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[Request] Extension of Mlucke's "prisoner shackles" mod (permissions granted)

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There is mod out there doing the rounds called "prisoner shackles" by an author called Mlucke. Its been around for a while. The link to the original mod is below:


If you don't know it, it contains animations mosty from the Nuka World DLC, which allows the player to put settler assignable mats down in their settlements, these mats contain prisoner animations.

The mats are permenantly assignable, meaning whichever settler is assigned to it, they will remain in that pose or animation permenantly, until reassigned. A bit like the guard mats. There are also placeable cages and prison cells inculded, which you can place the mats in.

Basically this mod gives you the ability to turn a whole settlemant into a Raider prison camp, or you can have a small jail in normal settlements giving them a lore friendly law and order theme.

It also doesn't breach Bethesda's TOS so its safe for Xbox as its only poses and animations.

There are already a range of poses, but they mostly consist of prisoners already in cells, (lots of sitting and standing posed) and very few animations.

Mlucke has graciously given permission for the mod to be expanded by adding new and custom poses and animations which will compliment what already exists. I can produce a screenshot of said permisson on request.

Is there anyone willing to take this request on and make it available for xbox?


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