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On 1/28/2021 at 2:13 PM, AgentCarolina said:

 How did you do those teeth? I want to give me character some custom teeth too >:D

Customs race custom teeth unless you want to have all female

adults or all male adults have fangs lol


i repurposed some fangs from nexus and spent a bunch of time

making the mesh look right making them shorter and wider

and i fixed some texture isues also made brand new teeth textures too

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made a custom mashup armor for the customized version of belovedgirl's body i made

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On 7/5/2021 at 10:16 AM, MrFuturehope said:


Damn, looks different than I remember it. Nice.


It's really nothing special. Just ENB and NMC textures that make it look better here.

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So it happened - I "broke" own principles and decided to port female body to New Vegas. :D


This one is Robert Female from Oblivion. Every single body replacer for NV I know is awful in every aspect (hopessly broken topology, barbie doll proportions, awful weights and overall broken models by that attempts to make thiner shoulders which cannot be made with model and has to be made on skeleton/animations level), so I wanted to kinda fix it.


Weights are smooth enough to me (and I have hight standarts :D ) and look very good ingame with all vanilla animations (aiming, locomotion etc.) and most of poses (ones that attempt to masque all type-d bodies mess will have issues, of course).





















Nevermind no-name vanilla face for tests and textures tone mismatch, it's all unfinished.


Hands wasn't ported yet so vanilla ones severely clip. Not sure if I'll do it or will be too lazy and return to my main interest - eye-candy men. :)



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