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EH. The "Mega" links aren't working. Starts with suspiciously rapid download... long pause at 95% or thereabouts. Eventually crawls to 99% -- then at last, just a "Failed - No file" message.


I don't suppose there are any other locations? I've tried the  mega.co.nz/#!15sW1LLa!S0W-KgNYw9h-pe4CHSPLKXZg_AgLZ9seZRCrYmqstgc   link directly, and I've tried going through the page, and I've tried a number of different series -- all with the same result. So, maybe someone else has a copy?

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Love your work but when I tried to DL the G series tonight but Mega is asking for a decryption key. Whats up there?


Since poor azmodan answered this question a million times already I'll tell you before he reads this and /ragequit on us. Also he wrote the answer in the OP in big red but I guess you're too busy to read it so here it is:

"If the links do not work or ask you for a key, just delete the "---name" from the address."


So in your case you'll have to delete "-----Sextreme-G_Series" from the address bar and hit enter. Enjoy. :)

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Great work, I don't mind load screen hangups nearly as much now...


I don't suppose you would know of the nif that replaces the load screen camera "Iscamerapanzoominsmall" with one that rotated on a circular central axis? I managed to throw my copy away while cleaning my computer and now can't find the original download site... I REALLY dislike the zoom

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No, I dont know of it, but if you Did had a nif that rotated the loading screen zoom, it propably came with a loading screen mod.

With the original (default) nif you can rotate the screens with the mouse but I suppose you want it done automatically.

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Cant Download them from mirror, it always says "Cannot Decrypt metadata whitout key"


I do use the Key #!0hMjAQIL!Fp4DvHlBfNiJRaMRgqLSmz409lM9I7qnLvNblcSTImk for the G series and still doesnt work... the same can be said for the rest of them.

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Cant Download them from mirror, it always says "Cannot Decrypt metadata whitout key"


I do use the Key #!0hMjAQIL!Fp4DvHlBfNiJRaMRgqLSmz409lM9I7qnLvNblcSTImk for the G series and still doesnt work... the same can be said for the rest of them.


Thats because you are using the wrong key. Read more carefully through the thread and you will find how to find the key. I have highlighted it for this link

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ah, i see thanks Az.. guess I didnt read that part.



EDIT: Nope doesnt work, Used the Highlighted part for the G Series.

EDIT2: For the G Series the key is  "Fp4DvHlBfNiJRaMRgqLSmz409lM9I7qnLvNblcSTImk"  not "Fp4DvHlBfNiJRaMRgqLSmz409lM9I7", well thanks to that i just understood how keys work and how to find them now :)

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Hey, I was browsing through here and tried the G-Series out today (which are awesome, btw) and I wonder if there will be a Male on Male series for those who like to have that. I know it takes time to create a mod like this and it would make the mod bigger, so don't feel pushed ._.

Love this mod, thank you so much =D

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FYI - I tried a while back to make an MCM menu and combine all the series for this, back when it was at v2.20.  I did this to have an MCM option to turn off these screens, when other younger eyes may be around.


I only mention it now, because it did not work.  The GetRandomPercent check in CK does not seem to work reliably with loading screens.  I tested it thoroughly by setting global variables for each series in an MCM script, and having all the loading screens configured to check for GetRandomPercent() less than equal to their respective global variable.  I could not reliably ensure that any series (or even a single loading screen) would never show, always show, or 50% show using this.  Unreliable.   


I can post the source code if anyone wants to try.  All the ESPs were merged using the tesEdit merge scripts plugin.


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I did have thoughts about making both an MCM menu for it as well as a FOMOD (or whatever its called) installer that would allow you to choose wiche series you wanted to install.. but never found the mood to install it.


The percentage is a bit tricky how it works. The higher it is, the more likely it is for the screen to show up. If it is 100% it will show up every time. But if there are two with 100%, each screen has 50% chances of showing up. If they are 3, then each has 33.333333333333% chances to show up and so on.


The ones that have 99% might come up once in an entire cameplay. Vanila ones have 30%. So they are pretty much doomed  :D  :D

Thats why you never see them. I didn;t deactive them, just seted the percentage of mine waaaaaay higher  :cool:



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If the percentage was set to -1 or -100, how often would the screen appear?  The answer is never, but in my testing, the screen will still appear eventually.


If the merged ESP that I created referenced screens from a series that was not installed, would it cause any real problems?  Would a blank screen load, game crash, or ....?

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Most likely, if it referenced a screen that was not installed, either the loading screen would be completely blank (because the "resourses" are missing), or it would just never appear, becasue its not there to reference it.


I think 


The most likely scenario is: That since the "loading screen" exist in the "CK" or .esp ( the text and the location of the .nif to load) you should see the text and the smoke only. The .nif is not there to load. 


I can guarantee you that this does not lead to a CTD from all the "noobs" that install just the translation files, end up seeing black screens and then message me asking me what they did wrong?


'Cus downloading a file that is 26.85KB and allegebly has 10-15 high res 3D scenes in it is not enought of a clue. :cool:


If for example you download this mod or a standalone series, then delete all the nifs, you will see black screens with the text only without the "scene". Because the scene is not there to be loaded, but the "loading screen" IS there to be called. 

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