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Sexy Environment Overhaul

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This is Some HOT Overhaul, to spice the game environment a little, it replaces Rugs, Paints, tapestries, Books, Signs, Statues, Necklace, Rings & Other things.

It's just Replacement NO ESP file.


Requirement :

-- Oblivion mod manager


-- SkyBSA


Compatibility :
-- Not compatible with any mod that change or modify Rugs, Paints, tapestries, Books, Signs, Statues, Necklace & Rings.
    So make sure to disable them before use this mod & overwrite if asked

Copy Rights :

-- LoversLab Exclusive Mod, Not Allow to Upload anywhere else.


Credits :

-- whoever create this stuff. ( I just collect them, Converted, Re-texture, Modified & Put in one pack. )



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3 hours ago, toynbeeidea said:

Do you have this in a standard compressed format, like a zip or a 7z?  Nobody has used omod in over a decade.

If you play LAPF/Lovers and install the suggested body replacer, you will need the Oblivion mod manager or TES mod manager. Both can unpack O-Mods

And many old Mods that people still use are O-Mods.

That's why most people use Oblivion Mod manager. Some use it in combination with WryeBash or MO2 (of course not the Nexus modmanagers. Vortex, or whatever the trash is called. Might work well with other games, but not with Oblivion )

So you should have Oblivion Mod manager installed, Then you can unpack or create OMods and bsa files.


I package almost all of my mods as OMods.  Unpack a mod, clean esp and meshes, then pack as OMod.

MO2 can install OMods. ( version 1 was already able to do it )


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  • 3 months later...

Update 1.2


1- Modification painting by shrink the frames, So the paints arts appear more clearly.

2- change some paints arts also complete Shivering Isles paints & tapestry changes. 






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