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[Guide] How to download mods off this site

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OK this is a tutorial on how to download mods from this site using the following methods.


  1. Downloading from the site downloads manager
  2. Downloading a mod from a thread in a downloads subforum.




Site Download Subforums


Threads which have downloads in them can be found in the Downloads subsection of the forums, Downloads - Oblivion Adult & Sex Mods is one example.




To download the files from these threads just click on the download links, which should be marked.


Inside there will be threads which contain mods for download. You can also find some more mods to download in the site's download area located in the top right of the screen.




Site Download Area




When you access this area you will be greeted with the following screen. On the left you will have the categories list, this is for what game you want to download mods for. In the centre of the screen you will see a preview of new mods which can be search through using the arrows, above that will be featured downloads and below it will be the highest ratedOn the right will be the top downloads section. Below the Highest rated is the Most Watched downloads which can't be seen in the screenshot.




Select the game you want from the categories list, we are going to use Skyrim in this case. The screen will now change and the follow will be displayed. The mods can be broken down into categories using the new list on the left and all the mods for that section will be displayed in the centre of the screen.




We are going to use the categories list to get the screen to only display mods in the "Regular Mods" section. So we click it in the left box. Now we need to find a mod. I have scrolled down the screen and selected the mod Amame Playable Character 0.1




Now you will be greeted with the following screen. BEFORE you even touch that download button! Make sure that you go down the page and make sure that you have the requirements for the mod.






After you have made sure you have the requirements you can hit the download button. If you don't have the requirements you can click on the links under the requirements section and you will be taken to the place you can download them from.





Installing mods

No pictures for this section.


To install a mod simply unpack it to a temporary location. Most mods have a readme which tells you how to install the mod. READ THE THING AND FOLLOW IT FROM WORD TO WORD. Nothing rubs a modder the wrong way then someone being unable to read the readme or refusing to read it.


Personally I find it easier to copy and paste the mods directly in the area they need to be without using mod managers.


Mod managers which can be used for games are:


Oblivion Mod Manager: Oblivion

Fallout Mod Manager: Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas


For Skyrim it most likely best to use the drag and drop method.


In order to figure out how to install a mod using a mod manager follow the instructions in that mods readme or the instructions which came with the mod manager.

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If we really need a guide how to download stuff, maybe we need one for how to read a readme next.. :P


How to follow forum rules.. That's a good one too. :D


No, if people can't read a readme then tough. I only did this as it can be hard sometimes to use the Download Manager for some people and I have seen the topic come up more then once.


I have already done that one but have not posted it yet. It's part of a user guide we had on the old site, I had to redo it when we switched site software as everything was completely different.

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can any one help me , I have SKSE 1.7 , & sexlab framework 1.5.4 yet when I run skyrim , I have errors  msgs that " SKSE is outdated & sexlab 1.9.32 needs to be installed , can any one share with me a link to sexlab 1.9.32, I not , then any suggestions on how to correct them??


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I can understand why this would be up. Some people including myself, have absolutely no clue when it comes to dealing with electronics be it downloading, uploading, overwriting files, load order, that kinda thing. The only reason i know what I know is because of the helpful readmes and my friend who's pretty knowledgeable about that sort of thing. So thank you for creating this post.  

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 i work with nmm, though there is some manager with a sandbox system, what i will try next (if i remember

which one it was)


probably fits best here: when i download a mod, there also is a rating bar; what confuses me there, is that

the rollover tells me "1 star" no matter which one i click - on the main page of the mod it works and tells me

the right amount of stars; although sometimes afterwards the rollover informs me "you voted..." and more

often does not.


Just in case the rating system doesn't work 100% - by the way, i am used to the addorse button (yes, yes...)

and prefer that, since i for myself will hardly rate 1 star but rather don't vote at all in that case, to be honest

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The mod manager of preference depends on the game:

Oblivion - OBMM or Wrye Bash 2.95

Fallout 3 or FNV - FOMM the LL version

Skyrim - Mod Manager: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20492-mod-organizer/



Nobody pays much attention to the "rating" system.  This site doesn't have a bunch of folks who are bound up in how many endorsements they have.  We are a much more relaxed and easy going crowd.   ;)

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You need two posts to attach images or links.  Please go to the Skyrim tech support section and read the pinned threads before posting.  This is a guide thread, you need to post the required info (see the pinned threads for this) in a new thread for that game to get the best help we can offer.



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