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"What are you playing" thread

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Men of War 2 with a Warhammer 40k mod. Not only it's a realistic, good looking rts with highly destructible environment and a very simple map/mission editor, but it also has a 40k mod. Seeing a fully functional and highly detailed Baneblade in this game makes me moist as fuck.

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On 12/11/2018 at 9:06 PM, FauxFurry said:

I decided to give Boobs Saga a go since it was being sold for the price of a box of day-old donuts and I do love kitsch. Only time will tell if it was a decent enough purchase (depending upon one's standards of decency) or if I would have been better off with the donuts. Everybody loves donuts.

At the very least, it makes for an interesting novelty since it is part of the first wave of games released on Steam completely uncensored (if one chooses to toggle off the censorship, anyway).


I'm curious, how is the game?

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2 hours ago, Merck Foehurt said:

I'm curious, how is the game?

To follow through on my previous post: Donuts wouldn't have required updates for me to get my money's worth out of them. 


It looks promising but they have yet to properly balance the difficulty or implement alternate control schemes (no controller support at all and no key re-binding at launch) or to completely remove every vestige of censorship put in place by default back when it looked like they were gong to have to use an uncensor patch to get around Steam's old restrictions.


The attempts at humor are a bit too simplistic and uneven in quality and worse,it is aimed at the stereotypical image of American gamers despite the game being made in Russia.


Pandering to an audience who one does not understand if they even exist is inadvisable for even the most skillful humorist.

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I decided to try something not of my usual  Mass Murder Ape style games, and tried Oxygen Not Included. A colony management/building game.

Basically what happened is that the colony grew too quickly, consumed all the resources, and basically drowned and suffocated in their own shit. Just like real life ?


Damn addicting though, would genocide again ?

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Been playing Subnautica couple weeks now and i absolutely love it. Its just amazing  journey to the depths of terrifying, interesting and beautiful open alien world. Easily my personal choice for best game of 2018 over RDR2 or God of war which i might have chosen before playing Subnautica.


If you missed your free copy in Epic store just buy it. Its cheap and worth it! Theres also minor mod scene for it and basic multiplayer mod was recently released.



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Well, that's it for Resident Evil 2 "one-shot" demo. You can play it 30 minutes, after which you can't play it on your Steam (or Xbox or Playstation) account any more. Interesting choice.


The game however seems great. Saw some performance hiccups and FPS still console limited. I didn't mess around with the settings much due to the time limit (don't understand that wrong, the timer does NOT run on the menus) so it may be just that. Seems the scenario has been completely redone, and some of the police station's interior too, so it seems quite like what RE1 remake was. Which was awesome.


Still not going to preorder, though. Can't be too careful with The Games Industry these days.


Also it seems they included the bonus scenarios: Hunk and Tofu. I wonder if Claire can unlock the cowgirl outfit with the Colt SAA? ?

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - I ended up rage quitting a few times while learning the combat but I've got the hang of it now. This RPG is better than I was expecting. There are some memorable quests including one with a priest that I will never forget :classic_laugh:


Love Vibe: Aria - The most stunning 3D woman I've seen in VR :classic_wub:

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Uncharted 3. A while back I was reading something completely unrelated (or so I thought) but there was a scene that for some reason triggered the game's main theme in my head, and since it's the first UC game I ever played and the only one I had yet to try out in the Remastered Nathan Drake collection, I thought I could give it a shot again.


The game is a bit more dated than I remembered (even with the PS4 remastered graphics), and there are some mechanics that I hate, like for example a very limited ammo carrying capacity coupled with enemies that take entire assault rifle mags to die (and don't get me started on those freaking djinns). But I'm still having a blast with it, and think it's a great game. May continue with A Thief's End once I'm done with 3.


Also Fallout 4. Now that the Vulpine race mod has been updated with males, I can finally play as male or female without having to stoop so low as to play some lame-ass ooman (yuck). Plus, the gun gameplay is pretty good (especially when compared to FO3/FNV's broken mess) and I haven't even finished the game yet so most of the quests still feel pretty "fresh" and relatively interesting (stil think FNV is king on that aspect, though).

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On 1/11/2019 at 12:29 PM, ToJKa said:

Also it seems they included the bonus scenarios: Hunk and Tofu. I wonder if Claire can unlock the cowgirl outfit with the Colt SAA? ?

I don't care about the outfit, but I certainly want the Colt! Leon gets an upgrade to turn his pistol into a three-shot burst weapon, but Claire's stuck with a semi-auto that's not really a semi-auto at all. At least the Colt could fire off rapidly, despite its six-round cylinder.


Hmm...Tofu in the Remake. I wonder what that giant block of bean curd looks like now? I still cringe to think of what inspired him...it, whatever. Even I can't muster up that kind of sheer obsession to get good enough to beat the original with just a knife in under two hours! :classic_ohmy: And I've written the RE universe into a fanfic over on the Cafe de Nuit.

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On 1/12/2019 at 12:12 PM, Chbaakal said:

Fallout 4. First time since 2015-16. Wondering if I should just start killing Raiders as soon as I step into Nuka World or play the role of the Quest Peasant.....

After playing through most DLC 'as it was intended', I found a Nuka World mod which allows the calling of your Faction to assist in the carnage. At least minutemen and brotherhood, not sure about institute. Been awhile.


Maybe I'm getting old, but after loading up Far Cry 5 and getting past the 'tutorial', I found myself with a bow in hand, and while sneaking up on an outpost, sat there contemplating my feelings after a bow head shot to an enemy....   the graphics/animation is truly brutal and fairly realistic. I got over it, but I can easily see how a non gamer might be horrified and question the sanity of people whom play these games. It is both a testament, and statement, of the state of gaming today.

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