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At this point I'm expecting a Warcraft 3 Reforged level of disaster. Unless EA gets the writer to rein it in. Which, given the bitch's history, is simply not going to happen. But of course people who aren't paying attention will still buy it, as will "nu fans" who think Jizz-knee's sequel trilogy is good. Never mind the fact it's so universally reviled even Jizz-knee Land quietly removed all references to it in their SW area of the park.

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There was NEVER any need for a writer for any kind of update to KOTOR 1. The writing is ONE of the main reasons its so beloved. All that was needed was better graphics, better facial animations, improved combat, higher level cap then just 20, maybe more interactions with and between companions, maybe more side content and LEAVE the writing ALONE!!!

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3 hours ago, Popo07 said:

 Im not sure if its still true, but at one point the company doing the remake locked down their social media and linkedin accounts after this story came out.


Doesn't mean anything. It's SOP for companies and individuals who know they screwed up to go to ground and let the heat die down, hoping the public forgets. Just like Hardsuit Studios with Bloodlines 2 and their SJW writer.

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