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Potion and Concoctions (that aren't exploits) You Actually Use

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This isn't about spamming the alchemy table to level up or breaking the game with loops/exploits.  Post the recipes you use when you bother to really play the game.


I'll start...

The Basics everyone should know by now are Vegetable Soup and/or Venison Stew.  Both are super cheap and easy.  Elsweyr Fondue is also good for mages but the Moon Sugar is pricey at low levels.


Now for the real recipes:

Make me Mage-Proof: Hawk Beak, Snowberries, Mudcrap Chitin

   resist fire, frost and shock (restores Stamina as well)

Battle Mage Potion: Juniper Berries, Salt Pile, Garlic

   regenerate Magicka and Health

The Redguard: Juniper Berries, Bear Claws, Canis Root

  fortify one-handed and archery

Kill-Me-Quickly Poison: Imp Stool, Rivery Betty, Mora Tapinella

   damage health and lingering health damage

Kill-Me-Slowly Poison: Deathbell and River Betty

   damage health and slow


Share your own recipes!

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