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LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

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On 2/14/2020 at 5:23 PM, DogOnPorch said:




I have a different set of 'giving birth' animations. "Born.zip" 

Someone here at LL made them. Can't find the original post.



I thought that giving birth to a companion, who for some reason was in trouble, died, it would be more interesting, and this could become a new theme for the new mod. This is more practical in a game setting, than an imitation of physiological pregnancy

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been slowly trying to get things back on track, despite college, warframe and runescape vying for my time against my beloved oblivion.

things seem to work better in compatibility mode, though the wilderness still tanks my fps, but i did find out i can improve my fps with the tfc command, go figure

 anyway, i don't have any pose mods turned on yet, and besides the fps, trying to figure out why lights wash my charactor out so much... sorry, i'm just going to share my pic



working on femboys is pretty fun

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On 10/12/2013 at 12:53 PM, Risray said:

A little contribution  :D


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Would anyone happen to know where the pose animation in this screenshot comes from? Looks like SPB, but I haven’t been able to find it.


Also, great screenie.

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Comebychance, Mania...a small town I built...full of secrets.

Typical Fanatic camp...no outhouse, I note.

Character: 37th level Imperial Spell-Sword....Personality around 140 unless drained or boosted.

Sixty inch plus boob measurements...why we play Oblivion...lol.ScreenShot3176.jpg.de53b9762af49432c829e7c482b4537d.jpg




They bought up ALL the TP in my town...and people are filling freezers with meat. Stores are pretty empty. Sucks...

Need several Corona, me thinks...

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Remember this girl? Arruna? I do, I always do but I wish I could forget about her creator Viola. It's like "Some people doesn't deserve to be famous" there in DeviantArt.

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