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HGEC H-Cup Armors & Cloths Collection ( Part - 1 )

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HGEC H-Cup Armors & Cloths Collection ( Part - 1 )

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Some nice armors & clothes converted to fit HGEC H-Cup


Requirement :

-- Oblivion mod manager


-- Blockhead

-- HGEC Body


Recommended :

-- High Rez Texture like F-INevOblivion  or better depend on your PC performance.

-- SkyBSA

-- BBB animation like  NoMaaM BBB Animation 


Location :

A Box in Testing Hall ..... Use command  ( COC TestingHall ) to get there.


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Requirement :  also for your "Tera Armor HGEC H-Cup" Mod.
BBB skeleton ( e.g.  the LAPF skeleton or if you don't use LAPF/Lovers use the Growlf's Universal skeleton )


absolutely not needed for this mod :  also for your "Tera Armor HGEC H-Cup" Mod.



Thanks, H cup is my player body

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About Requirement, I think it doesn't matter I write that OR not, few people Read it & it's rare that anybody have problems install Armors & Clothes mods.


On 10/28/2023 at 12:59 AM, fejeena said:

Thanks, H cup is my player body


Just wait until I release ( part-2 ) next week, it's contain over 200 piece & I think U gonna like it.

Also Still thinking about release the following regardless of copyrights. 

1- Sexy H-cup & R5 Male overhaul.

2- Paints, Rugs, Tapestry, signs & Statues overhaul.

3- Re Upload My weapons, Shields , Necklace & rings mods.

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