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Bittercup Companion TTW

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The Goth is strong in that one. :smiley:


Your best bet is to merge the changes from your preferred mod into mine. You could also try loading the cosmetic mod after mine. But I can't recall if that will screw up her follower status. (It's been some time since I've looked at this!)

To merge you'd make use of FONV Edit, and just move over the cosmetic changes. (Tinting, facemorphs, etc.)




As for when I'm getting back to this, who knows? I'm quite happy being a shipbuilder (Stellaris) these days. It may be that I never actually return to FONV. Especially since I've basically given up on Bethsoft totally at this point.

That said, there is a small chance I'll return to wrap both this and 2 other FONV mods at some point. So it's not totally dead for sure.


Oh and if somebody wants to take over, I'm open to that too. This mod is... mostly finished. Bittercup just needs Dead Money and the Pitt handling now if I remember correctly. And some tweaks to the Big Mountain content. Seems things aren't quite working as intended there yet.

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Actually, while I'm here I might as well announce:


Yep, it's dead. 🤣


There is a small chance it needs updating to the latest TTW, assuming there were any new versions since the one this was based on. Voice -should- be working unless they've done something weird. But most of the voice is self contained anyway and not dependent on TTW. (I mean really, the voice files are right in the download. You can even listen to them! 🤦‍♀️)


With needing (kind of) to update to a stripped down Win10 at some point this year (because no way in hell will I move to full Win10Bugathon), that will officially end any chance of me ever returning. Of course anyone is free to pick up where I left off and wrap it up. It is a bit of a shame she was soooo close to being done. But that's how it is sometimes. :face_dragon:

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