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Armana - Daughter Of Dibella (High Poly Follower - Default - CBBE - CBBE-3BA - BHUNP)

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Armana - Daughter Of Dibella (High Poly Follower - Default - CBBE - CBBE-3BA - BHUNP)

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by T-lam and LamaKreis





As in ancient Greece, the gods also join the mortals in Skyrim for their pleasure. They never know who they are dealing with, as the Nine naturally walk the earth in altered form and do not want to be recognised. Dibella, too, seeks the proximity of a mortal from time to time in order to live what she exists for. A hunter fishing at Lake Ilata did not know what happened to him when the goddess seduced him. When he woke up the next morning, there was only the sweet breath of a memory left in him and the certainty of having experienced something indescribably beautiful. But to Dibella's astonishment, this visit was not without consequences, for a being grew inside her, delicate as a first leaf in spring and beautiful as glittering morning dew.




She gave the girl the name Armana and in her boundless love gave her all the freedom the girl desired. This was a fatal mistake, for Armana was half human and in need of education. As she blossomed into a young woman, even Dibella noticed her daughter's recklessness and craving for pleasure, but found herself unable to do anything about it. Armana, who preferred to stay in Skyrim among mortals, played all kinds of tricks on people and seduced them whenever she felt like it. Her beauty opened doors and hearts for her, and if the latter was damaged in the process, she just laughed and moved on.
Lord Sanguine, who had been watching the demigoddess' doings for a long time, delighted in the young woman's deeds and decided that now was the time to win Armana over and show her what opportunities awaited her at his side. But to his annoyance, the young woman evaded his wooings, even taunting him. In his anger, he decided to take revenge, but Dibella found out about it and stood protectively in front of her daughter. Gritting his teeth, Sanguine withdrew and pondered how he could still get one over on Armana. Then an idea came to him and his laughter rumbled like thunder over Skyrim.
"You will serve, my dove, whether you like it or not. You will be cursed to bind yourself to mortals, to fight for them and obey them. But your masters will shun you, for your weapon will seldom bring death to their enemies, but carnal pleasure. What could your mother say against it, when you give love to mortals!"
When the bow was completed, Sanguine laughed once more in amusement and began to forge a sword for Armana as well. This weapon, imbued with deadly magic, was to be a gift of redemption. No one should ever say Lord Sanguine was not merciful.
One night, Armana asleep in the bed of one of her love victims, he placed a bow and a sword among her belongings. He blew on the arrows in the quiver one last time and then retreated into the darkness, grinning.
The next morning, Armana was amazed at the weapons lying on her clothes. She had no interest in war and wiped the bow aside. But the small touch was enough to trigger a magical spell that caught her completely off guard. This weapon, this bow was now bound to her and every attempt to get rid of it failed. Even Dibella seemed powerless against this spell (or so she said) and in desperation, Armana moved to Riften, the city of thieves and fences.
But her last hope of selling her weapons to the thieves' guild, if necessary to foist them, was not fulfilled. She was cursed and in her grief she settled down with a bottle of Meet in the Ragged Flagon....


T-lam has put many hours of work into the mod, given Armana his own AI and of course integrated his bow. Take Armana into battle and let yourself be surprised. Please do not forget the requirements.
The player is not involved in the effects of the bow by default. However, if you wish, a version including the player is available as an option.




You can find the original bow mod from T-lam here:



Name: Armana
Race: Nord
Weight: 100
Body: The Nordic Bombshell - TNB Original 1.6 (Body Patch TNB Natural Body 1.6 available)
Texture: Demoniac CBBE v1.12SE with 3BA Support
Combat: Sword and Archery
Location: Ragged Flagon, Riften
essential and marriageable




We wish you a lot of fun and all the best, T-lam and LK :)



Please do not upload this mod to other sites without my permission!






  • Submitter
  • Submitted
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  • Requires
    SexLab Framework SE, SexLab Aroused Redux SE, ABBA SE, XPMSE, CBBE-3BA and BHUNP for the standalone versions
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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On 9/19/2021 at 4:14 PM, Arousel said:

Ein ganz Prima Mod. Aber nach ihrer Geschichte hätte ich von ihr mehr erwartet. Nach der begegnung mit Sanguine

Danke. Ja, die Mod hat unbedingt hohes Ausbaupotenzial. Leider sind die Möglichkeiten momentan eingeschränkt aber ich hoffe, dass sich das irgendwann einmal ändert.

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5 hours ago, AttilaMagyar said:

here, when I click on the D/L button it brings me to Nexus. Is there two versions or not

This is against the agreement we have. The mod is partially my work. I took part on this project relying on the

agreement, it must be uploaded here, too.




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17 minutes ago, MisterUsername said:

stupid requirement to

...what ?

Instead insulting people you should use your brain. 

Notice, I am still willing to help you. Just check another site and voila, version without the requirement 🙄


For you, please hold back with insulting people here. On this site we maintain a different tone of interaction. 



Edited by T-lam
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Funny.. Back in my days we used to just not install mods that use requirements we don't need or want, instead now we cry about it and demand changes from the Author? 🤔 Good to know, next time i see a red light, i call the cops and demand them to put it down 😂


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