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[Discussion] [Request] NSFW(ish) themed mods for xbox.......I know, I know, please just hear me out

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Firstly, i just want to say, i understand that you cannot have NSFW mods on xbox. (I know sometimes nude mods sneak through, but these are few and far between and quickly taken down) and i'm not here to ask for nude / sex mods. 


However, having read Bethesda's TOS, they state "no sexually explicit content", thats it, nothing more, nothing less.


Now i don't meant to insult anyone's intelligence, so forgive me if i sound like i am, but the term "sexually explicit" only means nudity and sexual acts (intercourse, masturbation etc), represented either visually, oraly (no pun intended) or written literature. 


So, any mod which contains nudity or sexual acts are a no go for xbox. 


However, what about mods which contain what could be considered NSFW themes depending on the context in which you use them, but don't actually contain nudity or sexual acts? Technically these would not breach Bethesda's TOS. 


For example there are two mods that i know of that exist for xbox:


Raider Leather Gear - this mod uses the vanilla leather armour, but changes it to look like harness straps with codpieces etc and without the armour plates. There's no nudity, and can be worn over clothing if desired, therefore SFW and good for Xbox.


But, this mod makes leather apparell, which includes a small leather peaked cap and leather bracers, so when worn altogether, it looks like male S&M style harness straps. So, NSFW themed, but doesn't contain nudity or sexual acts and doesn't mention any NSFW theme in the mod name or mod description, therefore bethesda has allowed it 


Slave collar - what is says on the tin, it adds a wearable collar with a chain and handle. Thats it. Its quite obviously NSFW themed, but as its just a wearable accessory, Bethesda have allowed it. 


I believe the reason there are not more mods like this is because mod authors are worried their mods will be taken down and they will be banned form Bethesda. I totally get why modders are concerned by this. 


But as shown above, as long as a mod doesn't contain actual nudity or sexual acts and doesn't mention any NSFW themes in the name and description, it should be within Bethesda's TOS. 


So, is there any chance more mods that don't contain actual NSFW content but could be NSFW themed, depending on the context you use them, can be made. 


The reason I ask is because I don't own a PC, so cant just make them myself and therefore i rely on decent folk giving their free time to make mods available for others, which i am eternally grateful for. 

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Despite the TOS not explicitly stating that "sexually suggestive" content can't exist, Bethesda ultimately has final say on what they will allow on the console modding "marketplace". I would understand not wanting to get a mod removed and having your account potentially banned by uploading a mod that could potentially be considered sexually explicit.


However, assuming someone out there is willing to push that envelope, the fact that console mods can only fulfill a very small part of the NSFW market means that there's little room for creative freedom and everything will eventually end up a re-skin/re-make of a previous mod.


Long story short, it's just not appealing because it's too restrictive. Your situation is unfortunate, but I doubt many people will be willing to take the time to fill the modding gaps of an arguably niche player base. However, I could be very wrong. This is just my perspective of the situation. You could get lucky, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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7 hours ago, NymphoElf said:


Hi, thanks for your input, i totally agree it is a very niche player base.


But the problem i've had, is that i've been after a particular typy of mod, for as long as i've played Fallout.


It's not an NSFW mod that i'm after, but for some reason everyone thinks it is, so i get told to come here to post my request or just ignored. 


Thats why i added this chat, to see if it were possible to "push the envelope" as you say, for the xbox community. To create mods that could be constrewd as NSFW, depending in what context you use them, without actually being NSFW. 



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12 hours ago, NymphoElf said:

If I may, what exactly are you looking for? It might help me (and anyone else that reads this post) understand the situation better.


Well, what i'd like is a mod that expands on Fallouts lawless anarchistic lore, something to give it that "Mad Max" feel.

Basically a mod that allows you to have a kidnap and ransom / hostage / prisoner mechanic to you settlements. A mod that allows you to have kidnapped NPCs or hostages in your settlement or player home, mainly geared towards the aesthetics for raider playthrough. Or to have good old fashioned Action Movie style "damsels in distress" or creepy horror movie damsel in distress theme. Also a clothing / accessories mod to go with it.

There is already a mod out there called "Prisoner Shackles" which kind of does this. The only problem with it, is that the only restrained poses it has are the vanilla hostage pose and vanilla shackles pose. The rest are poses geared towards people in prison cells.

I'd like something with more "just captured", restrained, "being interrogated" poses, with struggling animations.

The accompanying clothing mod could add things like ripped and torn clothes (covering the sensitive parts of course) and appropriate restraints and gags, (lore friendly ones, made from rope, tape and cloth), not BDSM stuff, for obvious reasons.

Now I can understand why people may assume this is NSFW, and think this is simply a request for a bondage mod, but again it comes down the context on which you use it, if you use it alongside a nude mod or a sex mod, then i totaly get that it becomes NSFW.

But on its own, its not. It's just prisoners and it expands on and improves themes that Bethesda introduced to the game themselves.


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I could see someone being willing to expand the animations, as a possible add-on to the pre-existing mod, but otherwise it might be a case of someone not wanting to look like a copycat (and not wanting to be accused of stealing pre-existing work).


I see how the ripped/torn clothes and gag aspect could be considered a "grey area" (because it kind of is). Plus, extra restraints could be "misconstrued" as BDSM unless a script prevents its use for anything other than a "capture" event.


If possible, I'd recommend contacting the mod author of the mod you mentioned and ask if more poses/animations could be added, and if they'd consider adding a few extra restraint variations. For everything else, you'll probably have to either find a replacer for the armor/clothes you're looking for or something that adds it to the game and use it for additional "flavor".


Sadly this is the limitation you'll have to work around until you get a PC.

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1 hour ago, NymphoElf said:

I see how the ripped/torn clothes and gag aspect could be considered a "grey area" (because it kind of is). Plus, extra restraints could be "misconstrued" as BDSM unless a script prevents its use for anything other than a "capture" event.


If possible, I'd recommend contacting the mod author of the mod you mentioned and ask if more poses/animations could be added


I already contacted the original mod author, he has given permission for someone to expand his mod, i can send a screenshot of said permission on request. 


I get how restraints, ripped clothes and gags can be a grey area, but surely if they are simple and lore friendly, and not obviously BDSM style restraints then this should be ok.


There shouldn't be an issue if they are made as armour pieces to go over clothing, simply get an npc to equip said items before assiging them to an animation / pose mat. 


Bethesda themselves after all, added a pillory with the contraptions workshop DLC, along with shackles and mannequins, which appear to be bound and gagged with duct tape with the Nuka World DLC. Plus there are plenty of mods which ad very skimpy clothing that leaves little to the imagination on xbox, they've not been removed by them. 



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16 minutes ago, NymphoElf said:

Then it seems you've already done as much as you can do. All you can do now is hope that someone accepts your request. I wish you luck.


Thanks for taking the time, and thanks for taking me seriously. This conversation has been interesting. 

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