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Corrupt A Wish

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Granted! they are taken over by Hasbro that proceeds to rewrite the entire lore and kill of massive amount of lore characters in order to streamline the product and make room for tons of crap that doesn't rally fit in. The end result are only barely recognizable. (They did this to the Forgotten Realms).


I with there was a actual cure for my Psoriasis.

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Guest Omega1084

Granted but at the first attempt at running a decent game your computer explodes because it probably shouldn't have tried that hard.


I wish Steam wasn't such a pile of crap.

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Granted, to control your blood-rage you're now required to play paint ball simulators in place of actual paint ball matches for a whole entire year until you learn to curb your blood-rage overall on said simulator. 


I wish Justin Bieber was eaten by Godzilla.

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Your wish shall not be granted!!! Or something along that line. Besides, he is slowly eaten by a fireants. Why would you want to ease his suffering?



I wish a certain someone wants to stay single and let her hair flow in the wind as she rides through the glen firing arrows into the sunset.

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Your wish is granted!!! But a certain someones horse is actually a chatty, bucktoothed centaur named Edwyn who refuses to go anywhere without his centaur bride, Matilda. Thus she is fated to spend the remainder of her days as the third wheel in a sickeningly sweet equine romance.




I wish for a fist full of dollars.  Both the movie and a litteral fist full of dollars.


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Guest endgameaddiction

Wish granted because I've dreamed of giving it to you in my next life.


I wish to go sky diving butt naked with only a thong on and a pair of elevators.

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granted, but its delivered to you by http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100424103252/theitcrowd/images/a/a1/Richmond1%29.jpg


who ends up staying at your place and just generally depressing you.



I wish for another season of The IT Crowd

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Granted. Sniff illegal substances as many as you can before grabbing your machete and proceed to hack everyone as fast as you can. By God will, your will not fear the police as long as they won't use heavy ordinance on you. Good luck!



I wish people won't look at me strangely when I buy a boxes of tampon even though I am a man. Gee, I want to give it to all my colleagues to stuff their ears with it when our prissy uppers start coughing-up words of which we don't give enough flying fuck to care about.

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Granted. People will now see you as a very ugly woman just doing her business.



I wish for more danmaku games to be released here in the west.


***Don't know what danmaku games are? Google "danmaku games" and you'll know. ^_^***

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