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Is there a mod to bring enemies under my control after initiating sex?

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Been thinking recently that a way to spice up my stealth character gameplay would be sneak sexing enemies I find by their lonesome instead of sneak killing, complete with charming them into temporary allies afterward. I don't want it to happen after any and all consensual sex, though, since I don't want to end up with a bunch of civilian groupies unless that's specifically what I aimed to do for some purpose. Does a mod like this exist, or something that can simulate the effect?

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There's no built in way that i know of, but if you have UFO (ultimate follower overhaul) you can make any npc a potential follower with a single spell cast.  so you can cast it on them immediately after a sexlab scene and they will be your follower, after diologue. hope this helps!

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I'm working on something right now. I have a basic working model right now; I just need to flesh it out  some and work on the MCM. One caveat; This will be a SE edition mod and I don't have LE installed on my computer. If you want it for LE, you'll have to port it over, or find someone who can. Permission will be given.



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