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The Banning Game - II

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5 minutes ago, EvalovesEP said:

> banned for hiding the compromised content of your laundry basket

BANNED for outing your fetish for smelly underwear and even smellier sports clothing :classic_blink:

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34 minutes ago, EvalovesEP said:

>banned for not telling what you have in the dirty laundry and how did you defile it :P

BANNED for not reading carefully and not believing when I say that you DO NOT want to sniff a dose of sweaty jogging shirts ( or socks)



:classic_ph34r: Wait ... those were not the clothing parts of your curiosity... were they?


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3 minutes ago, Psalam said:

BANNED for knowing that was the book I was reading.

BANNED for reading your books out loud in public and lamenting that others already know who the murderer was

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8 minutes ago, donkeywho said:

Banned for thinking that anyone else would dare to ...

BANNED for ignoring the concept of "having no choice" a.k.a. slavery *cough* employment

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15 minutes ago, Psalam said:

BANNED because there is nothing wrong with employment. BEEEEEEEEP, though, is a four letter word.

BANNED for using such a 4-letter word on a fucking friday

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