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[Request] Prisoner clothing and accessories

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Hi everyone,

There are mods currently available on Xbox, which add a prisoner / hostage mechanic to the game, for example "imtimidation Overhaul" and prisoner shackles. (Check them out, they're great mods.

What's missing though, especially for xbox, is appropriate clothing and accessories mods to accompany the above mods and add immersion to the game.

My idea is simple, (i hope) and that is to add simple lore friendly clothing, specifically torn and ripped clothing (keeping sensitive parts covered to keep within Bethesda's TOS) and also restraints and gags, that take up armour slots so they can be worn over under-armour, or the newley created ripped clothing. Rstraints that go on the wrists and ankles, and a chest piece, that maybe goes around the torso and when in the hostage pose, also goes around the top of the arms.

And i mean simple lore friendly restraints and gags made from cloth / rope / tape etc, not innappropriate ones (again to remain within TOS)

If anyone is worried about such a mod breaching Bethesda's TOS, be assured that as long as they're simple and lore friendly, it won't, because Bethesda themselves introduced these themes to the game.

And as for torn and ripped clothing, theres a plethora of mods on xbox the adds skimpy clothing that leaves little to the imagination.

They added the pillory with the Contraption Workshop DLC,. They added shackled prisoners and mannequins with duct tape around the wrists, ankles and mouths with the Nuka World DLC. My idea expands on, and improves the themes that Bethesad added themselves and makes them much more immersive.

If anyone is willing to take this on, i would be eternally gratefull. Thanks for your time

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