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17 hours ago, mangalo said:

Same here, using "Original" or "No transition" on the latest fix doesn't work either.  @JuliusXX could you send me that working version so I can check if the problem still occurs ?

Sorry to hear that. Although Original was the only one that worked for me. No transition caused me problems. I'll test out my settings (I uninstalled DAYMOYL a few months back) and let you know.

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Okay so I did try again on a clean save with Julius's version and it still didn't work.  It's not a problem with DA since the necromancy bleedout works just fine...  Defeat on its own works fine (when using health thresholds etc).

If anyone is able to investigate, I will join the following :

- Log file

- Defeat config

- Load order


I'm using MO2 and the latest version of Defeat fixed (by bane if I'm not mistaken).  Defeat files aren't overwritten by anything.  I did the following with that log file : install Defeat, import settings, check bleedout in DA, spawn a few bandits and get killed. 






It starts to get interesting at line 2542 and following :



[01/04/2019 - 11:57:01] daymoyl - Trigger!
[01/04/2019 - 11:57:01] error: Incorrect number of arguments passed. Expected 0, got 4.
    <empty stack>
[01/04/2019 - 11:57:01] daymoyl - Anim Normal -> Bleedout
[01/04/2019 - 11:57:01] error: Cannot call bEnabled() on a None object, aborting function call
    [daymoyl_Monitor (1F000D62)].daymoyl_monitorscript.PickOnBleedoutQuest() - "daymoyl_monitorscript.psc" Line 347
    [daymoyl_Monitor (1F000D62)].daymoyl_monitorscript.StartBleedOut() - "daymoyl_monitorscript.psc" Line ?
    [daymoyl_Monitor (1F000D62)].daymoyl_monitorscript.onBeginState() - "daymoyl_monitorscript.psc" Line 776
    [daymoyl_Monitor (1F000D62)].daymoyl_monitorscript.GotoState() - "Form.psc" Line ?
    [daymoyl_Monitor (1F000D62)].daymoyl_monitorscript.TriggerDefeat() - "daymoyl_monitorscript.psc" Line ?
    [alias ThePlayer on quest daymoyl_Monitor (1F000D62)].daymoyl_monitorplayerscript.OnHit() - "daymoyl_monitorplayerscript.psc" Line ?


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One thing that i have recently encountered with Defeat is that for some reason Male and Female animation are swapped, even though in SexLabs it clearly says that my character is a male. Well, in better words: My character is a male but doing the female animation. I have searched basically every available forum posts and nothing seemed to worked, (solutions that other people have posted in the past hasn't worked out, nothing worked. And i really mean, nothing). Maybe someone knows about this issue? 


Also, i have used Defeat in the past and it worked just fine with the animations. But now it doesn't seem to work. (Had to clean my computer, so i had to install skyrim and all the mods. And by all, i mean, Sexlab, Skyui, Defeat, etc, all the basic SexLab Stuff. And thats when the issue began)

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Sorry if this is not the right place for this question... However I was using Defeat when I ran into this problem. 


First off I did use MO to install my mods and so far I love it... But I keep running into the problem where it hijacks my files created and places them into the overwrite 


I did find a fix for the finis files... Thanks to a gamer poets video... But this has something similar going on and Its involving my sexlab sexual prefrances I believe...


I was testing Defeat and I raped a NPC.. yes I know how terrible... After I did this when I was in MO I noticed something in overwrite...


and surprise it was







Now I don't know what this is... but I believe it is created via sexlab to set my sexlab sexual preferences?


Am I correct?


More importantly... Is this bad? Will this not update my sexlab preferances if its hijacked? and is there a fix?


What happens if I delete these or ignore it?


Once again thanks for all your help and time. 

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7 hours ago, ODell22d said:





If I remeber it right, this file is created when you make changes in Animation editor in Sexlab MCM. It's certainly not bad, it just stores settings.

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Okay that makes sense... I did register animations with the SLAL   However is it bad that these are being hijacked and place into the overwrite folder?


I did also just take the folders and drag and drop them into my skse? Is this correct or should they have gone into my sexlab frame work?

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i'm unable to get defeat to recognize creatures, keeps telling me that I cant surrender to this enemy, I've cheaked though the mcm menu as best as I can, but i'm having no luck anyone got any suggestions? I can get sceans to happen using hentai creatures, so the animations are there..  

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My character keeps getting stuck in the sitting down animation after getting raped, any fix for this?


Edit: attacking actually got me out of it after the 20th time being stuck, but sometimes it dosnt work. Is there a reason for this or is it just another issue?

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I'm having the same issue as backpack, wherein creature animations work fine with other mods but defeat won't recognize creatures in any capacity. I've been through the MCM and found the setting for compatible creatures but its empty. The method of using the modifier key also produces no effect in encounters. If there's any suggestions on how this might be remedied I would greatly appreciate it.

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I had this problem with creatures as well but I realized I hadn't enabled creature animations in sexlab's mcm first. Maybe that's the cause? If not then I'd recommend going into your fnis tool and deinstalling creatures. Remove the program with your mod installer then reinstall it and rerun the fnis tool. That sometimes can fix things with creature animations. 

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12 hours ago, Badalice said:

I'm having the same issue as backpack, wherein creature animations work fine with other mods but defeat won't recognize creatures in any capacity. I've been through the MCM and found the setting for compatible creatures but its empty. The method of using the modifier key also produces no effect in encounters. If there's any suggestions on how this might be remedied I would greatly appreciate it.

You should be able to fix this just by hitting "reconfigure" in Defeat's main menu.  AFAIK Defeat keeps a list of creatures that have animations, and it doesn't update that list unless you hit that button.  So if you install creature animations in general after Defeat has already done its initial startup, it wouldn't have detected any creature animations yet.


You should also do this whenever you add animations for new creature races, if you want Defeat to be able to recognize them as viable attackers.

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I've been noticing a bug ever since that new update from whatshisface(forgot his name. ><) was made...Thing is, if you don't resist a rape....you game is completely broken. The npcs that want to rape you will just stand over your doubled over body and repeatedly use unvoiced lines like they're about to rape you UNTIL you resist.(You can still fail to get them off of you when you begin to resist though) But what makes this glitch gamebreaking is when you get completely knocked out.(Unable to resist a rape) If there are more than one npcs around, after the first one rapes you, because you can't resist...they will just stand over you. There's nothing you can do to force yourself out of this state simply because you got ko'd. I'm tempted to go right back to classic Defeat and all it's flaws simply because of this, because the guy who made the update has yet to address this.(I've brought this issue up before I believe) Does anyone know what became of him?

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Does anyone know what could be causing the message "You can't do that." when attempting to rape female creatures? I've enabled the match creature gender option in sexlab and enabled the correct flags in the follower/player aggressor page for female creatures. I'm using the Defeat Fixed version with the latest esp.

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Hi anyone.

 So i have been playing with this mod for a while now, downloaded every thing in September 2018, and have been all over its use, playing a lot as a female character with little issue. Literally 50 hrs on my recently completed  game in scene/animating. As a female regular player as victim and player/follower as aggressor scenes played out flawlessly with no issue. So im trying to get going with a male character and I get the exact opposite behavior, instead of consistent stability i get consistent instability. Anything triggered from a defeat knockdown causes a crash when i leave the cell (go to load screen) even though the animation plays flawlessly. Im confounded as to why it makes such a big difference, particularly since the same animations cause no crash if triggered differently. Any input would be appreciated. 


Specifically when selecting someone who is in a defeat state. The only difference this save is I loaded Zaz animations to give me some bound animations. Is there a zaz incompatibility?


Mods of note:



-SLR (sexlabrape)

-Follow me for sex

-zaz7 ani's

-Billy's ani's

-random idel ani's

obviously im using FNIS


I have another new game save im running parallel with a female character and it is fine.



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Still getting the "you can't do this" notification in the top right when attempting to rape female creatures.

Rape with male creatures on player works. Rape with human npc on player works and Rape with player on human npc works. It's only this setting which seems to have problems. Not sure what could be causing it.

I've made sure to remove any checks Defeat makes when the player is an aggressor on a female creaturebut it doesn't seem to do anything. I've also made sure I have the correct animations installed in sexlab. Any idea what could be blocking it? I have more nasty critters installed as well. 

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