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LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

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Oblivion 2021-06-30 02-16-10-549.jpgOblivion 2021-06-30 02-16-20-246.jpg


wanted to do javelin throw, but it's such a hemorrhoid ....  It is not clear where to attach the bones of the bow to the skeleton of the actor ... horror.

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With 3ds max (in 2016 for sure), you can import a skeleton with animation (object skeleton), and then export (in a special way)  If this is not a mesh with morphs, although they are also imported, but it is easier to make a skin on the skeleton than to suffer with morphs.


In general, it is possible.

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On 9/17/2021 at 8:28 AM, fejeena said:

Still the old.   With crashes like vanilla Oblivion, fuck Win 10 !


Still learning the Skyrim LE 'creation kit', here...which is similar but different enough from the Oblivion one to be a process. Great looking game with all the top mods going. The wife and I are also trying Eve Online which is a fun MMO.




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