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GOOD GOD MAN...I have been playing as a female for the first time these few months and I have never had so much fun till now. Thank you again Goubo for this awesome mod it makes it soooo much more fun.

No way. THE Funnybizness has never played a female char?

I am skeptical.

Lol tis true my friend I created some but never played any quests as a female ^_^ its awesome
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After Installing Paradise Hall Extension + Patch i lost the Knockdown option of defeat....how could i solve this. sometimes it  appears when i reconfigure the mod in MCM menu ...Do i need to reinstalled the mod or these mod confronting each other. Please help


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Does the surrender function for non aggressive NPCs work? I mean I tried it countless times... even got the Simple Slavery installed with everything it requires...

And the follower mark button doesn't work for me... I'm also pretty sure that aggressors don't target my follower as well.

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Do not know if call it a "bug" but more like a suggestion: When you tie and gag NPC they still moan / scream / say words during sex (normal sounds if you would)  It would be nice if instead they would play frustrated gag sounds (just like when you use zaz)

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hey guys, 

Back at it again with the issues.

All factions arent hostile towards me now. Bandit, silver hand, etc. (only humanoids).Other topics have lead to Defeat and to clean the mods as being the cause but couldnt quite give me an answer I needed.




I've rebuilt and cleaned SL and Defeat but it doesnt fix my issue. Everything else works great.

hey guys check this. Im still having issues.


Anyone have issues with factions becoming not hostile with your PC after too many engagements with defeat?


Any of you guys experienced this issue? Factions not hostile to you after Defeat?

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I'm having a strange issue with the menus for NPCs who have been knocked down in combat or who I ambush while they are asleep. The options listed do not correspond to what is displayed and there seems to be some consistency in the errors. For example: tie up results in my character killing the NPC, every single time.


Has anyone else encountered something like this?

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Hey, I am having real trouble with Sexlab defeat, I am sure I have all of the major mods for it. I have generated FNIS for users etc. but the Rape option will not work, they stand there and do nothing. The tie up works, put in sack all works. just not that one option?

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New version up, sorry for the delay, mostly bug fixing with some new additions, probably forgot some.






No need to make a clean save.


. Consensual Female first option was ignored.
. If all the tags are removed the script will trigger the aggressive set of animations when a SexLab scene is started.


Player as aggressor
. Some equipped armor/clothes were not showing up in the inventory menu
. “Undress” option meant to replace Rob function for armor that do not display in the Inventory (because they are set as Not Playable so the player can’t see, take them or equip them), you can undress torso, hands, head and feet.
. Back button to cancel a rape on tied NPCs.
. Registered follower can now be prostituted, no particular condition except witnesses and gender combination.


Player as Victim
. Huge problem where collateral function would trigger multiple times which fucked up the scene especially if there was multiple followers (sexlab scene failing etc.), should work just fine now.
. Other minor stuff I forgot about.
. Bleedout mechanic, will make the player essential and will start a Defeat scene just like any knockdown way, obviously it is not compatible and may cause problems with other mods that deal with the bleedout event.
You can enable other knockdown ways but it may cause some small problems depending of the settings, disabling at least health threshold would be a good idea.
/!\ It doesn’t make the player immortal, the player can still die from a fall or any other source that is not a compatible actor.
. The option to remove the vanilla moanings of the player when knocked down & escaping. Big up Magicrealm  :P
. Improved collateral function to be compatible with different combinations of actors just like the player.
. Blocking an incoming attack can now matter to be knocked down or not. New option for each of the knockdown ways.


. Bleedout mechanics, changed the descriptive too, should work now, it’s now more script heavy because it will search for a potential aggressor in the room if the last enemy that hit the victim isn’t valid, but also more efficient and will run only on NPCs bleedout.
. Reworked the find an add script for when a creature is involved
. Follower should no longer be able to be aggressor if the option is disabled.



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Hi Goubo, I'm having an issue where after surrender or being knocked down the animations just won't play. SL recognizes that an animation is supposed to play, prompts me as to what animation has been selected, but then everyone just stands around naked like a bunch of confused virgins before resuming the actual combat. not sure if this has to do with Defeat or the SL framework.



Sounds like scriptlag to me. If you don't want or can't reduce it, try to add this in your Skyrim.ini:


fUpdateBudgetMS=1.8 ; < should be between 1.2 (default) and 2, will decrease performance but give scripts more time to finish.

fExtraTaskletBudgetMS=1.8 < similar, but different tasks if i remember right.

fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000.0 < default is 500, additional time in ms you see the loadscreen to give scripts some more time to load.





*edit: after thinking about it... there are several possible reasons. First, make sure SL is able to play animations at all, maybe with matchmaker. Then, if you have played with tags make sure there is a possible animation to play which fits the rules.


Ok so I finally got around to adding that into my Skyrim.ini and the same exact problem occurs, only smoother.

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Okay, so the bleedout thing is not quite working. I'm just going to stick with death alternative for now.


A few issues I found while getting knocked down by a bunch of spiders:

- I died (poison)

- Camera controls not working during the "act"

- My character joined one of the spiders in assaulting another spider...

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I need some help with this mods settings please.


I need to know what to set if it's possible so that my npc is not gang raped by the entire populace of an area or dungeon? Seems that all wildlife and bandits even over 200 meters away come to participate.


I would like to limit to just one scene if possible and can escape easily enough without a chain reaction of sex scenes stacking on one another. How would I do this please. If you can screeny the settings please do?



Kind Regards

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I have the opposite problem. A scene starts with, say, some bandits, and then every critter within earshot comes rolling up. The bandits will sometimes finish up one animation, and sometimes just drop what (er, who) they're doing and go berserk trying to kill the wolf/elk/rabbit/fox/whatever.


Previous versions have had the problem where if an elk or something happened to pass by it would start combat and interrupt the scene, but that at least required that they wander in on their own. Now, outdoor scenes get interrupted more often than not.

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I'm not sure if it's my settings, or the mod, but I have some issues with it so far. 


The death-proof alternative doesn't seem to work at all, Sometimes I get the on one knee/knocked out thing, and then my game auto-loads the last save.


And using the default "knock out" option works only if set to a very high health threshold, although I play on legendary with combat mods, so everything can one shot me very very easily and that may be the issue here?


Lastly, when it does (rarely) work as it should and I get knocked out, once the scenes start my follower (who is set to be knocked out if I am) "witnesses" the event and starts attacking, breaking the whole thing. If I turn off the "witness" option, a bunch of animals run out of the woods and start being fought by the aggressors.

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I'm quite happy using Death Alternative for bleedout, so I've not activated or tested out the new essential feature. Though with this new update I've had some issues when attempting to use the mod as usual;


On some occasions, usually after an initial assault, when my Character is knocked down by the same npcs (forsworn in this case) despite enough time elapsing for them to to start a new scene, they don't initiate the scene like they should do, instead they just stand around while my Character attempts to get up.


On the occasions when a scene is properly triggered, when it's finished, rather than usual instance of sitting on the ground and attempting to get up, or falling unconscious and triggering a death alternative scene. The PC just immediately gets up and is immediately attacked.


Is anyone else having similar issues?

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