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A little demon for you to play as, a lovers pk exclusive by me for you

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Here is a little gal for you to use, made just for LoversPK.:heart:


It is best used on darkest complexion, brings out my normal maps and rich color a lot more.


Be sure and read the read me for valuable information.


Have fun and enjoy her, I know she is bald but hey, she is a horned demon.:P








I also did a little racial spell for her that has an interesting shader effect for 50 seconds. I am hoping that this is used mostly from here, and hopefully if I am lucky it won't be posted by some dummy at tesnexus without my permission, I made this for you guys, not them. Maybe I will add an .esp that has the Cazy and Coolsims hairs in use, but you will need to have the hairs installed on your computer be for hand in order to use that .esp if I ever get to making it. :P

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Be sure and read the read me for valuable information.


Have fun and enjoy her' date=' I know she is bald but hey, she is a horned demon.:P




Horned, horny or both? ;)


Thanks :heart:, now I'll have to split my time between my orc gal, succubus, diablo elf and Dorothy. I won't notice the passing of time, that's certain and Skyrim will be here before I know.


Concerning the installation instructions, I have a question:


Boop blee ah bloo dooo beeeepo beep tooot? :D



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Ha, yeah, that always has erked me for a while, if you can't install a mod by now...my god.Just my thoughts though, I mean, theres google and the wiki, they serve you well if you type what your looking for in.LOL yeah that is my stab the read me generators installation instructions box, no harm meant, just a little joke.

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It only freaks out in the beginning of the month... ^~^' Mid month is my turn over time for my cheapo internet. It's ok, I went to a coffee shop & stole away my Blue scaled maiden. Tough she has some really, uh, unmatched texturing... Her body is greatly detailed, like blue black stone, but her face seems to fall flat in comparison. :/

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