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"What mod is this ?"

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I have a request!


I've been away from Skyrim' date=' and this forum for a while after I gave up making my old mod setup work with the new patch. But Dawnguard's out, so I'm starting fresh and modding everything!!


So something I wanted to make, but failed before, could someone do it for me, or suggest how to do it and I'll give it a go?


I want to make a set of accessories - nails, out of the nails on these gloves, CBBE if possible!:





I managed to make a glove by deleting the metal parts from the hand-coloured version, but it ignores any specularity map, and can't be worn with other gloves, since it's ADEC would it be hard to make it for CBBE or UNP? I tried cut/paste the nails to a CBBE hand .nif but they didn't line up : /


thanks for any help! Feel free to PM me :D


There is this mod on Nexus http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/5910 I haven't actually tried it yet but I'm pretty sure it just adds the nails. Also I know there is a set of claws like that for CBBE in the S&D outfit.

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I would be nice to have nail on the skin/character not equippable one's.

And no they aren't exactly the same. The one on Nexus are more round and have other textures. AND they use the Glove ID.

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