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Request: Convert Khajiit and Argonian Head/Nif to x117

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While most resources (hair, eyes, and etc) can be easily converted to the x117 scale (or literally 1.17), something in the HeadArgonian.nif and HeadKhajiit.nif files (possibly egm, tri or whatever) is preventing proper scaling and alignment.


So if someone knows how to scale these and get them to fit right, I'd really appreciate it.

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No.  The TamagoSetbody replaces the upper/lower meshes to simulate pregnancy.  The HiyokoGenerator MBP style only utilizes x117 meshes of characters with human-oid heads.  And if you are thinking about Emma's Children of Cyrodiil, it uses normal mesh heads for Argonians and Khajiit.

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MY KHAJIITI ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!  :love:  Oh, and the Argonians look perfect too...  But I was more a cat person... :wacko:


Seriously, I found absolutely nothing from Nexus!  And the heads refused to scale, though everything else (eyes, tongue, hair) DID!  That may be because the Argonian and Orc heads were Gamebro file version while these are  That's my guess.  This is going to make for a very entertaining Hiyoko Generator.




I made Orc Hiyoko without even needing the Orc head meshes, and opting for the lopeared look :D  But I'm gonna keep a copy of the Orc resources in the package as a possible backup.  Orcs use human eyes, so x117 human eyes work anyway. ;)


Hrm.. Two heads (Examines)... These meshes have pre-applied textures (I guess if a texture was missing?), and one is Imperial skin tone textured.  A good texture can take care of that one way or another.



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