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Jet addiction is permanent, like Fallout 2, your level will decreased down to 1 but not 0. I may add a jet antidote you can buy to drop it from 1 -> 0 at some point, but I don't want it to be too easy to lose addiction. The 'small taste pushing you to OD' (or what used to be a small taste) after going cold turkey is intentional.


The frequency of hallucinations varies dependent on withdrawal, I'll look at tweaking it and adding more, but I am kind of busy with other stuff right now.

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I just installed this mod and I love and hate it.


The  concept is great, I never thought the chems in fallout 3 and nv were addictive enough especially jet from seeing the jet addicts everywhere. I have tried but my character has not gone insane from withdrawal yet but here's hoping.


I really hate when having an extreme high with +80 AP Every few seconds I fly across the map to my right. Using it as a mechanic to make your character a bit clumsy when high is fine but getting launched further than you can run even with a sprint mod and always in the same direction is really annoying. Your high and have the AP but you literally cant do anything. If it could be made to throw you one foot away so you have to get up once in a while would make your character clumsy and miss things once in a while.


It would be cool if this could be tied with sexout soliciting more. They are always taking jet in novac bathhouse. If there was sections where you are bonding and building influence between the girls there are occasions when they want you to take jet with them. Also would be cool if you had the option if you became sufficiently addicted that she starts paying you in jet, food and water. being technically worth lese than your normal rewards but that you are hooked and wont notice. But iot should end with you getting kicked out of the bathhouse because you are not getting enough jet and have become too addicted to do whoring.


Would be great if this could result in lower pay from people as you get more addicted as you are less desirable.


What would be an awesome addition to this mod would be omerta handing out free samples of jet to you in Gomorrah. But this is there own mix which is even more addictive than dixons and the rest jet.  Say after you have taken about 3-6 of there jets you become hooked to there version of jet which also affects normal jet addiction. But now they want to charge you for it but its like 600 gomorrah chips each. But they offer a discount if you work for them as a hooker. Course once you become there hooker there cash exchanger refuses to take your caps. Thus begins a quest line with lots of varied customers like the novac bathhouse but nastier.

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Debug is enabled by default at the moment, take some jet and then look at the console.


It may take up to 5 seconds to come up after taking jet, so after that long check your pip boy status for effects.


If jet/dixons/ultra display an effect description in the inventory (like +15 AP), then something is overwriting this mod, they should have no details.

hey there im trying this mod out for the first time because i like the sound of it. i saw what you wrote above  and the stat window in my pip boy does say ap+   i dont have any other drug mods i dont think except the sexout drugging that your main page said no worries and one that just adds animations to the drugs not the jet sadly though. i get addiction messages in the upper left corner of my screen so i thought it was working fine until i read the above. ill post my load order if you want to look at it maybe another mod changes drugs and i dont realize it. another question i have is do you have to be in withdraw in order to get the sex for drugs or trade for drugs dialogue options? not sure if sex for drugs is an option or not i just saw in your change notes something about sex scenes so im assuming on that one. ty for any help guys.


update:    i checked in console for the esp like you said to do in one post on page 1 and it says root not found or something like that i checked fomm and it shows it in there. help lol. ty again for any advice.


update:    inspite of the above update i had the flying into the air thing happen so i think it is working though it killed me the 3rd time it happened.


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For some reason, Dogmeat is included in the list of npcs I can ask for jet. :/ I was forced to ask him about twenty times before he eventually sighed and gave me some. Messing with my self-inflicted withdrawal, crippling my limbs, standing in doorways - that dog is trouble all over.


Other than that, very nice mod. :) Really makes you feel like addict, always hankering for the next hit.

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Glad you like it :). I guess there should be alternate dialogue for when you find yourself talking to the local creatures.

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I have a question


It is possible to pay with body in the sexout version instead of some items or caps?


Or how the sexout version work in this mod?

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