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even as true daughter of Coldhabour, my favorite deity is Dibella.

She honored my loyality by granting to me some of her magic secrets, "Dreaming".


4 spells


2x bolt, sendig the victim into dreamland. difference, one just paralyze, the other one undresses the NPC in addition. (if weapon drawn, this will never come back from the dreamland)

2x stream, same as bolt, but concentration stream.


Books craftable, conjuration spells, FE flagged.


Credits to ENAISIAION for allowing me using his assets.
In this case the hitshader (Wintersun), Dibellan Hearts Art



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On 9/24/2021 at 3:39 PM, gbprime said:

that allows this

this has been somewhat tricky, for me 🤪


first, I cannot modify the dreaming spells, as doing so would very likely corrupt the saves. I needed to create a new spell from scratch.


This spell needs this as masters:


Knockout and Surrender



Meelee Power Knockback



recommended Defeat form here (put in a sack etc.)


will upload this



FE flagged, so it doesn't matter to limit to have another install 



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