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HOW TO INSTALL HDT? Step 1: Click this - An overly-descriptive tutorial!

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I've followed these instructions to a letter and still, it seems that I can't get it working properly. Busts don't move or anything during the 'sexy idle animation' and just get clipped through by hands, and they don't seem to move much when the characters are walking/running.


My characters' breasts refuse to move. I've got XP32 Maximum Skeleton, and the required ragdoll + Fores New Idles.

Not entirely sure what's wrong here, could I be choosing the wrong options duing my NMM install of my mods? ECE's skeleton options had me worried.


Looks like I got it working somewhat; there's movement and jiggling, although the 'sexy idle animation' still clips through/doesn't move the chest.

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Writing this here because all U needed to know for HDT is in this thread. People give up too easy so this is my attempt to help out with installing CBBE and HDT for Dummies.


Step 1: Download and Install Caliente's Body (Install TexBlend when installing main mod, you will be asked) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666/?

Step 2: Download and Install Bodyslide 2 and Outfit Studio http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?

Step 3: Download and Install Bodyslide Amulets ONLY (optional, not hdt, just to fit the body) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32731/?

Step 4: Download and Install the HDT Body V1.4 AND CT77 Patch http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/658-hdt-body/

Step 5: Download and Install Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide and TBBP HDT http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259/?

Step 6: Download and Install OCR BOTH MAIN AND UPDATE  (and Vilja's clothes if you have Vilja) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49286/?

Step 7: Download and Install XPMS Extended http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/676-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/

Step 8: Download and Install Fnis, Fnis Spells, Fnis Creature Pack  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/? READ HOW TO USE IT

Step 9: Download and Install Fnis Sexy Move http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54521/?

Step 10: Download and Install HDT All in one 4:28 (Edit 4 by Daie).rar http://www.loverslab.com/topic/27122-hdt-collisions-hair-physics-now-with-belly-support-updated-just-another-hdt-xml-file/

Step 11: Run Fnis as Admin (Don't forget to check "Skeleton Arm Fix" and "Gender Specific Animations").


Step 12: Open Bodyslide 2 (inside Data>Caliente Tool folder) Choose in the "Outfit/Body" HDT CBBE Bodyslide and make two bodies (you can see the bodies in the preview). Left is for smallest weight, right for biggest (duh), Click "Save Preset" so you don't lose it and in the window that appears to save, have the HDT Body box checked.


Step 13: Press BATCH BUILD and here comes the tricky part. In the window that appears UNCHECK THE FOLLOWING BOXES: CT77 Body, CT77 Feet, CBAdvanced - CalUndies,CalUndies2,Undies HR,Undies HR TBBP, CalienteBodyAdvanced, CalienteVanilla, CalienteBody BBP, CalienteNeverNude, CalienteVanillaNeverNude, CalienteBodyAdvanced BBP, CalienteBodyAdvanced TBBP, HDT CBBE Bodytypes, HDT 7B/UNP Bodytypes (DONT UNCHECK HDT CBBE Bodyslide), Uncheck everything from wav-BBP and also uncheck wav-TBBP-CVC_Prisoner-NoNude and Wav-TBBP-Vilja_Nightgown-NoNude if you have it (But keep all the other Wav-TBBP checked).


To recap, you should have everything from amulets checked, everything from CT77 checked except body and feet, ONLY HDT CBBE Bodyslide and everything from Wav-TBBP except those two that end in "No nude".

Press OK and wait for it to build everything.


Step 14: Run TexBlend as admin (In Data->CalienteTools). Count to 30 and a window will pop up saying "Neck seam Fixed"


VOILA now every female has boobs and butt physics and collision. Naked or Clothed. No matter which animation they do (including sex lab animations).


P.S. Feel free to correct me if I forgot/misinformed something. This way everything works very well for me, hope it does for everyone else. All of these can also be installed and run through MO without problems at all.

is this the most easy way to do it try couple doing ways to do it have yet get it right, if it is what do i do bout step 19 since its been updated to edit 6 now



I can confirm that this method is the best one to use.  All of the other tutorials are incredibly confusing and overcomplicated (no offense, other tutorial authors).  This one is wicked simple and gets the job done with little to no mess involved.



I followed this guide as well, it works!


But, I dont understand step 4 CT77 patch. Where am I supposed to place these files?




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This guild is great guild for those who use CBBE, (which I personally use.)


Only a big problem; I'm trying get the HDT is CBBE, (without nexus)


Now problem;


1. CBBE (check)

2. Bodyslide 2.0 (only at nexus)

2.5 (iffy)

3. Reference Skeleton Fix (iffy)

4. Texblend (check)

5. ECE (again only at nexus)


So what do I do if I want to use the HDT PE and Xp32 Skeleton Extended with the same body type?




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I've successfully followed this guide before (including getting penis to boob collision - which was wonderful). Had to re install Windows due to file corruption and rebuilding my modded Skyrim. For some reason I can get HDT to behave correctly (including sexy idles) but not collision with penises. Checked Havok Object is present on both characters involved.


Any suggestions?


Obviously I can post any required information. Didn't right away since I don't know what might be causing the problem. SKSE, SexLab, CBBE, Bodyslide, HDTextension, and ofc Groovetama's awesome xpmse are all up to date and checked.


Thanks in advance for the assist!

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I am not sure if I should be concerned about this but I don't have a Skyrim.ini, I have Skyrim_default.ini and a SkyrimPrefs.ini So not sure what to do :/

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to bad  thad the breast collison req now idea i us to like when u only need to download the havok object but sadly the person who did best one seims to close the tread where the donwload was

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asking a very noob question here:


if i use cbbe body and want to have bouncing body parts for all clothes ingame then do i have to convert (hit 'build' in body slide with converted armor selected) all armor ingame? though i've installed the conversions?

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it's great that you made the tutorial and i bet it was accurate when you wrote it, but at this moment, it only confuses me even more as you mention options in the installers that are not available.

also why should i not install the HDT body when this is supposed to give me HDT for the body?

also why is the HDT body discontinued? will there be a replacement?

why does everything have to be so complicated?! <- half a joke.


"Bodyslide.exe is not a valid win32 executable." <- great, what now?!

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When I walk and turn the camera to face her side or front, not only does her Right Breast fold in to her body, but her butt seems to fold in to her body as well. From the back her butt looks fine but from the side you do notice a difference. Load Order:


XP32 Maximum Skeleton

HDT Physics Extension

HDT High Heel

Loremonger - With Collision

Realistic Force

Sexy Idle

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well i'd just like to post this little tidbit somewhere, doubt it'll be seen by many.  I was struggling with getting any bounce to work for days and when i finally got it the collision was non existent.


at last I found out that NMM, or even WinRAR for that matter, was not extracting "hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll" from the HDTPE mod archive.  I had to manually extract it to my desktop and then move it to the correct folder (data/skse/plugins).


but that one stupid thing fixed everything!  now HDTPE AND HDT TBBP work, among other HDT mods!

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I really appreciate all of yours documents which can follow by new comer (like me, now I really need clear, but more detail document

about HDT and collision)   thanks Engels!! :heart:

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May I ask if I have nude body works with bouncing, and I have my clothes fit with my body also, but why the body won't have any physic anymore?

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 u tell me how does HDT works and collisions are met,like is it when two points meet together or something ,becuase when i read  many Tutorials, they just say install this and that; not how they work ,you know what do i mean? also many people recommends UUNP over CBBE for sex collisions and animations, but i actually prefer CBBE over UNNP for the sexy Curvers it has :) anyways,i am still new and trying to figer out how the heck does HDT and Collisions between character (male and female OR Female and Female) works perfectly ,i don't even know beans about it but if u could help me with all that, it would be immensly great ! Thanks for any Further Help! (also which plugin should overwrite the other HDT plugins,mods orders in the load order of Mod Organizer,etc) Thanks :)


If any one could Help with few words or a Full/partial Description that would BE Splendid but PERFECT! :) :)

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this helped enormously to prevent my followers disappearing with hdt, tbbp,bbp armour + hair issues.


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I'm extremely confused and have no idea what I'm doing. I'm at the install part, but I can't think of what anything you're saying could possibly mean for me to do.

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On 3/11/2014 at 8:26 PM, Enskyment said:

F) CBBE for HDT Guide:


Please note: This guide is for the normal CBBE body, not the HDT body because I don't have enough experience with it like I do with standard CBBE to resolve issues you may come across.


ALSO, if you're using Mod Organizer you may run into troubles with HDT physics working with outfits. Its recommended that you either use NMM to manage your body and outfits. If you don't want to do that then your best bet is manually installing.

1. Get the body.


Go through the installer. On the first tab, select that you want to create your own body and have bodyslide installed. Bodyslide lets you shape your character's figure and create different body types. The other options in the installer including Texblend are great too.


2. Get the add-on for Bodyslide.

Bodyslide 2 + Outfit Studio

If you're unfamiliar with this program, it makes Bodyslide more flexible and adds lots of nice things to it like new body types and sliders.
Outfit Studio is something else that can be used to convert outfits to different CBBE types.

2.5. (Optional Step) Download the HDT bodyslide.

HDT Body


I'm putting this here as this can be an addon to the Bodyslide tool for new sliders.

The body itself is not exactly a different looking body from CBBE but it does work a little differently. It has a lot of new sliders and is supposed to work with HDT physics better.


These sliders can be transferred to the AdvancedTPPB body.

Downloading this doesn't mean you have to use the HDT body, but you are free to if you'd like. I personally don't use it so I won't be able to offer much support for it as I don't know too much about it or how to get around its issues I've come across with it.


3. Install a reference skeleton fix for Bodyslide.

Installing this fix will overwrite things like swords on your character's back or extra ECE sliders, but its the easiest way I know of to do this.

Without this fix, you might notice your character's breasts being quite torpedo-ish when using the AdvancedTBBP body that I tell you how to install in the step below. If you actually want your character's breasts to poke out rather far then don't install this.


While I said not to overwrite things in the XP32 skeleton before, this is an exception.

Simply install this file over the old one:

Reference Skeleton Fix - make sure to get it at the above link here, not the "real vagina" download below.

Rename the file to skeleton_female.nif and place it here:

Data/ meshes/ actors/ character/ character assets female


4. Generate your body.
Skyrim/ Data/ CalienteTools/ Bodyslide/ Bodyslide.exe
At the top in the "Outfit/ Body" section click that and select the body type you want.
If you want bouncing lady parts, select CalienteBodyAdvancedTBBP.

- While this guide doesn't specifically cover the HDT body, I will mention that you can create it the same way by scrolling down in Outfit Studio (if you did step 2.5) and selecting the HDT CBBE Bodyslide.

Select a preset. You can either form your own or use one from the list. The "Cbbe" one is the default and I recommend it if you're just starting out. You can always easily change it anytime.

Hit "Create Bodies" and there you go.

This is just for the character body. For clothing, see the clothing guide.


5. (Optional) Remove neck seam (easy way)

This isn't really HDT-related, but I've noticed some people don't really know about this so I'm going to include it real quick.


Install the face mod and any textures you want to use.

You'll probably have a noticeable neckseam. There are two versions of Texblend.

One is more complex and can do the job better and the other is simpler and can still work fine.


For the light version, its an optional download in the CBBE installer. You should have it by default. Just go to:

Skyrim/ Data/ CalienteTools/ TexBlendLite/ TexBlend.exe


Double click it. Wait for it to complete. And that's it. No more neck seam :)


6. (Optional) Additional edits.

Note: The ECE extra sliders won't work with the skele fix above, but there are still some sliders that can be used.


Go in game and you may notice some clipping with certain weapons or want to make some simple adjustments without using bodyslide.
If you have ECE + The extra sliders from the XP32 skeleton I linked then you'll have a load of new slider options through "showracemenu"

.. you definitely know how to do this but if you reeally don't then open up the console and type in "showracemenu" for the race menu to pop up. (No quotation marks)

You can change things like breast and rear size and if the armour is TPPB then it'll scale with it. Extreme adjustments might result in clipping.
You can also change sizes and reposition weapons. It can work really well for moving something out of the way so it no longer goes into your character. This is part of why ECE with the extra sliders is so great.



G) Clothing for CBBE w/ HDT:

Once you have everything with HDT working, you're going to want things to wear.. Bodyslide and TPPB clothes are your best bet to work right with everything, but only TPPB is required for the physics.

You can find conversions in some different places. Here's a few threads I found on here. I think there are more, but I don't feel like looking right now.

Just hunt yourself.

Bodyslide Armor and Clothes List

Bodyslide Armor and Clothes List v2
Outfit Studio Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

Some of these might be TPPB with bodyslide support.


Also, a lot of these work with physics and bodyslide:

Bodyslide Outfits and Mods
Even if you don't use bodyslide, you may at least want the amulets off of here so they are no longer floating off your character.

I think all of the clothes in the 'various' download work with physics/ tppb and I personally use a few of them.

In a lot of cases, you'll need to install the armours normally and then install the conversions.
So do just that.

1. Get the armours.

Its as simple as that. Find armours with TPPB support preferably and ones that have conversions for bodyslide available. Bodyslide isn't necessarily needed if you want to use the default CBBE preset though.

2. Get the conversions.

Either by a manual install and merging them with your bodyslide folder or through NMM from Nexus.

3. Convert!

Once they're both installed, go open up BodySlide. In the top dropdown box, you should be able to find the outfits in the list now. You can click on the specific outfits and then select a preset from the list and hit create bodies.

Note: User-created presets will not show up in the list by default and the only way to add your preset to the clothes will be through a batch build. Its easy to get the presets to appear in the list and very convenient when trying to edit individual outfit presets.. I will probably edit this post later to explain how.

If you hit create batch build in the bottom left as well, you'll want to uncheck all the body related options and only leave outfits selected. So uncheck things like the "CalienteVanilla" body etc. as well as any HDT body options and whatnot. If you don't do this right, things might end up looking very wrong. You'll also only want to install one type of each armour/ clothing. So say you see something on the list twice. One might be plain and the other might say TPPB in the title. Uncheck the plain one and leave the TPPB one - assuming you're using TPPB.

Make sure you only have the right outfits on the list and not body types otherwise you'll notice some issues in game.
That should pretty much do it.

This was exactly what I needed. I have tried so many different solutions to fix the issues I had been having with, well everything. I am not very savvy with all the modding, but I am slowly learning. This is the best guide I have every seen for mods in skyrim. ^-^ Thank you so much.

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For anyone playing with 144hz monitor and having jitter/glitches: download "FPS limiter" mod off nexus and limit the FPS to 60. Completely eliminated spazzing body parts for me.

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