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Annoying sound and constant adding and removing Slave collars etc

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 Sorry to be a pain and it's probably my end that's messed up but here's the problem.

I get the constant "drumming/tapping" sound as when you drop something from your inventory and top Left of the screen a stream of messages showing "Slave collar removed, slave collar added, slave collar was equipped, New slave token added.


Any help appreciated.

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Thanks. It's good form to post your load order when asking for technical support.


However, there's nothing that stands out to me in your load order. Are you able to reproduce the bug?


I must add however, that when I first noticed, I hadn't noticed that your problem was with New Vegas, I though you were asking about Skyrim.

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Hi All,

                           Thanks for your replies. I have the strange sound and messages re slavery equipment each time I start up and play from  a saved game. I will try loading an earlier save and see if it helps. I'm obviously trying  to start a slavery playthrough in FNV as a female character.

I'm not sure how to post a piece/video of the strange sounds and messages though.


I'll try an earlier save and post back the results.

Thanks for the responses . 

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Hi All,

            Starting up FNV and the strange noise and popup messages have stopped? I don't know why though, but that's good.

A couple of other problems I have (I do seem to have a number of them sorry!) 


I'm trying to do the Slavers Hideout quest in Goodsprings and I need to talk to Shifty Pete who is wandering in front of Victor's shack. Trouble is when trying to get info from him the only options I have are to offer sex or goodbye/ I need to leave. How can I progress this quest? He was supposed to direct me to  place where I get ambushed and enslaved before I can get free and take over this slave business.

I know there are slave cellls in the basement behind Victors shack but I have no key ?


Another strange event is that a "Disguised Frumentarius" of Caesar's lefgion keeps running up to me in the wastelands but says nothing and stands there ?


I will post my load order to  make it easier to help. Thank you.

FNV Load order.txt

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