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SexoutNG Amra72 Animations Resources for modders

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how can i eliminate the old animations to leave only amra's?


At the moment you can't.


But Odessa and Pride I believe  are working together on a way for us to be able to disable the animations we don't want while leaving the ones we do. 


But keep in mind, none of Amra's animations involve beast/animal sex, so if you use mods like Fertile Breeder or Sexout Assault, you'll want to make sure not to disable every animation that isn't amra's when that option becomes available.  But damn, every time Amra shows teasers of upcoming animations, I can see why so many are hooked on them.  That spoon animation is sinfully smooth and fluid, and the facial animations really make the animations sweet. 


Kind of wish Amra would do a few beast animations.

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Are your newer anims going to be based off of the new weighted penis Prideslayer included with newer sexoutng? Or are you continuing with your own body?


If you're switching to the newer one do you think there is any chance you'll get round to updating your older anims to use this body too?

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This may have been addressed recently but I added these animations and one of the random blowjob animations is weird. My Courier and the Male companion doing the action get down on all fours and masturbate and it looks like a possible three-way bj of some sort. The male acts like a woman masturbating.


Is there some numbering oddity happening here?

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Oh, and the next question: Installing the animations with FOMM puts all the subfolders into the main data directory. I suppose that this is the wrong place! Where do they have to go ... and [OT] how do I make a zip which puts them in the propper folder, so that I can istall it with FOMM?


EDIT: OK, I think I have to make a zip with a DATA/[wherever the kf have to go] structure. I cant find the other KF-files

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The download is still there in the post you linked, its within the spoiler tag. Install that one via FOMM and they'll be in the right place :).


Well ... hmmm ... it seems that I am realy blind. I am sure, I have looked into the spoiler tag ... realy ... Thank you!

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Hi Odessa,


Just following on with Contessa's animation problem when using Bangatron with your adaptation of Amra's animations and invoking the command inv during the animation run; there are two very weird animations with the following inventory items of note:


First one is as Contessa has described:



1 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: Debug: Sexout Ac (18000ADE)

1 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: SexoutNGAnimPositionB (18019330)

1 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: SexoutNGAnimPosition (1801932E)

201 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: SexoutNGAnimCounter (1801932D)

1 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: SexoutNGSoundToken (1802649F)






This next one is similar to the first but positioned differently:



1 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: Debug: Sexout Ac (18000ADE)

1 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: SexoutNGAnimPositionB (18019330)

1 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: SexoutNGAnimPosition (1801932E)

202 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: SexoutNGAnimCounter (1801932D)

1 - DO NOT BUY OR TAKE: SexoutNGSoundToken (1802649F)




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Works fine for me.


I think you didn't uninstall the old Amra replacer, and that has broken some of the sexout-vanilla animations.


Bangatron will not support Amra animations unless it uses the default random picker to select them.




NX_GetEVSt "Sexout:Started::Plugin"


on an actor during an animation to find out if it is an amra one.


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Sexout-Amra.esp V1 BETA


Requires Sexout NG 2.10.93 beta 5 or later.

This is a beta. It has not been thoroughly tested. Please report any issues.




Sexout-Amra.esp adds all of Amra's animations to sexout, without overwriting old animations. They are added to the regular random picker's selection.


Included are all of the animations found in Amra's 0.42 replacer (40), 0.5 alternatives (5), and 0.14 modder's resources (16)- A total of 61, and all of them at time

of release.


All animations created by Amra*. I just made the .esp.



Sexout v2.10.93 (beta 5) or later.



Use FOMM or your favorite package manager.


If you were previously using Amra's replacer, or my old SexoutAmra.esp plugin, please uninstall them using FOMM. You no longer need them.




Sexout '93 includes a Breeze body with a weighted penis that should work with Amra's animations. However, the body Amra used to create the

animations had the penis in a different position, and this means these animations may be misaligned. To fix this you have two options:

1) Use SexoutPositioning.

2) Install Amra's Breeze/Roberts fix- WARNING: This will help alignment with Amra's animations, but misalign the vanilla sexout ones instead.

   So, you'll probably still want SexoutPositioning to fix those.


Download: attachicon.gifSexout-Amra--V-1--March-28-2015.7z



=="Modder's Resources"==

The original SexoutAmra.esp added these 16 animation to the sexout temporary (10000+) range, their numbers have now changed,

and the old ones are shown in brackets. Some of these were originally imported from CK's SexoutSex.


1 (10052) : 2P FF Scissors

2 (10010) : 2P FF TribBump


21 (10051) : 2P Stand FootJob

22 (10008) : 2P laying FootJob


41 (10009) : 2P Stand Kiss fingering - FF V2

42 (10004) : AJ Kiss (*this one is actually by AJ, not Amra...)


61 (10003) : 2P Stand Kiss Handjob -  MF

62 (10002) : 2P HandJob


81 (10006) : 2P TitsJob On the floor

82 (10005) : 2P Stand Kiss Face to face Thigh Play


404 (10001) : 2P Hard Blowjob


1801 (10501) : Gecko anim


5302 (10303) : 3P MFF Doggy

5303 (10302) : 3P FFM

5304 (10301) : 3P Blowjob

5305 (10007) : 3P HandJob


(16 total)


=="Alt Versions"==

204 : Alt 202 BJ

205 : Alt 202 BJ speed x 2

402 : Alt 401 Tit Job

403 : Alt 401 BJ Speed x 2

634 : Alt 631 doggy


(5 total)


==Former Replacers==


1P Masturbation

    male:   101

    female: 111, 112, 114, 115, 116


2P : 601, 401, 933, 932, 931, 906, 904, 903, 902, 901,

     723, 721, 707, 706, 705, 704, 702, 701, 236, 203,

     202, 201, 703, 633, 632, 631, 609, 607, 606, 604,

     603, 602


3P MFM : 5301


Supermutant: 1430


(40 total)





@Amra: Thanks for creating all the animations. Hope this .esp is okay.






I am not seeing the female masturbation anims from Amra. Were they included?

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Me too ;)



Yep, they are there. But could you post your original animations anyway. I would still like to use them the way they were


The way they were will not work with the current (beta) version of sexout, or any future version.



Bummer. With all of Amras animations on top of the originals there are like 40 or 50 now. I prefer to keep the number lower. 1 or 2 solo, an oral, and 6 to 10 anal/vaginal. Oh well. Love your stuff none the less.

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