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[Discussion] [Request] NSFW(ish) mods for xbox.......I know, I know, please just hear me out

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Firstly, i just want to say, i understand that you cannot have NSFW mods on xbox. (I know sometimes nude mods sneak through, but these are few and far between and quickly taken down) and i'm not here to ask for nude / sex mods. 


However, having read Bethesda's TOS, they state "no sexually explicit content", thats it, nothing more, nothing less.


Now i don't meant to insult anyone's intelligence, so forgive me if i sound like i am, but the term "sexually explicit" only means nudity and sexual acts (intercourse, masturbation etc), represented either visually, oraly (no pun intended) or written literature. 


So, any mod which contains nudity or sexual acts are a no go for xbox. 


However, what about mods which contain what could be considered NSFW themes depending on the context in which you use them, but don't actually contain nudity or sexual acts? Technically these would not breach Bethesda's TOS. 


For example there are two mods that i know of that exist for xbox:


Raider Leather Gear - this mod uses the vanilla leather armour, but changes it to look like harness straps with codpieces etc and without the armour plates. There's no nudity, and can be worn over clothing if desired, therefore SFW and good for Xbox.


But, this mod makes leather apparell, which includes a small leather peaked cap and leather bracers, so when worn altogether, it looks like male S&M style harness straps. So, NSFW themed, but doesn't contain nudity or sexual acts and doesn't mention any NSFW theme in the mod name or mod description, therefore bethesda has allowed it 


Slave collar - what is says on the tin, it adds a wearable collar with a chain and handle. Thats it. Its quite obviously NSFW themed, but as its just a wearable accessory, Bethesda have allowed it. 


I believe the reason there are not more mods like this is because mod authors are worried their mods will be taken down and they will be banned form Bethesda. I totally get why modders are concerned by this. 


But as shown above, as long as a mod doesn't contain actual nudity or sexual acts and doesn't mention any NSFW themes in the name and description, it should be within Bethesda's TOS. 


So, is there any chance more mods that don't contain actual NSFW content but could be NSFW themed, depending on the context you use them, can be made. 


The reason I ask is because I don't own a PC, so cant just make them myself and therefore i rely on decent folk giving their free time to make mods available for others, which i am eternally grateful for. 

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