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Hair Style request

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Yo, no this really not the best shot. I just came along this, its a commercial, and i really love that style. First i do not even know what it is called, second i did not see it anywhere.

I think it a short hairstyle where the hair is calmed to the back and not separated in the middle but calmed entirely to the back. At least that is what it looks like.

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Hairstyles is probably the one that exists the most in CC :confused: 

The angle of the photo does not give many clues, as @LadySmoks says. I understand that you are looking for it short, without division in the front and thrown back towards the back, I'm not sure if you want it gathered behind the ears or not. I send you some images of what I have similar and tell me if you are interested in any





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1 hour ago, LadySmoks said:

These are sites that I use. May find something here?




Thank you so much. At the moment though, i am not playing.

But i bookmark the sites for future reference. I found something similar to what i was looking originally.


These sites are actually really great. Easier to search for a hairstyle. TSR is not really great searching as i do not pay (shame on me).

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4 minutes ago, LadySmoks said:

I do not pay either. ) I avoid TSR because of how they made only tiny area to view items. More than 1/2 the page is ads now.

I can see why they do that. With guys like me, the only way they make money is through adds.

What does not work, even with account (i think) is to search specifically within a word.

Anyway, i think these other websites seem good to me. So lots of new choices. :)

For right now, i take a break from playing these mod games. To much time wasted.

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