic, Eddie, who commented that while the idea was awesome just in general having such a hottie as the teacher just made it better...

Colleen had the uncomfortable "Soaking wet"-moodlet from her horny trait, and DM-ed Eddie asking if he wanted to come over for a private lesson... No implication there, huh? Very subtle Colleen...




Eddie comes over. I mean... Obviously, right?




Now, Colleen though that Jeremy was sound asleep, but he hears the door to the gym open and decides to check it out, since the gym is supposted to be closed.


Now, their bedroom is connected to the gym through an balcony, the old loading area for the warehouse where they moved stuff up to the second floor. And what does he see...?




This is so fucking hot... Jeremy had one of his cameras he was currently working on in the bedroom.




Then things go from the simple "naked Yoga"-concept he knew his wife had going to more... inappropriate...




Jeremy don't mind at all... This is his fantasy. It's like some kind of god specifically set up this situation according to his fetish...




Due to how "rooms" work in the sims this photo unfortunatly couldn't work...




Jeremy sits down, closes his eyes and just listen to the sound of his wife, unable to keep quiet, expresses her pleasure with another man downstairs.




All three of them cum at the same time...




Both men have the same name on their lips, "Colleen" as they blow their load, but you know, only one of them actually has his dick in her pussy.




Jeremy goes to bed a happy man that night...




The next day is a perfectly normal day for Colleen. She has no idea and runs the gym as usual.




That's not Colleen. Not that she hasn't TRIED hitting on Lilith, but she has been unsuccesful... Someone else got there though.







Alright... the 100 post limit hit, but there is going to be a part 2 to this story in a couple of hours.

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Alright, so continuation time.



Colleen slept in, and didn't get up until Jeremy had already left for work, so they didn't have a chance to talk in the morning. Instead they are both, seperatly, mulling over last nights event in their own minds. Colleen figures it was a one-off thing. Eddie was nothing but a hookup, her dirty secret she will keep to herself. On his end Jeremy can't stop thinking about it happening again...


When he gets home he goes straight to Colleen.




"I know what happened last nights..."




"...and I liked it."




"What? I don't know what you are talking about darling."




"No, I'm serious. I want you to do it again."




Oh yeah... this is a thing that is happening.




Now, if there is anything I know about any kind of swinging, poly and cuck stuff it's that at the end of the day you always go home and do your main squeeze afterwards.




Still, Coleen is conflicted. It's an exciting prospect... But this kind of stuff can do bad things to a relationship.




So they have "the talk". When dealing with this kind of stuff it's important to communicate, establish groundrules, that kind of stuff.




So the next day Colleen does her best to find the next thrill.




The fangirling... I set the attractivness of both sims to favour eachother, and then just made the tiny change that I made them bi, but since Coleen's attractivness is based on a man she has no preferences for stuff like make-up, breastsize and other feminine attributes, and the reverse for Jeremy. Still, ever since Lopita Alto first walked into her gym she has *tried*, extremely unsuccesfully, to hit on her as she is extremely attractive to Colleen. I mean... I see where she's coming from.




Her next attempt is Knox, a minor pornstar. I say pornstar, but let's say "porn actor" instead. He is fame level 1 so not exactly a star. Ignore Linnie in the background... She is supposted to be in prison so let's pretend we didn't see her there. :/ 




It... doesn't go so well.




Now, at this point I, as in I, the player, is frustrated. I figured the gym would be the perfect place to pick up guys, but it just keeps spawning almost exclusivly women, and almost everyone is a celebrity making this harder than it should be!




Anyway, New's Year comes around and the couple are invited to hang out at Rachel's, one of the Yoga instructors I've had in the gym since the mod wont work for having Colleen as the instructor.



Now, Rachel and Hannah are a lesbian couple, a couple of mrrakkon sims I've set up for my own purposes, intending to play at some point. I mean, I SAY they are a couple, but actually I have just plopped them into an apartment and written in their household bio that they are supposted to be a couple so I remember why I put them there. And while I usually let in-game rules dictate what goes and what fails, sometimes I just cheat and set stuff up like I want. This is one of those times.


"So you thinking what I'm thinking..."




Yeah, this is a thing that's happening...




They head home, with the two impressionable young girls in tow...




Now, this may be my guilt over cheating talking, but Jeremy isn't looking like he has a good time...




Actually he just really needed to pee...




But I decide it's a sign to stop cheating and hold to my rules, so I set the rule that Jeremy isn't interested in watching his wife with other women for the future.


They decide to end it and finish it off separetly.




The girls finish their business first...




Hannah decides to go home. Rachel... Eh, Rachel asked to join...




Rachel actually didn't touch the dick so I guess I can keep her as a lesbian in good concience for the future.




Happy new year!






So Colleen kind of joins the San Myoshino Swingers...




I honestly need to get some guys into the club... At this point I might as well merge it with the "Friends of Desmond" club that I have for his models and co-actors when he makes his movies.




I mean, it's a swingers club, so they do the thing...




That reminds me... I need to check on Fatima next time I'm in game... I have WW set to not allow pregnancies between NPC's, and manual application of contraceptives so I'm in control when "accidents" happen, but since this animation included one of my played sims she COULD have gotten knocked up right there. A Desmond/Fatima baby? I could think of worse storylines...






WW is sometimes weird about what the mod technically considers actually happen under the hood in group animations, because I didn't get an "Lana might be pregnant"-warning, despite, you know, she also put it up her vag... Meh. Desmond technically lost his anal virginity in the below animation, so WW tags can get weird sometimes.


I mean, I'm not an expert, but to me his asshole looks untouched right here...




That was totally beside the point...


So Colleen goes home, making sure to keep the cum on her face...




She tells him all about where she has been, and what she has done...




Jeremy begs to come with her to the next gathering, but he can't... It's an exclusive club, and he isn't qualified (he lacks the required +2 exhibitionist to join).




Coleen has been a bad girl... She hasn't gotten a carte blanche to cheat. This was supposted to be an mutual thing. She needs to be punished.




Yup, that last picture is going up on the wall as a reminder... 


The gym is in full swing down there...




Get out the cuffs...






Damn, I just can't keep it brief today... Hit the 100-limit again. Final part will come in a bit.


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Alright, last bit of the Smiths now now... I think I just might play something else now, it's been all sims in my free time for 3 weeks now! (No promises though... I'm still not actually bored with it)



The next morning Colleen wakes up feeling flirty...




But she won't make the same mistake as yesterday. She invites Desmond over.





She explains to Desmond the "arrangment" she has with her husband...




"Sure hun, there are millions of men who jerk it while watching me, wouldn't make me uncomfortable at all."




Colleen texts her husband... "Hun, there is a man with an enormous cock in our bedroom. I think he is going to ravage me. You better come home."




Ehhh... yeah. Jeremy quits work early that day. He blew his promotion because he would rather watch his wife blow someone else.


And when he realises it's pornstar Desmond Boyce it's Jeremy's turn to have a fangirl movement...




Didn't get an authograph though...




So let's get this show on the road...





Time for more ingame photos...




Gonna hang these in a place of honour...





So we're gonna have a repeat of the exact same animations that we went through with Santa! What can I say, the cuck animations, and animations with three participants of which one is passive are rather limited and the "Next to the sleeper" series didn't work for this scenario...

But this time we can actually get other angles and non-close up shots since Colleen wont clip into desmonds body and suck off empty air while a humoungus cock goes into her forhead. Yeah, it was pretty bad if you could see it beyond the shots I posted... I HAVE considered editing Santa since so many of my female sims end up banging him, but I just find it humourous that he has the world largest dick, however impractical it is... I'll work around it...




Next up Desmond decided to take Jeremy to school and show him the ropes...




"Yeah, like that, it's all in the hips my dude."




"The key to mutual enjoyment here is that you thrust firmly, but gently, both at the same time. Fucking is a team-sport my dudes."




"Yeah, just like that!"




Anyway... (that's what I write when I have nothing to add but need a segway, if anyone hasn't caught up to that)




Jeremy's view...




And fin...




"Hey this was fund, let's do it again!"




So yeah... anyone following the chronology here will realise Jeremy never actually got finished off... He took a female part in the climax animation... Let's send off our boy satisfied, shan't we...




Desmond goes "My job here is done, I'll leave you to it." Actually he just did the standard "It was nice hanging out with you but I need to go", but, eh, headcanon and all that.




Alright, so this is my #1 favourite blowjob animation to just enjoy from the first-person perspective. It's called TickTockTimeToCum, but I can't remember who made it. Anyway, it's great, especially in first person...




It's the eye-movement and facial expressions that make this animation really stand out you know... Facial expressions are key to a good WW animation.


And, eh, not to mention the finish of course...





So I had a lot of fun making this, you can tell by the fact that I got hit with the 100-pic limit TWICE when I just played a single Sim-week.


I never play sims I design myself anyway, so if anyone else have a Simself they want me to do (yikes, that sounds weird, but I'll go with it) feel free to send me a message!

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