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I support the scientific studies and facts that show that Animal House was the most important movie ever made.


there would be no modern comedy if animal house was never made.


it is also to the point that it created a culture of “cool” that was not based on going with the flow. They also chose the time for it perfectly. Early not late 60s when campus activism and opposition to Vietnam and protests were a thing of the future so they avoided that. In modern tones it could be chalked up to a coincidence but John landis was no dummy. Unlike Donald southerland who wanted an extra fifteen grand instead of more %. Which knowing what we know now translates to billions.

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On 4/19/2020 at 6:51 PM, nonusnomeni said:

i am really old 

i remember a time when reading a books was normal thing

I distinctly remember the first time I heard about the basic idea of "audio-books".  I thought it was absurd, yet here we are.

Same goes for music videos.  What the fuck is a music video?  Oh-kay.  That'll never catch on.

Still have your rotory phone, by chance?  I do.  I bought my first smart phone less than six months ago due to a study guide for something I was studying only being available in app form.  Quadrupled my cell phone bill.  Yippie.

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